Why Do We Dream? It Has to Go Beyond Science

Besides science, why do we dream? #Dreams #Reality #Wonder

#Dreams #Reality #Wonder

Something shook me inside this morning. I woke up pouring sweat and crying. It was another dream. I keep ending up in the bathroom stall of my old elementary school trying to text my dead father. A teacher comes in and tries to flush my phone down the toilet and drag me out by my feet as I'm screaming for her to stop. I'm screaming about it being my father and that I knew he was responding and she ruined it all.

I've always had extremely intense dreams my entire life. Sometimes I've thought making a movie about them would make millions. They're so strange and usually things I could never think up in my waking life.

I keep a journal of them all and now have about 4 books full.

The night before last I was walking through a dark hall in my high school. There was a trail of blood on the floor and I could hear my heart beating in my ears and pulsating through my finger tips. Something at the end of the corridor slithered around the corner trying to sneak away. I didn't want to follow it but my legs kept moving me closer to it involuntarily. When I turned the corner there was a glowing ball of light floating near the exit doors. I slowly approached it still scared of what was lurking around that corner.

My hands felt like they were being controlled by puppet strings as they reached up to grab the orb. My whole entire body jolted and everything in the universe went completely white. All I felt was peace and as I looked ahead I saw my father smiling in the distance holding out his hand for me to hold. I couldn't believe it. I was speechless. I began to walk toward him with my hand reaching out to grab his but the floor began to cave from under me. His face turned pale and he was frowning.

He was saying "Please don't forget me. I'm so sorry I had to leave", but there was no sound coming from him. I realized I had finally forgotten the sound of my own father's voice. Everything crumbled around me and I descended into a black abyss. I came to and was laying in a pile of mud. I sat there sobbing rocking back and fourth trying to fall asleep so I didn't have to feel what I was feeling.

I woke up crying in real life.

I'm curious about what other people dream about. I don't sit around all day thinking about my dad so why these two nights? Why all of a sudden are these dreams happening. I have a bit of a theory. I've been so desperate for love in the last few weeks. I've been feeling very alone and am ready to settle for any guy that comes my way. Yes, daddy issues. Pretty weird and to me embarrassing, but it is what it is. My subconscious is telling me something.

Have you ever wondered what dreams mean? Some people dismiss them and never think again twice. People like myself analyze them to the nth degree looking for answers to life in reality. I think dreams are signs and warnings, explanations from a realm we can't see on the frequency our minds operate at in our normal everyday lives.

I would love to hear other opinions about why we dream and what it all means.

Thanks for your time.


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  • I believe it's your soul making sense of what's going on with you unconsciously in dreams. My soul says you feel alone and abandoned. If you wish to communicate with your soul, early mornings when you not quite awake works best. Ask your soul anything, just lay back and relax, be patient it will talk to you.


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  • Dreams activate many parts of the brain which largely lie dormant while you are awake. Your conscious part of your brain only makes up a small fraction of it. So when you dream you go into thoughts and feelings and it creates a story for when you go to sleep. Its not for any particular reason other than just having underlying brain activity which compensates for when your other sensory functions go to rest.

    So in a way it could be things that you are telling yourself bc it is just you going through a subconscious thought process. But most of the time dreams are just irrelevant brain activity that doesn't really mean anything other than to keep you occupied while you sleep. Sort of like just daydreaming about random things while you are awake except that its the subconscious filtering thoughts and feelings into your conscious part of your brain during a dream.


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