5 Reasons Why You Should Know What You're Saying

Words...words are used so that we are able to express our feelings...our thoughts.....we voice out our opinions by using words.....BUT.......words can be used in a good way as well as a bad way.

Know what you are saying!

1. Different interpretations

When someone is told something..that person might not take what he/she is being told in a good way...and might be confused.

2. A source of pain

Words can deeply hurt someone in the worst way possible (even tho that person can be like " its ok..you're forgiven"...it doesn't necessarily means that the pain is gone)

3. Being offensive

An offended person will make it clear that terms that have been used caused them to feel uncomfortable..Some people LOVE to offend people with their words...and am almost sure each of us knows at least one person who's like that.

4. Sugarcoating

There's nothing worst in my opinion than sugarcoating things instead of saying frankly how things really are.....so QUIT LYING!

5. Excuses

No need to make use of lame excuses to hide things....its OUTDATED AF!!and can cause others feelings

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  • In spken language words carry less than half the mesaage. Tone of voice, body language, facial expression are the real keys to effective communication.

    You have pinpointed the severe limitaion of purely wriiten verbal exchanges.


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