The Best Dutch Music of the Moment, and 4 Top Artists

On the internet page of my favorite radio station I was reading how one of the populair Dutch bands, Chef's Special crossed the ocean to try to become populair in the USA. They will be the support act of Twenty One Pilots and they has made their tv debut in the USA at The Nine in Detroit.

This band is from the city Haarlem, not far from Amsterdam and this song "In Your Arms" was their biggest hit here.

This made me think which other bands or artists deserve international fans, you can find them below.


This singer with dark, raw and expressive voice is at the moment one of the most special and showy what the Dutch music scene has to offer. People see herr as one of our biggest talents nowadays.


Dotan is singer-songwriter born in Jerusalem but raised in Amsterdam in 2014 he had the greatest hit of the year and since that moment he became of the most populair singers of the country. He makes music that is in between of indiepop and touching singersongwriting songs.

Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel, the musical all-rounder has deeply impressed audiences on all festivals and in all venues throughout the Netherlands with his mix of psychedelia, groove, funk, rock and pop.

Douwe Bob

Those who has watched the Eurovision songfestival already know him a little bit already. He was the first winner of the program The Best Singer Songwriter of the Netherlands and has made since that moment a lot of great music. He is seeing himself as a ambassador of the genre Americana.

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  • Where are Golden Earring and The Nits? Well they are not current bands, but sure they deserve a mention, and they are better than those crappy current ones, in my opinion.

    • maybe in a future mytake I will write about those