4 Never-Found Treasures in the U.S.

4 examples of unfound Lost Treasure in the U. S

This might surprise you but there is A LOT of unfound lost treasure in the wild places of the United States. The Spanish lost some, Outlaws of the Old West hide some and died before recovering it, Pirates buried some in the coasts of Northern New England, A good amount of the gold from the Confederate Treasury is still unfound. Here are four of many unfound treasures lost in the U.S.

1. Dutch Schultz's lost fortune

In the 1920s and 1930s being a mob boss was both a rather lucrative and extremely dangerous occupation. Dutch Schultz was a Mob Boss in 1930s New York and New Jersey. Schultz Amassed a fortune of over seven million dollars in Cash and Bonds and for reasons probably related to the Great Depression and the numerous bank robbers going around, did not trust the bank with it. Instead he had it buried in the catskill mountains of New York State.

Now unlucky for Schultz but luckily for some random future hiker, Schultz was gunned down in 1935 without ever going back and spending any of that money. So out somewhere in the Catskills is a fortune in buried Depression era Blood Money.

2. Blackbeard's Treasure

Two out of the four of these are pirate treasure. Now everyone should have heard of Blackbeard, the famous pirate. Now for some history, in the 1990s Scientists discovered a giant shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina it was twenty-five feet (7.6 meters) below sea level. Now Shipwrecks are not an uncommon find off the coasts of North and South America. What is interesting about this one that National Geographic Researchers have confirmed it to be none other than the Queen Annes Revenge, Blackbeards Ship. It was originally a French Frigate so it was a rather large and well armed ship. Now further more in 1718 Blackbeard used that very ship to blockade the port of Charleston North Carolina for a ransom in medicine and after that he ran aground and it sank.

Now this was the largest ship he ever had. The chances are that while black hadn't recieved any treasure in the Ransom there was treasure on that ship and what is interesting is that non of it has been found on the wreck. It is generally thought that Blackbeard hid treasure two places, one Assateague island in Maryland and Virginia and The Coast of North Carolina and neither one has been found.

3. The 1715 Treasure Fleet

In year 1715 the Spanish had a Treasure fleet loaded with gold, silver, and jewelry bound for spain sail into a hurricaine off of the florida coast. There were twelve ships laden with treasure of which only one survived. Now, I will say that SOME of this has been found. However MOST is still missing. In setember of 2013 a family found 300,000 dollars worth of it and that is estimated to be only a tiny fraction of what was lost. https://www.abc15.com/news/national/schmitt-family-discovers-300000-worth-of-gold-coins-jewerly-off-florida-coast

On occasion Gold coins from the wreck wash ashore in Florida but no one has found the wrecks that they came from. There is enough gold to retire sitting at the bottom of the Caribbean in this wreck alone, that's disregarding every other valuable wreck in that area.

4. Captain Kidd's Treasure

Captain Kidd was An English Privateer who amassed quite a fortune however, He was unjustly found guilty of piracy after being tried by the English Parliament. His largest horde is buried somewhere in Maine. Now over a thousand people have failed to find the treasure but the facts point to it being Buried SOMEWHERE in Modern Day Maine and the fact is that Maine is heavily forested and full of bears, moose, Lynx, Bobcat, Coyote, and if you believe the Locals who have hunted and hiked Maines Deep Forests all their lives, Mountain Lions still live there (and considering my Aunts who actually know what they look like, were Driving on a dirt road in northern Maine and Saw one cross the road.

These are two of the most Honest People I know, They would NEVER lie about that and have lived in Northern New England 90 percent of their adult lives. I do infact believe that.) My point is that Maine is remote, large, and full of dark forests that don't see much human activity. If you wanted to hide your treasure in the Northern Atlantic coastal regions of the U.S Maine is the best option.

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