Researchers Say You May Be In Danger... Read To Find Out More!

Researcher Have Found Something Very Harmful To Your Health, And You May Be Subjected To It At This Very Moment... Keep Reading To Find Out More!


A deadly clickbait outbreak has swept the internet by storm. People everywhere are suffering from the effects of this deadly disease. From falsely advertising a product, to putting a misleadingly interesting title on a dull article, recent studies have concluded that you are encountering clickbait every time you enter the internet. Watch out for the symptoms below to see if you've been hit with this fatal virus!

Distorted Perception

This is the very first symptom of a clickbait infection. Clickbait causes a victim to see a very warped version of the truth. A person suffering from clickbait will often see an article or product advertised as much more interesting than what it is. For example, clickbait has the ability to turn eating healthy for an entire lifetime into a "miracle weight loss trick". This often leaves the victim confused or shocked.

Slowed Reading Pace/Advanced Boredom

A person infected with clickbait will often find themselves reading one word per minute. Researchers have concluded that this is brought on when clickbait reaches its second stage of infection. The disease has the ability to allow the victim to only see one sentence per minute, thus quickly dropping the victims interests to a dangerously low level. The victim will find themselves feeling sluggish or agitated, thus leading to the third symptom of the clickbait infection.

Fits of Rage

A sufferer of clickbait will often find themselves overcome by fits of rage resulting in sour moods, angry comments on internet articles, and broken electronics. The rage can vary from a small sigh of anger to outright violence.


In more severe cases of the clickbait disease, a victim will find themselves mistrusting all online articles and links. Clickbait will warp the victims mind to fear all articles. The victim will no longer open or view anything that they fear could be clickbait, and they will go misinformed on serious subjects due to lack of resources to view.

If you find yourself displaying signs of these symptoms, turn off your internet immediately and seek medical help.

You can help to stop the spread of this disease by unsubscribing from pages that often use clickbait articles, and avoid clicking on suggested articles that include the following phrases:

-"Here's how!"

-"Keep reading to find out more!"

-"You'll never believe it!"

-"Number 39 shocked me!"

-"Keep your eyes on the girl in the background!"

-"Here's her secret!"

-"It's a miracle!"

-"This is the one thing health care professionals don't want you to know!"

-"You could be affected!"


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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fantastic. I completely agree.

    Some of us wish brilliantly written pieces could dominate the Internet but of course, cats doing weird things and stupid lists do. So unfortunately, in order to survive at all, you gotta roll with it. :P

    And by the way, as a side note, if people STOPPED giving such headlines so much attention, the trend would disappear. Supply and demand, people. ;)


Most Helpful Girl

  • The new contest is full of that. XD

    Though I hate the having to submit as many as you want. Since there are some people that can just wright about anything and the dude that is writing the most for it is the only dude I truly hate on gag. -_-


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What Guys Said 6

  • Aware but good to keep it up :)
    The same also happens with the media. News spread about the swine flu and everyone went full with panic about it. News spread about the end of the world in 2013 and everyone had panic yet again.
    Like a crowd of blind sheep.

    Make $5000 in 5 weeks. Click here to find out how! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I don't know if it's great irony that this title is clickbait or still clickbait shilling for the contest under the illusion of being of being great satire.

    • It's meant to be a clickbait. That's why the entire post is set up like a clickbait article would be. The clickbait is the thing that's harmful to your health.

    • that's why these mytakes lately have been total cancer.

  • My favs: The porn site ads saying there's horny single moms near me.

  • My click bait title was better 😛

    • The one about cheating?

    • That was pretty good, props for that. My title isn't supposed to be actual clickbait though; it's a joke referencing the entire point of the post. I don't really care about winning the contests put up on here, I just like them because the topics they use give me ideas for new MyTakes when I've fallen into a slump.

  • Is that an actual virus or just a mental condition?

  • Damn this shit is every where it usually affects weak minded people who are gullible as hell


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