Shout Out To All Of The Gagers Who Were Born In July

Shout Out To All Of The Gagers Who Were Born In July

Hello, fellow July Babies!

I want to say that July is by far the awesomest month to have a birthday. :)

Yeah, sure, it also meant that my birthday was never celebrated at school, but hey, I figured that I didn't miss out on much, since it sucks to go to school on your birthday, period. Plus, sunny weather! :) Who doesn't like that?

Anyhow, here comes the long Happy Birthday List!

@douride2 -July 1st

@Other_Tommy_Wiseau -July 2nd

@Summerjonee - July 3rd

@Fearless_Banana - July 4th

@xXiTacoXx -July 4th

@rgb008 -July 5th

@apple24 -July 8th

@teawrecks -July 8th

@MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah - July 8th (I think that's right)

@AzureGirl -July 9th

@alienjedi -July 21st

@coolbreeze2 -July 23rd

My birthday twin, @desidoll - July 24th @Toad-1 - July 29th

@maiez -Born In July

I am sorry if I missed anyone or mixed up any dates, but I would still like to wish you all a happy birthday. May your birthday be as amazing as you are. :)

*insert confetti throwing*


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yup, happy bday to all the summer babies...
    Representing the 21st here along with the Alien Jedi. My bro is on the 10th and @Fearless_Banana you share the same bday as my ex... Happy birthday and happy 4th bro.
    I agree, its the best month for birthdays... just like June is for weddings.


Most Helpful Girl

  • What a pointless take.

    • I appreciate the criticism :)

      Lookie here, @Fearless_Banana, pink anon joined the celebration. :3

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