May's Editor of the Month Revealed: Who Rocked it Last Month?

May's Editor of the Month Revealed: Who Rocked it Last Month?

Yeah, it's a little late, sorry about that. :P

But the selection for Editor of the Month has been made and for the month of May, it's one of our great young contributors:


She earns herself a $25 Amazon gift card and if you're wondering how she earned the accolade, how she wrote her way into our good graces, how she engaged the community on a continual basis (making us notice week in, week out), here are 3 of our favorite May myTakes penned by our recent winner:

Okay, We Need to Stop Telling Women They Wear Too Much Makeup

10 Godly Celebrities Who Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex

3 Reasons I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks

For those of you looking for tips on how to get Promoted and Featured, you'd be wise to check these out. sparkly-crystal managed to get 12 of her Takes Featured in the month of May, which was the most of any of our members. Of course, the competition continues to increase, as more writers show up every day. The good news is, we can point those newbies in the direction of our more accomplished Editors so they have a solid idea of what we expect. Hell, when dealing with newcomers looking for advice, I frequently cite the work of our best Editors, and just so all of you know I keep track and appreciate you:

@SweetHomicidalQueen (April's Editor of the Month)







@ManOnFire (the winner of our last writing contest)







@BeeNee (March's Editor of the Month)

Haven't won yet? Keep writing. And remember that we expect you to be role models for these new writers! :)

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  • Congrats to @sparkly-crystal, keep it up!

    Also thanks @Fathoms77 for the mention. More material to come.


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  • Hey, thanks for the mention!


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  • Congrats @sparkly-crystal! Keep up the good work!

  • Aw <3

  • I wish they did this a few years ago when I first joined, I would've won a lot, haha!

    • Why not win now?

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    • You're not getting it. Because we're valuing quality over quantity now, the opposite is true; we're being FAR more selective in who gets the Editor tag. It's hardly random or "willy-nilly" because otherwise, what's the point?

      No, people are going to earn that tag or they're not going to have it.

    • I don't think you're getting it tbh.

  • I never win these.

  • Good job @sparkly-crystal, love your takes!
    And thank you @Fathoms77 for the mention ☺️☺️


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  • Many thanks. Have wanted to write more these days and have new material coming :-)

  • Congrats!

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