3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks


3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks
Since I was a little girl, I have never been attracted to guys who are considered "sexy", "hot" or "attractive" by our society's conventional standards of beauty. When I was eight, I had a huge crush on Bill Nye from the show "Bill Nye The Science Guy" lol. I liked his tall, skinny physique and preppy hair, which seemed to go so well with his uniform of a button-up shirt, bow tie, and lab coat.

But aside from that, Bill was also the smartest person I knew. Smartest person in the entire world, maybe. It was a huge turn-on. He knew about electricity, how planes fly, and what was in outer space. Nye also taught me mind-boggling things.His show is where I first learned about matter (so that’s what the world is made of!), how to escape from quicksand (useful).

Now, I know, there are a ton of different variables that affect how much we're attracted to someone including personality preferences, cultural trends, societal pressures, and available potential partners.As a teenager, I’ve seen how intense sexual attraction is notorious for obliterating common sense in most sensible people.Also in the early stage of a relationship, when the sex hormones are raging, lust is fueled by idealization and projection--you see what you hope someone will be or need them to be--rather than seeing the real person, flaws and all.

1. Emotional attraction is more profound

3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks

Physical attraction is the desire to look and touch because what you see is pleasant to look at or arousing on a biological level. Basically, your sexual desire is triggered.

Emotional intimacy is far more important to me in any interpersonal relationships(not just romantic) I form with people than looks. If I'm intellectually and emotionally compatible with a person I can easily look past his crooked teeth, the huge mole on his cheek, his bulbous nose or balding hair.

2. A good guy with a big heart is all I need and want!!!

3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks
Kindness, patience, integrity,empathy, intelligence, open-mindedness are qualities rarely found in human nowadays. If the guys I'm with has all those attributes I don't give a two flying fucks about what he looks like.

3. Looks Fade!!! But True Love Doesn't

3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks

One day, we will all become old and wrinkly!!! If people could see inner beauty, they wouldn’t care about the outer beauty. Since we live in a physical world, we go on appearance. I know people from all walks of life and I honestly have to say, inner beauty is what matters to me. The inner beauty is reflected on the outer beauty. This person is an all around beautiful person.

3 Reasons Why I Don't Really Care About A Guy's Looks
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  • Anonymous
    Wow girl ! you are so "different " and such a #goodgirl you are so un-shallow #myinspiration and you deserve a cookie! ... Now back to being serious. What is this nonsense Mytake? Stop trying to act like you don't give two shits about how a guy looks. WE ALL want a hot guy. End of story.
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  • coachTanthony
    Just tweeted to my 28k followers... Really nice TAKE! Bravo.
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  • Ratiocinative
    Lol. Anyone who thinks this is true is extremely naive. Women are just as much visually attracted to guys as guys are to women, if not more so. The only difference is women are attracted to strength and men are attracted to beauty. No to say that women don't want a guy who connects with them emotionally, but no amount of emotional connection will ever get a woman in bed with you.

    For example, a guy might like a woman with long beautiful hair and a nice ass, but a woman is more like to want a guy with a large arms and ripped abs. You probably won't find too many women swooning for guys with long beautiful hair and a nice ass, and you probably won't find too many men seeking out women with big arms and ripped abs.

    Women can try to deny it all they want, but studies have shown over and over that women love muscular guys. And it's nothing to be ashamed of anyway, physical beauty is usually a strong indicator of physical health and a strong worth ethic, great things to have in a potential partner. Hard for a guy to get that ripped body if he sits on his ass playing video games all day munching on Cheetos.
    • Yes, I'm attracted to big biceps, blue eyes, and a symmetrical face. I'm not going to deny that. But looks are just a bonus not a necessity for me.

    • Bunncake

      Hey a nice ass is good on a guy too.

    • jaxxten

      ironically, visual abs are a sign of below healthy bodyfat percentage, yet somehow indicate strength?

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  • MandyRuth
    Totally agree! Looks aren't everything. I discovered this especially with online dating. There is so much more to people than their appearance.
    • dcoolguy

      so you won't mind a decent looking guy or skinny guy or maybe a very hairy guy?

  • phil2
    No guy is perfect and all human sin. I have learned this after years of marriage. The key is you have hope that you both become better for each other as you grow older. Looks and all other stuff that brought you together will be nothing if you keep a record of each others wrongs and meditate on it. The thing is no matter who you end up with they all need forgiveness and Grace. That's how real relationship works. I'm just voted and blabbing. Thanks for reading.
  • mntwins66
    But I thought you liked tall and muscular guys like you said before.
  • Curmudgeon
    Sorry, but "ceteris paribus" (all other things being the same), between two good guys with equally big hearts and brains, you will pick the more hunky one. It is what it is.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Nah looks don't fade, I'm going to be one jacked, handsome old dude fr
  • Wikingguy
    I think you want to magnet all skinny and fat dudes by starting these kind ot my takes. It is not a good to be meat head. But, fit guys are far more healthy than skinny and fat guys. It is scienceficly proven. I would try to support my partner to rise her fitness level for her health instead of cheating him with these words.
  • VegasNewFallout
    Even cattle farms don't have as much bullshit as your take does. Quit kidding yourself kitten you aren't unique for spewing the same bs that other women do. Take a Chad Thundercock and some Indian Currycel and we'll see who you respond better do.

    "But Chad is funny and smart!" It's called projection and halo effect. Men need to hop off the 'looks don't matter' bus already because the tour's over.
  • _Steven_
    Damn this is a good myTake... I really like the info you put into the article/blog and I found it very interesting.
    I laughed my ass of for the "I don't give two flying fuck's" 😂
  • akadatank44
    Haha I now have Bill Nye the science guy jingle stuck in my head 😜
    Also from being on here learning from some of you lovely ladies because it goes more with women than men but attraction can grow overtime.
  • LittleSally
    Not to disregard good looks, though - because some attractive guys have amazing personalities too - it's usually the ones who don't really know they're attractive, though.
  • cyclekarl
    The only times when women don't care about looks is when the men in their lives are friends and family or if they guy is rich and a famous. If he is ugly and poor she won't touch him with a barge pole!
  • livehappy
    I agree !! Only disagree because I like a little bit bad boy. If very good boy... boring
    • I'm with you on that one

    • better start buying diapers now

    • Vivaldi

      Let's do bad things together.

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  • Beaver19
    Okay but looks factor too. If she isn't a 7-8 at least I wouldn't date her. I got one life and I'm not wasting it.
    • why would you settle for a 7 or an 8 instead of a perfect 10? The woman you fall in love with should be a perfect 10 in your eyes.

    • Beaver19

      Because to me she may be but overall her physical looks may be a 7 or 8 to most that is my scale, no chubby girl could win my love no matter how sweet no plain face skinny girl either. I say that as honesty not to slander. For example Lindsey Stirling is like dreamboat material, to me yeah her looks are beyond great but overall to most guys she's an 8.

  • John_Doesnt
    You might not date a hot guy with no personality, but you would definitely do him.
  • onikage
    You're gonna have a bad time once you get some actual life experience
  • Bluemax
    Bill Nye?
    Huh. I just googled "crush on Bill Nye" and you're not alone. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. My Dad's friend worked with him at Boeing before he was famous. Had nice things to say about him. My niece used to watch him with me. I like his outreach to the public about scientific literacy. But I think his bow ties are ghastly.

    My mother had a crush on Carl Sagan.

    I guess the closest I can come to that was a childhood crush I had on a nun at my catechism. She didn't exactly dress in revealing clothing. She had beautiful, compassionate eyes and she was very sweet and kind to us. Talented, too. She sang and played guitar beautifully.
  • Grace_Rdz
    Do you have any advice on not letting societal pressures affect the relationship?
  • CoolSky01
    Okay here's the thing... hot guys can have everything you listed and more iam not here to defend anyone but why does everyone think that you must be dumb if you're hot? I have noticed through watching and interacting with people that hot people are usually very smart much more than you're average person so i dont get why every girl on here assumes they are dumb or can't emotionally connect or players or... etc

    They can have skills, emotions and very interesting and down to earth personalities...
    • I never said hot guys can't have those qualities.

    • CoolSky01

      what everyone says on here and what you said implies just that.

  • carlitoswayy
    I agree with you. Now.. if the guy happens to be "hot" is that a problem to you?
  • bcromartie
    Too bad you're human and totally think some people are more attractive than others.
  • the_rake
    Attractive guys can have these qualities also.
  • ColinHarvey
    Bill Nye the Jewish Guy am I right, with all that slimy climate change bullshit he's plugging.
  • bubbletrouble
    I don't agree with you. I only date hot guys.

    • dcoolguy

      nice thoughts :)

    • Vivaldi

      What a shame I lost the chance of dating you. I am gonna cry somewhere.

  • amazon-boy
    amazing take!!!
  • SecretAgentNinja
    This is beautiful, I'm the same way
  • Keepcalm89
    I like it his!
  • lilalilalila
    True. But both of them is better ;;)
  • Octavius
    Aww those old people.
  • GreatnessRevamped
    I'll be as good looking when I'm 985 years old.
  • BruceTrails
    Great take!
  • IncelGod
    Wait till u c me
  • Anonymous
    It is a proven fact that women always say the opposite of what they want. You say looks don't matter means that they do matter.
    • mystintri

      They say they want what they want to the guys desperate enough to listen to them and please them.

      Sexual connection will forever trump emotional connection.

      Emotion connection = boyfriend. Sexual Connection (which very high value guys are hot and can connect) = lover on the side that no one knows about.

    • I have to agree I have heard girls say this stuff over and over, but have never seen it in action. Never heard a girls say "My boyfriend isn't good looking, but his heart is 9 inches ;-)"

  • Anonymous
    Two things number 1 girls love bad boys they can say you seem like a nice guy and all that garbage but if you don't change or assert yourself and get goals etc your not gonna get no poon and it is even harder if you are straight up short or are unattractive body wise it becomes 10 times as difficult, second thing I wanna say with all the pussy I've gotten is that women a lot of times will make fun of previous ex boyfriend or other guys dicks who they've been with they always goof saying the other guy was small or he only lasted 5 minutes or that they faked orgasm lol, girls can be just as mean a guys but they won't be straight forward or tell it as it is as many guys will, actually I myself have been surprised at how cruel the woman can be, but it what it is catch ya later man, the power of the pussy
  • Anonymous
    Claims not to care about men's looks but yet has a half naked muscular
    guy as the first pic. No one sees the hypocrisy here?
    • I don't see it. Too bitter you are.

    • Anonymous

      @ResonantGuy Really you don't see the hypocrisy? You must be a troll. And I must be bitter
      for saying something no one had the balls to say idiot.

    • mystintri

      Wow... He was right - you are bitter.

      *chanted by a cheerleading squad*
      Don't bitter - it's the same thing as a quitter!

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  • Anonymous
    well im must be ugly on the inside as well as on the outside, girls never cared about me
    • I feel the same way.

    • Vivaldi


      I also feel the same

    • mystintri

      So change.

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  • Anonymous
    I can't have sex or touch a person who's ugly and that I'm not attracted too even if they are the best person in earth
    • what if they are average looking though? jim carrey or steve carrell for example

  • Anonymous
    So you won't mind a very average looking guy? won't mind a very hairy body guy? skinny? as long as he is nice all those stuff you mentioned? But what about the physical and sexual appeal?
    • mystintri

      Become what is wanted, or never be wanted.

  • Anonymous
    Probably one of the best takes I've read on here.
  • Anonymous
    I want my future spouse to earn at least over $110k (reveal his salary asap), no signing prenup, no pre-marital sex, can't have any student debt or car loan but mortgage for our future house is fine. Has to be a nice person with a good sense of humor.

    That's what you said in a previous question. Clearly you just care about money.
    • Yes, those things are important as well.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you just want to use a guy as a credit card.

    • You can think what you want.

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  • Anonymous
    Ok since you dont care about looks, do you care about height?
    Or would you not date a short guy with a great personality because of dumn reasons like you dont feel protected, you need high heels etc
  • Anonymous
    What if the man had a giant penis you could hold over your lap in your hand and stroke like a big pet boa?

    Do you like Arab men too?
  • Anonymous
    Funny how this is coming from a girl who's mentioned in her previous posts that she wants a tall guy with muscles and a big dick. Hahaha
  • Anonymous
    This take is very real. But this whole thing about chemistry, and emotional attraction is so not true.