Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for May!

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Hey GAGers!

As most of you already know, every month we award Editor of the Month to one Editor based on their myTakes during that month. The criteria we look for are Editors who create interesting and engaging content on a regular basis. Creativity and variety of content are all taken into consideration when deciding who will win.

Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for May!

As usual, we will be posting the links to the winner's three most popular myTakes of the month and will also share five of the community's favorites from other members as well. These myTakes are chosen based on view count as well as what the community engaged with the most.

The Editor of the Month for May is:



He wins a $25 Amazon gift card! This Editor consistently provides us with a good quality myTakes on a wide variety of topics. Here are a few of his most popular myTakes from May that managed to get not only a high number of opinions, but hundreds of views from here on GAG and outside the site as well:

If You've Never Felt Love, This is What You're Missing!

Love at First Sight Does Not Exist!

Why Should You Give a Second Chance to a Cheater?

And here are 5 other myTakes that were popular in the community during May:

Why I Say NO to Meaningless Sex -by @PrincessPie

Dear White People: It's Not [All] About You -by @Elarra

My Thoughts on the Manchester Terror Attack, and Where This is Taking Us -by @JimRSmith

Dear MGTOWs and Hardcore Feminists... -by @Idonthaveausername

10 Types Of Users On GAG: Which One Are You? -by @cupidkisses

And of course, there were many other Editors who also did well in May that we would like to give a shoutout to:









Thank you to all of our Editors and other myTake writers for all of your awesome contributions to GirlsAskGuys! We appreciate you all so much! :)

Editor of the Month, and Top 5 myTakes for May!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Idonthaveausername

    Thank you for the mention. I received a lot more attention for the MyTake I wrote than I expected to get from it. (Guess I should write more while I'm watching the baseball game). It's always appreciated to be mentioned and know people are paying attention when I write

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous

    I'm curious what a 60 year old man is going to do with $25. XD

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    • W31rd0

      Lots of things, buddy. Lots of things.

      Age is just a number.

    • Anonymous

      I... Ha!


      The general concept would be "he has acquired enough wealth that such prizes are meaningless." not that age actually plays a distinct part.

      I wonder if he'll keep it or give the code away.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Fitness-Fanatic

    Thanks so much for the mention. It's a lovely surprise , and appreciated ❤:)

  • Justacatlady

    Is there a MHO of the month? Or most comments per month for those that don't post myTakes?

    • Blonde401

      Only people with highest MHO percentage. They don't do a monthly thing for it though.

    • @Blonde401 Thanks. Would be nice if they highlighted those people as well.

    • Blonde401

      Would it? I don't know. To be honest it's very much a clique here and it's all about who's who and who's popular.

  • RedRobin

    Thanks for the mention

  • Elarra

    I love how I'm finally recognized and of all the Takes I've ever written, it's for the most controversial one lol.

    Congrats to the winner though hahahaha

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  • Cavewoman

    @OlderAndWiser Yay, so happy for you! Congratulations and keep up the great work! You deserve the awards :-)

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  • SaintDamage

    Since we are on the topic of editors, can someone explain why my editor badge does not appear next to my name or posts?

    • So nowwww it comes up. Very sneaky of you, badge. Congrats to olderandwiser by the way.

  • Vanjasper

    I enjoyed some of them i must say. Well done to all.

  • 1truekhaleesi

    Thanks for the mention!

  • MlleCake

    Good work everyone!

  • Whatthefluff

    Congratulations, everyone!

  • CubsterShura

    Congrats to the users! :)

  • John_Doesnt

    I guess anyone can win.


    Congratulations to everyone

  • cupidkisses

    thank you

  • disgustingweebtrash


  • Lumberman53


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