Editor of the Month: BeeNee

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Editor of the Month: BeeNee

After reading every myTake everyday, we are proud to see that we have such a strong community of users that love sharing their stories. From personal experiences to current events, your myTakes have shaped GirlsAskGuys into what it is today!

After introducing the Editor of the Month feature to GirlsAskGuys last month, we are excited to announce that @BeeNee is our newest Editor of the Month! @BeeNee is based out of the United States and has been a loyal GAG member for almost one year now. She shares a wide array of topics for her myTakes from sex to politics to fashion and more! From her personal views to cultural content, each myTake has a unique and wonderful spin to it.

@BeeNee thank you so much again for all of your hard work, and we hope you enjoy your $25 Amazon gift card!

Check out some of @BeeNee's myTakes below and stay tuned for more to come!

What Type Of Sex Is For You?

Editor of the Month: BeeNee

Is The "Millennial Disease" Just the Inevitable Product of The Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations?

Editor of the Month: BeeNee

Work It Girl: Petite and Petite Plus

Editor of the Month: BeeNee

Should The US Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods?

Editor of the Month: BeeNee

If you are interested in becoming a GAG Editor, click here.

Editor of the Month: BeeNee
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    Well, good choice G@G. Lots of variety by this editor. A recommendation tho, bring back editor of the weak and what's with the massive influx of Editors eh? People who've written 5-6 takes being promoted? Stop this before it snowballs. Like really.
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    • Chief16

      P. S congratulations @BeeNee

    • I agree. I see new editor's everyday. I go to look at their MyTakes and there are like 3 of them.

    • Chief16

      @CHARismatic110 and none of them are even half decent, I had to write 26 featured Takes to become an editor. Which is just stupid. And here they are awarding Editor status to people who're barely weeks old.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • BeeNee
    Thank you very much to GAG and for the GAG community for your comments/responses/disagreements/debates/ and thank-yous in the mytakes. Also, thank you guys for the congrats. They are much appreciated.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • CHARismatic110
    Congratulations @BeeNee!
  • RedRobin
    Congrats @BeeNee :)
  • YourFutureEx
    I thought these things are over. Well...
    Congo, Ma'am.

    (PS: The reason I don't like it because it is corrupted. Every single time, the EotM is different. They just want to distribute this award to every editor)
    • They add new Editors to the list often so if tha ya the case, they're never gonna get them all.

    • @CHARismatic110 People like you are forever here. YOU guys are eligible for this. You'll realize the truth in future. IF the admins aren't smart enough.

      Hint: they don't even have a criteria

    • Why don't you enlighten me?

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  • luvstoned4him
    @BeeNee , congrats on your hard work.! Gag really picked a good one :D
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Well Done @BeeNee I have enjoyed your takes - Glad you got some recognition.
  • QuestionMan
    I liked some of her myTakes don't know why she blocked me though I wanted to comment.
  • robbiem
    why are woman so close minded and rude when it comes to sex
  • CœurRosé
    Congratulations @BeeNee! 😊
  • xHoneyxBeex
    Congrats, @BeeNee! :)
  • rescuemyheart
    Congrats, BeeNee!
  • RedRain
    Congrats @BeeNee! Great myTakes! :D
  • LoveYouMeanIt
    Congrats @BeeNee!! :)
  • Tdieseler
    congrats @BeeNee
  • Paris13
    Congrats to @BeeNee!! xx
  • Stacyzee
    Congrats gurl !
    • R u jealous? Oh lol

    • Stacyzee

      Must be! Since I'm the only person congratulating her!

    • Lol see the list now you're not alone who does! By the way you're good EDITOR too !

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  • Poppykate
    I want to be that girl in the shower!!!
  • rosetyler1234
    Great pick G@G!!!
  • MyExperience
    Congrats @BeeNee!
  • pewdiepie_
    Congrats @BeeNee
  • cupidkisses
  • sp33d
    Buzz buzz
  • browny-sy
    thanks for an article
  • okchinaseller
    Take a bath, good
  • Anonymous
    Am I out of competition if I'm not an Editor?

    I had many Featured MyTakes recently... so guess I'm a runner-up...