Should The US Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods?

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Should The US Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods?

(From CNN)---Ted Cruz on Tuesday called for law enforcement to step up their policing of Muslim neighborhoods in the U.S. in the wake of terrorist attacks in Brussels, comparing it to police boosting their presence in areas with known gang activity. "If you have a neighborhood where there's a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it is you increase the law enforcement presence there and you target the gang members to get them off the streets," the Texas senator told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "I'm talking about any area where there is a higher incidence of radical Islamic terrorism." Cruz also pointed to what he called the "successful program" in New York implemented by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, apparently pointing to the New York Police Department's controversial surveillance efforts targeting Muslims under his administration...Cruz said in a statement, "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized," adding that the U.S. can no longer afford to "political correctness."

I cannot personally imagine that if I were a Muslim and a law abiding citizen, who worked, attended school, and paid taxes, that because I would happen to live in a neighborhood with a high Muslim concentration, I would now essentially be targeted simply because I'm Muslim. On the other hand, IF, there is proof that certain neighborhoods and areas statistically have bred home grown terrorists who then go abroad or do terrorist acts here, then it's hard to argue against upping security. There has just been so much carnage and people dying needlessly, and it absolutely sucks if you're part of that 1 million Muslims or so in the populous who are just living their lives peacefully and wouldn't hurt anybody. It's like being in school, and your teacher says, if one person doesn't follow the rules, no one gets to go to recess, and there was always 'that' kid, except this percentange are those kids that decide to kill people for their beliefs.

The danger in this war, domestic and foreign, is that as in previous wars and rhetoric before it, it can turn dangerous, it can breed hatred and racism towards individuals who are completely undeserving. It's already happening. You often have people in campaigns or in power using a situation to stir up a situation to something its not because people's emotions are heightened, they're watching the news, and they think less about the big picture, or long term effects, or putting themselves into someone else's shoes. It's easy to say this is a solution, but at this point, I don't think building a wall, or constantly policing a neighborhood, or putting out safety PSA's is going to have some massive effect on terrorism, because with the internet it and they can go and be anywhere. It's the 'war on drugs,' all over again. You shut down one grow house, you put away one king pin, and how much have you stopped the problem? And with terrorism, add to that now lone wolves and global connections, we're talking almost an impossible problem to clamp down on. There will always be a cost to somebody or some persons in this new era we live in, it's just a matter of who will that be this time or the next.

What are your thoughts?

Should The US Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods?
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  • Starburstsunlight
    So just because some Muslims are terrorists people think ALL of them are? The way we think is messed up and we need to stop stereotyping people!!! It makes me sick to call myself a human being with people that have those ideologies. It's vile to think like that... It's like someone saying "Because Adolf Hitler was responsible for killing over 20 million people. Should we hate German people? NO!" "Because some US white supremacists lynched African Americans. Should black people hate white people?" NO!" "Because King John was such a bad ruler of England. Should we hate our royal family? NO!" NO! NO! NO!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    I never see peaceful Muslims speaking out against the violence committed in the name of Allah. If someone was committing violence in the name of the Lutheran church, I would certainly let everyone know that the kook did not represent the true beliefs of my religion. That failure contributes to the suspicions that fall on all Muslims.
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    • vishna

      There was immediate reaction by Muslims condemning the actions committed by those responsible for the Brussle's attack. And that's happened every other time lunatics have sullied the name of the faith.
      A lot of times people are scared. After 9/11 people who simply 'looked' Muslim were killed, beaten up, or harassed in other ways. It's great you would have been speaking out against Christianity during the time of the crusades, and would do it today. But it's not like you're the only one who is willing to stand up for what is right.

    • @vishna I missed the Muslim reaction to the Brussels attack. I did some research and found a few reports. Apparently, that news gets lost in all of the talk about the death count, etc.

    • BeeNee

      This is precisely what fuels the stirring up of hatred towards the Muslim community. The media is reporting non stop on the terrorist attacks, yet you have to dig and dig and dig to find anything on groups who are speaking out. It's definitely not that they aren't condemning it, its just not getting the well deserved media attention it needs.

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  • madhatters4
    do i agree with surveillance? not really but a government is supposed to secure the rights and safety of its citizens so... i mean we all pay taxes that go to police, FBI, CIA, etc. so we all have volunteered money to monitoring programs

    but lets not pretend like the government hasn't been monitoring other areas that are profiled as high crime. i mean look at an inner city. there are more cops patrolling those streets then say your average small town. even within cities one neighborhood can have a heavy police presence while another doesn't

    now i don't think you just monitor Muslim communities. it can't be as simple as saying lets increase surveillance or police presence based on gender, race, or religion. but if there is intelligence that says in this community there is a undercurrent of criminal activity, then a government would be irresponsible and negligent not to police and monitor the area more another area
  • RationalMale
    I love liberal logic.

    Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, two black criminals, die by police hands. "STOP THE RACIST POLICE! WE NEED REGULATIONS AND CONTROL! REFORM! BURN CITIES! RIOT!"

    Muslims massacre people in paris... twice. Bombs in Belgium. Madrid. London. Massacre in Fort Hood and San Bernadino, bombs Boston Marathon. Nine freaking Eleven.

    • BeeNee

      Muslims aren't dangerous. Terrorists are dangerous, and so are white Christians who go and gun down innocent children in school, but we can't just point a broad finger at an entire group of people and say because 2 or 3 of you decided to go crazy or do terrorist acts, we should blame all. That's not liberal logic. That's common sense.

    • Cool story. Tell me, how many random civilians killed by anti abortion people since 2000? How many mass murderers shouting 'this is for jesus!'?

    • Ever heard of the KKK? They were a Christian organization

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  • Chief16
    No, that would just rebuke the extremists in general which would mean more attacks, more deaths. These crazies wanna die for their cause, let's not add to their 'cause'.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Sounds dangerous to me - What happens the next type a white guy goes on a shooting spree... hmmmm... hmmmm... that's right nothing.
    To me apart from the insidious racial profiling that just reeks of Ted Cruz's desperation to get some of Donald Trump's votes.
    • BeeNee

      A lot of it is taking full advantage of the situation at hand, but Cruz is alleging that the monitoring would only take place in neighborhoods that have I guess proven to breed terrorists. I don't believe that of course because it's all a slippery slope. Approve a wire tap, the next thing, we have cameras in your school, job, you're being searched at the grocery store and on and on... heck, did any of us know about the NSA watching us all?

  • hellionthesage
    What isn't talked about is the why. The attack in france for instance, why did it happen? It seems kind of strange that we would look at a country that routinely ridicules an entire popualation based upon their religion (charlie hebdo and media in general), attack them through legal means (the law that they wanted to put into place forbiding any kind of face or head cover, unless it was cold out, or for doctors, or festivals or any other non religious reason ie singling out muslims) and then acts suprised that a unstable individuals within a group of people who are consistently bullied and treated like shit snap? Thats like a bullying acting suprised when his victim punches him in the mouth. What did you think was going to happen? Europe treats muslims like crap and as a result they made themselves a target. Is it right for some muslims to do this? Absolutely not and they should be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law, but its equally wrong to goad someone into a fight then claim victim hood. As it applies to america, unless something actually occured to require this then no it absolutely should not be done not only because its a violation of rights (innocent until proven guilty as well as a violation of the freedom to religion (because lets face it it is an attack on that religion)) but because its asking for a fight. You portray them as an enemy and your going to get an enemy. How do terrorist recruit? By goign throug a laundry list of wrongs commited against them by the group they wish to attack. You take away that you take away one of their tools (beyond looking for angry bitter and desperate people) of recruitment, you remove a reason to do harm. Everything that is happening is fueled by these response ie blaming an entire group for the actions of a few. Might as well increase police presents in white neighborhoods in order to protect society from the aryan brother hood and the KKK. Its idiotic, its like punching some one in the mouth and expecting them to become pacify instead of hitting you back.
    • WombRaider

      You can't compare the Jews to the Muslims...

      As far as I can remember, the Jews didn't blow innocent Germans up.

    • Mailo

      @WombRaider but they were manipulating the whole german economy by targeting its foundations.. Same thing happened in the US two years ago

    • @WombRaider and neither have muslims. Desperate angry and violent people did that, not muslims. Its like saying that since John wayne gacy (along with so many other mass/serial killers) was a democrat that all democrats are mass murderes. Its a logical fallacy of composition/division (You assumed that one part of something has to be applied to all, or other, parts of it; or that the whole must apply to its parts.). Further you can compare the two because the reason the jewish people where blamed was because while most of germany was starving, most of the jewish population was not, in fact they controled most of the economics in germany hence them being blamed. But of course that was just as illogical since it had to do with the individual and the circumstances behind it then it did the religion. Culturally and socially they where pushed towards business so it was inevitable that they would be better off, muslims are hated and persecuted, its inevitable that they lash out.

  • MeutiaArianti
    No, they shouldn't.

    I'm a Muslim but I don't live in US. But I still can publish my opinion right? As a Muslim, I want to tell this world what they actually don't know about Muslim. Real Muslims don't kill people if they are innocent, I mean if they don't do any harm (by killing any Muslim), because we've been taught to reply what non-Muslim do to us with the same thing (example: They hit us, we can hit them) but our God said, "if you 'release' your right to avenge it's better for you". So if they judge us, we can't reply with 'kill them', instead we can release our right to judge them back. For the 'innocent' non-Muslim, if we don't do anything of course we can't avenge them even kill them. So terrorists says that they are Muslim, but actually they never do what Allah has been commanded to us, they are false. And for people, who thinks that Muslim has been commanded to kill non-Muslim, they are 100% wrong.

    And now back to the point, okay if terrorists who calls they 'Muslim' had attacked Paris, Belgium, Boston, etc... But not all Muslim is like that. Not all Muslim is radical, whereas like what I said on top of this opinion, even radical is wrong in Islam. But why must they monitor Muslim neighborhoods. It's racist! The fact is, all of big religions in this world do 'terrorism things' and why must they do it to Islam while they don't do it to Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha? I live in a country which Islam is majority and we never do 'monitoring agenda' to non-Muslim neighborhoods! :(
  • GingerBear
    Absolutely, Muslim communities need to be monitored in all countries.
    Let's face it, the majority of large-scale terrorist attacks are being committed by Muslims. We're having a very hard time preventing these attacks or finding the people responsible, because the Muslim communities protect them.
    Now I know that the Muslim leaders speak out on condemnation of these acts, and I'm certainly not claiming every Muslim is a terrorist. But the fact remains, that, in most cases, people outside of these terrorist cells knew something was going to happen, and they didn't report it. Why? Because, in most places, Muslims have clung together, and refused to assimilate into their host countries. Because of this, they don't view themselves as belonging to that country. They have a greater loyalty to those of their own faith, even if those people are mass murderers, than to the country they live in.
    Please note that I am not saying that ALL Muslims do this. But the majority that live in Muslim communities and areas do, and that's a huge problem, because it endangers EVERYONE.
  • bluenose1872
    Too soft these days. Every Muslim should have been kicked out of the west years ago. Apparently all these so called radicals were peace loving muslims for years until they decided to start killing which means they're all potential threats. They're taught to defend Islam against non believers and even to kill in its name. They're all brainwashed by that evil book. Ww2 all the allies deported or detained every national involved with the nazis. All the Italians were in jail or shipped out back home. We had balls back then. Liberals even try and tell you that we should be understanding paedos and giving them help. Fuck that. A kids more important. Maybe he has got a legitimate problem. Doesn't make him any less of a threat. Shot in the head. Where did we go wrong with people in this generation? You have an enemy you neutralise him no matter the cost. You dnt start telling people not to defend themselves and have a group meeting with them. The cunts at the top need booted out and hardliners put in. You want to lose everything you ever knew or loved. Keep trying to be a reasonable and understanding person. Believe me they don't give a flying fuck about your welfare. The west's at war and we've had out hands tied
    • You're a little racist. You actually agree with us kicking Italian out, or putting the Japanese in internment camps?

    • @FallOutBoy2001 darling you've not got a clue what your talking about. The whole world is just a screen with a volume control for you. The world's a dark and dangerous place. There's demons here that look like men. Most people see fair as weak and they'll rip your throat out. You want to discourage attack you show strength. You want to die you show weakness. A hyenas dangerous and brutal but it won't attack a lion unless it's wounded. You want to survive this world you live like a lion not a sheep. I've been involved in violence my whole life, I know what I'm talking about. Do you love what hates you or only what loves you back?

    • Where the hell do you live, and how fucked up was your childhood?

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  • gobsmacked3
    I think they should police retards making absurd suggestions like this

    Truly outrageous, and smacking of such ignorance. Or worse premeditated, trying to incite further fear, leading to hatred to conceal more insidious goals
  • oddwaffle
    Eh... so if you start having home grown terrorists as Christian then will the police monitor Christians also?

    Talk about impractical. Police is a limited resource, government should spend them where they are most effective. The police needs to work on its image to be much much more friendly to the population. Right now, people think the police forces are racists, heavy handed and more or less thug-like. They should work on actually being guardians instead of mercenaries trying to milk money from poor people (did you know that a chunk of funding for the justice system comes from bonds and fines?) who can not defend themselves because they don't have money. Leave the terrorists to intelligence agency, they are more effective in suppressing terrorists.

    Amateurs play with tactics, professionals play with logistics. It takes a lot of information to sniff out how the terrorists fund themselves. Find their sources and poison it. By making their funding source 'risky' to take then you will slowly weaken their base.

    Then you need to weaken its human resources - YOUNG MEN. Young horny men without work, without money, without a girlfriend and without hope are the breeding ground for terrorists recruitment. That means instead of fighting and helping some distant country, you need to double down on improving the economy and education. Stronger competitions, less red tape, less monopoly, more small business friendly and more open to foreign investments.
  • Phoenix98
    I don't know I mean on one hand no one monitored the Muslim neighborhoods in France because the goverment and local law enforcement and city workers were actually afraid to go into those areas and look what happened a terrorist attack a national wide martial law and boarder shutdown and even tighter security and watchful eyes on the Muslims.

    And then on the other hand we're not France our people are actually capable of protecting themselves and I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt as I know the legal ones came here to escape what is currently going on in the middle east and Europe and I know not all of them are bad. But that kind of wishful thinking is dangerous now a days when dealing with an enemy that hides among the victims it creates and hides in plain sight and gets bolder and stronger everyday.

    But I do also think that those who think we should do nothing and just simply turn a blind eye to all Muslims are ignorant fools. Especially when you look at what is going on in Europe, terrorist attacks, rapes, murders, riots, attacking goverment forces, breaking illegally into countries and forcing their way into stuff/places, breaking the law, sexual harassment, religious harassment, civil unrest. And Europe is powerless to do anything to stop them because they were to ignorant to see the danger of letting all of them in, they turned a blind eye to the potential dangers and side affects and instead opted to blindly embrace them.

    And pretty soon you'll start to see the same thing happening in the United Kingdom as sharia patrols and Muslims trying to enforce and impose sharia law on people is becoming more and more common as well as harassing women and even attacking new crews, I fear the worst for them as well if something isn't done.

    I am unsure of what measures would be appropriate yet fair-ish as I don't believe having armed patrols would help anything but some kind of surveillance, some sort of security is needed but regardless I will not let what happened in Europe happen here in the US.
  • TadCurious
    The West is in a war with radical Islam. People respond to events like the most recent mass murder in Brussels like it's some kind of natural catastrophe like an earthquake that could not have been prevented. We see Twitter hashtags, flowers and Teddy bears. But these aren't unpreventable natural disasters. Their occurrence in the West is the direct result of government policies (or the lack thereof) that have allowed the cancer to grow. When you have large numbers of people killing and butchering and maiming and raping in the name of their religion --- to them the One True Faith --- then it makes perfect sense to shut down the pipelines bringing in people of that faith. When you are at war you have to do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. "But that's not fair to the "moderate" Muslims who aren't terrorists!" The world's not fair. Life isn't fair. War isn't fair. Speaking just for myself, I would rather my side win this war. The other side is in it for a long game, and they know exactly what they're doing. Prior to Paris they boasted that they would infiltrate the West with terrorists in the so-called "refugee" flows. And they did. At least one of the Paris butchers had a Syrian passport and had been screened as a "refugee." How did he get inside Europe's borders, and France's borders? Government policies allowed that. Our own American president wants to bring in tens of thousands of so-called "refugees," even while the Director of the FBI he himself appointed testified to Congress that there was no way to safely screen these people for security risks. People are so tied up in knots with Political Correctness today you have to wonder what would have happened if that PC culture had been dominant during World War II. I don't think we would have won.
  • steven7890789
    No, cause that is just as dumb as suggesting we should monitor white Christian neighborhoods because of so many of them doing mass shootings constantly. And no I am not Muslim. I am actually Catholic, and I don't hate people of any religion or race. I hate generalizations of any religion or race.
  • redeyemindtricks
    Well, that would be stupid, now, wouldn't it.

    ... Since people could simply plot their terrorist activities from some other neighborhood.
  • randomhobo
    America barely even gets any muslims compared to us europeans, and the ones you accept into the country are all well educated or westernised so they're harmless. Nothing at all like the ones straight out of syria or the middle east that comes over to our borders who have no westernisation which is where the issues are for integration.
    • CasaNorba

      so Donald Trump was right on that "snake video" he made?

    • randomhobo

      @CasaNorba No idea as i've not seen it. Don't really focus on what that idiot spouts when i've got david cameron sinking my country, an eu vote coming up and my continent is being bombed.

    • CasaNorba

      I really dont like Donald Trump either I think he's in fact the real snake but someone release this video not to long ago on him revealing the chaos the Syrian refugees are causing among Europe.

      I mean if they really causing this much chaos in Europe then I sure as hell am against letting these folks in our land. but then again we can't paint all of them with the same brush, I seen others that are good and are struggling to survive too do to ISIS destroying their homes, etc.

  • girlie222
    A family friend who moved here from Iran back in the 70s has been constantly harassed by the government since 9/11. He's not even Muslim. He has had he bank accounts frozen and house ransacked with no reason. It's crazy. I've known him my entire life and he's more patriotic than I am... but since his name is Mohammed he's constantly under watch.
  • talloak
    The majority of mass killings in this country are performed not by Muslims but by white radical conservatives. By Cruz's logic we should be patrolling all red states. Obviously he would not agree. All of this is because it's based entirely on racism and deliberate attempts to bait people who are not Christians. Let's stop pretending that there are any other reasons behind such comments.
    • WombRaider

      The majority of terrorist attacks carried out GLOBALLY are ISLAMIC.

    • talloak

      @WombRaider And virtually all of their victims are Islamic. Which is to say that terrorism is primarily a local phenomenon. You and I are far more likely to die at the hands of Christians than Muslims. There are no statistics that support the idea that the Muslim community in the US is more dangerous or violent than the country as a whole. The anit-Muslim prejudice spread by the right-wing media is based on lies for political gain on behalf of the hate-mongers.

  • frozenhorizon
    No way. The same thing has been said since 2001. I lived in Dearborn MI for the first 23 years of my life, which I believe has the highest amount of muslims per capita of any city in the US and not once did I ever feel threatened because of it. People who intrinsically feel threatened by them are paranoid.

    I agree with your last paragraph. Also, police are the real terrorists... increasing surveillance etc. just gives them more excuses to abuse people with less evidence.
  • UncagedAgent
    Hi have a lot of Muslim friends and people from the Middle East. Obviously I'm only a senior in HS so chances are they won't be terrorists, but I still don't think all Muslims should be held accountable for what the extremists so.

    This might come across wrong, but I don't care about Muslims, as a threat Im not worried about them. The U. S. and the N. S. A. are smart enough to monitor anything and everything they want, I don't think sending more Police Officers will solve the problem.

  • giggleswilmington
    Increasing police presence in muslim neighborhoods is useless. ISIS isn't robbing people, and burglarizing stores, stealing cars, and having shootouts at clubs because Omar saw Mohammed wit yo girl. They have well-planned coordinated attacks that are not in their neighborhoods. Its going to make much more than an increased police presence to prevent those attacks.
  • rjroy3
    It makes sense for them to monitor known terrorist suspects if they have their location. If it happens to be a Muslim neighborhood, then so be it. But it has to be legitimate suspects. Not just random Muslims.

    Part of the reason we've caught any terrorists is because local community Muslims who care about people being murdered turned them in. That's the key to us stopping terror plots. Snitches. We need more of that in our communities.
    • rjroy3

      Some Muslims agree with what the terrorists are doing, but a lot of them are scared of what will happen to them if they do come forward.

  • tyber1
    Not only would that be a very radical policy for a country like the USA but it wouldn't help anything. If someone's plotting an attack, they will be doing it in their homes most likely. They aren't going to do it on the street. How exactly would patrolling the neighborhoods stop terrorism? It wouldn't. All you'd be doing is giving another excuse.
  • Mesonfielde
    They could always just choose to no longer be Muslim.

    But they don't.

  • aliceinwonderland69
    If Muslims don't want to be policed they need to police themselves. I see peaceful Muslims complaining about being targeted but not speaking out against extremism. It's their community they should be reporting extremists and shutting them down. Maybe they are already doing this but I'm not seeing it.
    • BeeNee

      Awe the media... of course they never really report on peaceful Muslims, or Muslim groups trying to prevent things like this from happening. I think on yesterday's news there was like a 2 minute clip of a guy who represented a peaceful Muslim group buried under of course hours upon hours of bombing footage, so of course, what do most people take away... the terrorist story. However, let me ask you this: when is the last time you actively and routinely reported on people of your race or religion who have committed crimes? We all have a community no matter who we are, but you, nor I, are responsible or liable for the actions of every single individual in it (and if you ask the Muslim community, they often do not consider the extremist/terrorist to be a part of the people who represent their group anyway). If a person is a law abiding citizen, not involved in terrorism, how can they report even what they do not know?

  • 0112358
    Beyond whether it's reasonable (it's not) it would be a huge waste of resources to try to monitor that many people. Need to focus in.

    Belgium's security forces are stretched too thin to monitor every known returned jihadi fighter who fought with ISIS.

    Every muslim in america? Uh, no.

    Every returned ISIS fighter? Lets' see if we can maybe get the resources to cover that group.
  • Northeast106
    What makes you think they haven't been monitoring us to begin with? Of course the government spies on both citizens and immigrants. Why do you think Edward Snowden is in exile? Every country on this planet conducts espionage, and they will continue to do so even if whistle blowers come forward.
  • lv4lv
    Plenty of mass-shootingers (and I mean a lot of shooters...), organizations (KKK, Nazi's, ect) were christian. Why don't we police them with the same, if not worse principals? Oh, that's right - they have the same skin tone...
  • Dred1614
    Hell yeah they should. The FBI used to monitor Italian neighborhoods during the era of the mafia. Why not monitor Muslim neighborhoods? If the Muslims are good people, they shouldn't mind being surveillance to catch the bad ones. They should care about security as much as everyone else.
    • Waffles731

      This is why
      The British did just that in the Troubles/
      Fuck that

    • Waffles731

      Only it was catholics then

    • Dred1614

      @Waffles731 honestly, if it helps keep us safe. I don't see why someone would be opposed to it.

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  • cth96190
    The only way to prevent Islamic terrorism is for there to be no Muslims in the society.
    Rather than spy on them, round them all up and expel them.
    Use the FEMA camps to house them until they can be deported.
  • WombRaider
    I think to make it seem less prejudice, we need to increase monitoring in all communities.

    There should also be zero tolerance on hate preachers (i. e Choudary in the UK) and those who get involved in one shape or another with anything jihadist/islamist. In other words they should be deported ASAP if they're found guilty.

  • vishna
    That would be a terrible idea. There's that town in NJ, if I'm not mistaken, where there's a large majority of Muslims. If police were hounding that town it'd be a waste of money and a disgrace.
  • ColinHarvey
    Good idea! Let's be sure that Habib isn't planning anything at that Shawarma king!

    Those fuckers and their slow roasted meat - anything can happen, they could self-radicalize at any moment!

    What a joke.
  • John_Doesnt
    No, because the first line of the constitution clearly says congress shall make no law with respect to a religious institution. We cannot target a specific religious group. The only other option would be to monitor all religious neighborhoods.
  • ElissaDido
    Eh, I wouldn't give a f*ck , let them lose their money on monitoring us lol I would have nothing to fear.
  • G-Daz
    Care to trade your liberalised western cultured Muslims with the devout Muslims we have in Europe.

    Then employ this defective liberal logic
  • springocelot
    Things would be solved faster if people just said "no" instead of appeasing people who just want their ideology shoved down everyone else's throat.
  • Jersey2
    It is stupid not to monitor the community where terrorism emanates from, just stupid. I am glad this isn't the generation that fought the Nazis... But today we have an enemy much the same so perhaps we only bought some time.
  • idkwtftoputhere
    No that sounds stupid af. Just because ISIS identifies as Muslim doesn't mean that all Muslim people in America are associated. This will just add to even more fear mongering
  • Fugue
    There are far more domestic terrorists and domestic attacks than by muslims. I don't think they would be OK with monitoring right wing neighborhoods.
  • Kuraj
    It's called prevention. I would put people's safety over other people's freedom without a second thought.
    How many deaths is it going to take before people's naivety runs out?
  • chintita
    haha that seems wall stupid, monitoring neighborhoods just for being muslim would only cause a deep fracture between the communities so it's the "normal" americans vs the "muslim" americans and that'd make more innocent minds convinced of ISIS' agenda. i suggest that the US study how China treats their 'terrorists' hint: not by calling them terrorists.

    "So the Chinese diagnosis for terrorism is not "religion" but "a lack of modernization. The basic idea behind it is that you need peace to modernize, and once you modernize everyone will rather live a fruitful life instead of committing terrorist acts against your friends and neighbors. In the meantime, the Chinese media heavily promotes stories that strengthen ethnic harmony, like the Uyghur college student who donated 6 tons of Uyghur Halal food for 2013 Lushan earthquake, and the Uyghur CCP party head who lost five of his own relatives in an earthquake while saving almost 100 other villagers himself."
  • Careless_Whisper
    Yes, Muslims should be policed. Why? Because they are part of a religion that does incite violence. The Quran and Hadiths are full of violence and bigotry.
    • browny-sy

      give proof

    • @browny-sy For goodness sake, just read the Quran and Hadiths for yourself.

    • Have you read them?

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  • ASOdeath
    The mf already do dont tell their not bc they are literally everywhere
  • TheFlak36
    Yes you would be targeted simply because you're a muslim! You support the most oppressive believe system that promotes violence, execution of gay people, female genital mutilation, sex slaves, pedophilia, death penalty for adultery and apostasy and of course death to infidels!
    Muslims who live peacefully could go out on the streets and protest against the extremists of their religion. They don't do it. No one does! They all support the terrorists morally and like watching us being killed. And don't start now with "Most victims of terrorism are muslims themselves" because these people too can get rid of their religion and fight against them.
    My god liberals are dumber than grass!
    I don't give a fuck if they are peaceful! What I do know is that they don't belong in our countries! The only reason these attacks happen is because these monkey live among us!
  • katiekatieekatieee
    In my opinion no. If U. S. A wants to put patrols it won't be fair if only the Muslim territories have police patrols. Especially in New York were most of its population are immigrants. Muslims (not all) are not the only ones who commit terrible acts. Everyone does! That's what makes humanity stupid because we kill our own kind over things that can be resolved without violence. I understand United States is concerned for its citizens but Muslims are not the biggest problem we are facing. If we were to put guards up for every group of people who committed a crime we would run out of cops.
  • theegreat017
    Since it will lead to further division, it looks like an anti-human rights act (haha) but let me tell you, it's the need of the hour.
  • Byakuyarko
    I think the intelligence services are monitoring everyone in every neighbourhood
  • TheOldMan59
    Aww, Ted is behind in the polls so he's trying to be Donald Trump. How about letting the police do their job?
  • skeptic007
    at this point they shouldn't allow anymore muslims too come too the US honestly there a risk
  • Keyslayers
    I wanna put them in ma house esp. dem Muslim babez ❤️❤️❤️