Editor of the Month: August 2018!

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Hey, GAGers!

August was a whirlwind and now it's time to look back at the many Great myTakes and select an Editor of the Month! For those who may not know, each month we reward one Editor based on the quality of their myTakes during that month. We look for Editors who create unique, interesting, and engaging myTakes that our community loves!

Editor of the Month: August 2018!

As usual, we will be posting the links to the winner's three most popular myTakes of the month and we will also share five of the community's favorites from other members as well. These myTakes are chosen based on view count as well as what the community engaged with the most.

This Editor has been very active for a long time in writing myTakes. Her myTakes always manage to capture our community's attention regardless of the topic! We are happy to announce Editor of the Month for August is: @Fitness-Fanatic

Editor of the Month: August 2018!

She wins a $25 Amazon gift card! Here are her most popular myTakes from August:

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral

Left For Dead: How I Survived The Day I Nearly Died

10 Desirable Traits In A Man

Combined, these myTakes managed to grab 115 Opinions and 2,819 views! Congrats, Fitness-Fanatic!

And here are 5 other myTakes that were popular in the community during August:

We Need More Male Feminists. -by @SpiderManFan2002

6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important -by @AdmiralBailey

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality -by Anonymous

Random Facts About My Country: Britain -by @Aguysopinion4799

Do Better Looking People Have More Success With Dating? -by Anonymous

Of course, there were many other Editors who also did well in August also that we would like to give a shoutout to:












Thank you to all of our Editors and myTake writers in general for taking the time to share your great content with the GAG community! We appreciate you all!

Editor of the Month: August 2018!
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Most Helpful Guys

  • FatherJack
    @Fitness-Fanatic... Well deserved , the take about the savagery of your insecure , control freak ex ( good riddance to him.. and I rarely speak ill of the dead !! ) , was very brave and after that ordeal , I would have understood you becoming a rabid man hating feminist. Also having a daughter , I am teaching her to spot these traits , and avoid such people.
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    • Thank you so much πŸ’—

    • My father was a great man, husband and father. So I know there's men out there that are the same as him

    • FatherJack

      @Fitness-Fanatic I believe that made all the difference , without your father's positive influence , you would likely have gone over to the feminist " dark side " . Hence I do my best to be a good father... it''s tougher solo , but that was my decision , I dumped my ex as could not take anymore and was always pissed off and not a good example to them , my son showed signs of aggression , but I admit I was mostly at fault for being too harsh.

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  • @Fitness-Fanatic YES!!! You go girl!!!






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    • Jjpayne




      You guys rock! and so do you @Jjpayne, you stay payneful

    • AbdKilani

      Thank you man <3

    • Jjpayne

      @AbdKilani Us MyTakeers got to stick together, but I am a little upset not to see wowgirl10q or … hold on have to fetch it

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Fitness-Fanatic
    Thank you for selecting me as editor of the month ❀
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    • mach1


    • @mach1

      Thank you πŸ’—

    • FatherJack

      Well deserved... enough said !!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Dang it i meeded this win :( but oh well glad i got a shoutout and im homestly surprised @AngelicSin didn't win for her creative challenges
    • AbdKilani

      Same here

    • AngelicSin

      I won it last month, I don't think it's possible to win it again... Especially in row

    • AbdKilani

      @AngelicSin I knew you will get it lol
      This month Fitness did great job that is why , you did a great job too

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  • Iron_Man
    I've never had anything in common with that girl from day one and she blocked me a while back because she thought I was accusing her of being a feminist
  • howlyz
    Congratulations everyone!!

    I am surprised I am not editor of the month August and I have 50 followers on this site no less
    • howlyz

      I edit hard or not edit at all, that's my motto

    • howlyz

      my credo lol :P

    • howlyz

      I will write a my take when the grape picking season is over and I tell you how was this year ok

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  • AbdKilani
    Thanks for the shout out
    @Fitness-Fanatic did a really good job
    It was a tough month
  • TY for the shout out! Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth. I thank my GaG family for the honor and privledge to be part of the best!
  • MarketData
    I'd like to say to all the try-hards listed above "You suck."

    Not you, @Fitness-Fanatic. You're cool.
  • Harsh_Ch
    Not much surprised about the fact that 4 of these mytakes belong to people who kiss feminism's ass
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing this with us really appreciate it :)
  • Γ–zCanTR
    Thank you for selecting me as editor of the month ❀
  • blubblubblub
    wait u can win money for takes?
    • gagTake

      Members selected as Editor of the Month receive a $25 Amazon gift card. :)

    • oh mi god : 0, notice me next month please gag <3

    • oh im not an editor nvm

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Thank you for including me! :)
  • ladsin
    I’m moving up in the world
  • Logorithim
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    If it's not me, I don't care
  • Whatthefluff
    I only just saw this. But yay
  • TonyMetal86
    Well congratulations
  • Kayla45
  • Massageman
  • LegateLanius
    Good for them
  • CT_CD
    I will be on this list one day
  • SketchForger
    Always a pleasure to be mentioned
  • AdmiralBailey
    Hey! I made top 5. Thanks!
  • Anonymous
    about time, fitness-fanatic should win every time, there's no one as good as her.

    I don't know how chronic even got up there...
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for the mention
  • Anonymous