Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral


Part 1: 1 To 5

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral

1) Pie Hunting

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral

Pie Hunting is a term used for a person who "hunts pies" ( pies is slang for heartbroken, vulnerable people who have a history of rejection, and past failed relationships) The "hunter" intentionally exploits people when they're heartbroken and at their lowest point in life

2) Kittenfishing

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral

Kittenfishing is when a person embellishes the truth to portray themselves in a more positive way. (especially on their online dating profiles).Their profile detail is generally ghost-written by someone else. But they take the credit for it .This isn't exactly catfishing (when someone pretends to be a totally different person) Instead , kittenfishing is when someone uses profile photos of themselves which are out-of-date.They exaggerate their qualities ,and embellish their talents,hobbies ,and accomplishments.They are who they say they are , but they present themselves in a more positive way to lure in potential partners .While they aren't lying about who they are ,it's still deceptive behavior

3) Orbiting

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral
Orbiting is the term used when you've been ghosted, but the person who ghosted you still engages with you on social media. They ignore your text messages and phone calls ,but they still watch all of your Instagram stories,poke you on Facebook and like all of your posts.They“orbit”through your social media pages

4) Layby

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral

Layby refers to someone who is in a relationship, but they want out of it.So they have a back-up,to gain other people's interest in case they actually do leave their current relationship. They put you in the ‘layby’ as a sort of insurance policy to make sure they have someone to date next.They usually have a number of options lined up

5) Roaching

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral
Roaching is when you've had a couple of dates and everything is going great.It seems to be turning serious, but then all of a sudden they blurt out that they're sleeping/seeing other people.When confronted, they act like it's no big deal ,and claim that there was never any implication of a serious relationship .The "roach" makes you believe that it was your own fault for reading too much into their romantic behavior

Part 1: Dating Trends That Have Gone Viral
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Benedek38
    So let's go in order:
    1) That's hardly a new thing, bachelors have been tricking rich, lonely widows with low self-esteem for centuries.
    2) I love how you put a photo of Brad Pitt, who looks decent even as a homeless looking guy, as a "kittenfisher" - yet "kittenfishing" essentially applies to EVERY WOMAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Because yes, taking 400 selfies, and choosing the one where your boobs appear the biggest, and you have your best angle and everything, IS fitting the description of kittenfishing.
    Personally I just call this lying.
    3) Ok, this is a legitimate term, pretty useful.
    4) So you mean like... Cheating? I guess we needed a new word for cheating, because people just can't seem to cope with the fact that they are disgusting human beings.
    5) I thought that was just called being an asshole.
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  • IlyaTheImpaler
    I've seen people use 2) on this site very successfully, even made it to influencers, they do things like stealth bragging, dropping subtle hints that they are attractive without ever showing what they actually look like, they would use some cartoon character as their profile photo and people actually eat it up, you can't call them catfishes, because they never showed their face, and you can call bullshit on their bragging, but they are already popular enough with thousand followers and have the support of most people (of the opposite sex)... and this is not even a dating site, hilarious Pretenders!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • abundantlyrich
    Lol... some really sketchy people
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  • Desconhecida
    Thanks for this awesome take!
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  • Logorithim
    What a toxic cocktail. Thanks for explaining them.
  • Dim1213
    I found number 4 to be the most used. I had a freind I met just after highschool. During college I clicked her dating profile. Looked and sounded nothing like her. But she noticed me and suprised the heck out of me.
    Her photos were from when she was skinnier. Like a lot skinnier and now she is definitely FAT!!! The photos were from her highschool senior year a year before I met her and she changed her look.
  • Knighted2170
    Someone tried to accuse me of kitten fishing once. I had to stop her and look it up, never heard of it before. Then I turned around an proved her wrong.
    She was embarrassed, I was pissed. It worked out for a while, but she couldn't let the accusation go.
    Lesson - Don't question my integrity, easiest way to piss me off.
  • dm23chan
    Funny how most women haven't heard of this. Just curious if "dating" is just a synonym for "relationship" and they are interchangeable. Because having a line of prospects is expected when dating, on the contrary, in most relationships nowadays people are expected to be serial monogamists, even when it didn't work out in all the previous relationships
  • Aguysopinion4799
    Sadly, yes, these all are common tactics used and it's a shame that people feel the need for deception and cruel trickery for a relationship -_-
  • Jjpayne
    Interesting trends, I've never heard them before great Mytake! Informative and fun! and pics work perfectly with the text!
  • Kaamraj
    Very interesting; I can be accused of Kittenfishing (over 18).
  • Jack_L_andTurn
    2. Very common, like when a girls I went to high school with use their pictures from the 10th reunion even when they just had their 25th.
  • Likes2drive
    Never heard of any of these terms but layby seems what a lot of women do and I never know who actually just broke up and is vulnerable
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I heard the "roach" was because like cockroaches, where there's one there's more.
  • clampfan101
    People are forgetting how to date and what dating means...
  • JulieXO
    I've never heard of any of these.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I've never heard of these
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • mishanw_1071
    ... i haven't heard of any of these before...
  • Queen-of-Hearts
    True, good take.
  • Eternallylucky
    too funny, thank you for writing it
  • ashley1996
    Wow. I didn't know anything about this lol
  • NYCQuestions1976
    I use "pie" for different slang reasons.
  • WeirdoWerdo
    Okay, thanks for this information
  • Sketti
    Never heard of them
  • Lance1965
    All true, especially number 4.
  • LegateLanius
    The should just call number four layaway.
  • hammeronfire
    laybies and roaches are the worst fucking people
    • dm23chan

      It is what happens when society forces monogamy

  • red_knight
  • TheNephilim
    Lol the 3rd one.
  • Nice222
    Good take thanks