Random Facts About My Country: Britain

Random Facts About My Country: Britain

We love our tea

It isn't a stereotype, we seriously revolve around tea and it is such a popular drink in pretty much every household and or outdoor eating/ drinking.

We are super moody regarding traffic

I think we get pretty heated with the traffic and aren't afraid to show it, we certainly are...impatient? :D

Saltiness is a definite attribute

Don't mix us with the TV brits, we are really salty and we are no-where near as polite as the acting you see on the TV ;p

We like to bake

Seems rather popular around the place, not everyone does it but it is something that is somewhat quite popular in my part of Britain so.

Our accent differs depending what part of England you go to

Some sound nice, some sound posh, some sound rough and so on.

We have a tendency to make a big deal about our royal family

Some of us are very enthusiastic and look up to the royal family with so much love but others are not all like this, depends on the area and person you see but it is a subject you should respect because you don't want to insult the royal family in front of a Brit ;p

We give to a large number of charities

Just my house alone contributes to 4 different charities, everyone I know contributes to some type of charity and it is just a thing we seem to do casually :)

We don't like it when people try to copy our accent

Please don't, it isn't good so just, don't.. ^_^

We don't like the American accent

Sorry, but we don't, with a passion...I mean, every single British person I have EVER seen and spoken with or overheard, none of them like the American accent, I'm sorry but we just don't.

There is a LOT of greenery in some areas

My area has a lot of greenery and it is literally woodland and fields with a small bit of road going on.

There is also some seriously shady areas

We aren't perfect, we do have rough areas and even I don't like to walk about in some areas in England because they are considered shady, dangerous etc.

We are probably the most likely to flock to a foreigner because we find them interesting

Every time a foreigner has turned up, everyone seems to immediately drop whatever subject they were on about and take interest in the person so that's a thing :)

DON'T ask us to say sentences just so that you can react to them

It feels awkward and unnecessary so why not just have a normal conversation with us?

Never assume we all talk the same or that we get along

There is actually quite a bit of friction between cities, each area has a different accent and behaviour. My area has a softer behaviour where you could trust each other to go in the others house to do something for the other while they are out, a place in London is not so likely to be that trusting.


The top ones known that are popular are







Each of these areas have a different type of voice and it makes it easy to tell where a person is from if you have experience with people from each area.

(I'm not from any of these areas, I keep that to myself when online)


We don't really have many rules regarding customs but these lower parts are some customs.


You can use knife and fork for almost anything and there are foods where hands are required but if you are unsure you can ask, we won't expect a foreigner to know all about our country.

Use fingers, you'll look silly, use a knife to separate the bones then pick the bone up for eating <3
Use fingers, you'll look silly, use a knife to separate the bones then pick the bone up for eating <3


Again, the greetings can be a wave, a hello or just any gesture that shows you acknowledge them really. a peace sign or whatever is fine.

You can do this, it isn't offensive
You can do this, it isn't offensive

Do's and don'ts:

If you come over, there are some things you shouldn't do,

Random Facts About My Country: Britain
Random Facts About My Country: Britain

Don't raise your middle finger and don't raise a reverse peace sign, these are both a type of swearing and even if you don't know, you may unintentionally get into a fight. If someone does it to you, don't be too surprised because some areas do it a lot.

It's a bit complicated, friends can do these gestures to each other in a fun and jokey way but if you do it to a stranger then you are essentially saying "F**k you" so yeah, but if you do it with friends then it means something more along the lines of "Shut up man!" but in a playful way.

Random Facts About My Country: Britain

You can do this, this one is okay and not rude, just don't do the ones above it.

There is also the rules where you are just expected to know them if you are English.

Don't sip from someone else's straw unless offered to

Don't eat off the same fork as someone else unless they are offering that fork or are close with you.

Don't double dip

Where someone places a food into a sauce/ dip, bites it then places the food into the dip again, don't do it, it's gross, you can dip once, bite then tear the bitten part if you wish to dip with the same food but don't dip the bitten part unless it is ONLY you who is using the dip

There are some other things but these are the main pointers you need to know ;)

I nominate:

@Hapinus about her country

@LadyJade007 about her country

@ENTP_EMO about his country

@disgustingweebtrash about his country

@Deathraider about his country :)

@omgjassy about her country ^_^

So yeah, each of you about your country please ^__^

Random Facts About My Country: Britain
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  • Blunique
    Great mytake! I learned a lot. Thanks for informing me. I have a question. What is your opinion about Trump?
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    • Thanks and my opinion?
      Given the opportunity I would most likely assassinate him T_T
      But I am not arguing with anyone about him so :/

    • Blunique

      I agree with you.

    • Blunique

      What's your opinion about David Gandy?

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  • SweetgirlNS
    Love this article!!!
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  • CaptainSmartass
    Nice take dude. Just one question - where the fuck are Ash and Farnham, from the accent thing?

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  • AlexEfron
    Why is the victory sign offensive?
    Is this still revelant?
    • You mean the reverse peace sign? the two fingers? I don't actually know, but it's considered offensive, I will look it up for you :)

    • A commonly repeated legend claims that the two-fingered salute or V sign derives from a gesture made by longbow men fighting in the English and Welsh archers at the Battle of Agincourt (1415) during the Hundred Years' War.

      But no historical primary sources support this. This origin legend states that archers who were captured by the French had their index and middle fingers cut off so that they could no longer operate their longbows, and that the V sign was used by uncaptured and victorious archers in a display of defiance against the enemy.

      However, it was common practice in warfare of that period to summarily execute common soldiers, since they held no ransom value.

    • So ever since then, it has come down the years as a general insult now, but even though the origin is not certain, it is still rude none the less so just don't do it ;p

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  • pervertedjester
    Are you a Geordie? Because in my opinion that's the worst English accent followed closely by Cockney. And are you saying the that Every American accent is horrible? Surely Yanks aren't as bad as Aussies...
    • 1- No I'm not a Geordie or a Cockney
      2- No I'm not saying every American accent is horrible, I just don't know the exact location of the accent that I dislike other than it is in America.
      3- I like the Australian accent <3
      4- I have heard of yanks but the word is so unused in my area I don't remember what it means :/

      I'm south-east on the outskirts of England, I don't know the exact name for ours

      Only people from London do a cockney accent and as for Geordies, they are found in the Tyneside area of North East England

    • Yank, Yankee, Yankee Doodle, meaning someone from the Northern US. And there is an annoying song to go with it.

    • Oh, okay :D

  • Kaytiee
    I'm English I agree with everything except the

    "Saltiness is a definite attribute"

    Everywhere I've gone people have been polite, unless I've been to a supermarket the people on the tills usually aren't very happy as they've spent like 15 hours behind a till lol.
    • Oh I meant salty as in regarding weather and small things, not salty to each other, I mean complaining frequently about small stuff :p sorry!

  • UnknownXYZ

    What part of the UK are you from?
  • WalterRadio
    I always enjoy my trips to Britain. Part of my family used to own England, well great grandpa Will sort of took it away from Harold.

    Especially on fish & chips! I have known Brits who tell raunchy jokes, but overall, they are more polite than your typical New Yorker.

    "accent differs"
    And even more so between England and Scotland. One elderly Scot recognized me as being American when I walked into a shop in Edinburg. He talked to me quite a bit. I have no idea what he said. I am sure he thinks he was speaking English.

    "We give to a large number of charities"
    You are no match for your bretherin in the Anglosphere.

    "We don't like the American accent"
    Back before the war (American Revolution) got started, someone in the cabinet was complaining about how backward and uncouth Americans were. Someone pointed out, "But they speak English better than we do." If you have any doubt, take a stroll through the East End or what is it where they talk as unintelligible as the Scots, Newcastle (?).

    "a LOT of greenery"
    Many hundreds of years ago when they built some great hall at Oxford University, they used giant white oak as beams, some of the last such trees of that size in Britain. The builders had enough forsight to realize they would have to be replaced someday, and planted trees for that purpose on the university grounds, available hundreds of years later.

    "some seriously shady areas"
    London surpassed New York City's homicides for the first time in history earlier this year.

    "that we get along"
    Just ask any Englishman what he thinks of Scots or visa versa.
  • Qwerty_0
    I eat everything with a knife and fork. Even things like sandwiches. I don't like getting my fingers dirty and greasey because then I have to wash them before I can touch anything, lest I get crumbs or grease all over it.
    • You eat a sandwich with a knife and fork?
      Also... Your age says 101.. I'm assuming you most likely lied on that :D

    • Qwerty_0

      Yes, I just have a thing about not eating food with my hands or just getting my hands dirty in general, it's just one of those things. Everyone has a weird quirk, I guess that's mine.

      And yes, of course I lied. The year only went down to 1912, so I couldn't put my real age.

  • JimRSmith
    Pretty good, lol.

    I don't mind American accents except some from the north east, which do grate on me.

    But other than that, I agree with a lot of this...
    • Thank you ^_^
      P. s: I was messaged something about Editor as well but I don't understand it, could you explain it please?
      I won't complain if you say no, I just thought I'd ask :)

    • JimRSmith

      I'll try to help, what would you like to know?

    • Well it says something about one of my mytakes now being featured and it just said for more info on becoming an editor click here and I did but even after reading it I didn't know what to do :/

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  • xHoneyxBeex
    Cool list! Despite the apparent hate Americans get in other countries, I'd still like to visit other countries someday, including the UK.

    The only thing I find odd is: "We don't like the American accent."
    Which accent? Just like the UK has different accents, there are TONS of different accents here. The U.S. is a very large country and as such, many different accents have developed here.

    I have a southern accent which I've been told is not very popular with people who aren't from the American south. Lol But meh, I like my accent. I also like the various British accents I've heard (although I would be unable to pinpoint the exact type of accent someone from the UK has, since I don't live there and am not exposed to them very often).
    • Thank you and I know not all American accents are the same but maybe from Texas? I don't know the exact area but places with a really strong accent like them I for some reason dislike and I am sorry but yeah :) That isn't to say I dislike the person! I could like the person but just not like the accent.
      I have a family member who lives over in the US and they come over sometimes but I find the accent to be a bit annoying ^_^' sorry sorry sorry!

    • haha That's fine, I was just curious. There are some American accents even I'm not fond of (for example, I think a lot of northern accents like those from Boston or New York can be a bit harsh and hard to listen to). Again, that's probably because I'm from the south. Lol

    • Thank you for not taking it too personal <3 :)

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  • goaded
    • She did... Alright, but I feel left out because she didn't cover my area :'(

  • AuroraRoseat
    There are various American accents though I'm sure those typically heard would be country or New York. Interesting, nonetheless.
    • Riggers

      I think generally people here don't like any American accents, Decades of media has portrayed west coast accents as promiscious druggie dumbos / southern accents as hillbillies and rednecks / eastern accents as overbearing and aggy, Lmao.

    • Ew... lol. I don't care for those accents either (and if they're portrayed heavily in the media, then it would make sense for people to form an opinion on them). To be honest, I don't like those accents either.

      I'm American but I don't have a Southern, New York, Joysy, or any accent. I'm frequently asked if I was born elsewhere (which is true, but it's a territory of the U. S. so...)

      Anyway, interesting Take.

    • Thank you and I am sorry if the dislike of the accent upsets you, it wasn't my intention to upset the US individuals but I guess I also expected this response from people <3

  • AnnieBabe
    Really nice take. I learned a lot. But is it really every single Brit that hates the American accent?
    • I doubt it's every Brit, I meant to put (Disclaimer, from my experience) on the post but forgot, sorry.

      But also, it isn't all of America that we dislike, it's just I don't know the exact area of the accents origin other than the fact it is in America so yeah :/

    • AnnieBabe

      Okay then. Good to know.

    • Yup, and also, just so you know, even if we do dislike an accent, that doesn't mean we dislike the person, I have seen American people before who I like but find their accent to be a tad annoying, I like them as a person though so I swear it isn't that we don't like the people <3

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  • Logorithim
    Great Take, but I have to nitpick on the mention of "the US accent"- the US has different regional Accents.
    • Yeah, I got this same response from another person from the US, I agree fully, it's just I don't know what part of the US they were from so I just aid US, I think it is an area with a strong accent like Texas but :/ who knows.

    • Interestingly, many of England's regional Accents have huge Cachet in the US (thanks in part to Masterpiece Theater), especially "BBC English".

    • How odd, hmm... I hear this frequently that apparently the English accent is liked but I can't be sure as we have a bunch of different accents :/

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  • acooke-13
    Good Take! But which part are you from? I'm a fellow Brit but could disagree with a lot of this
    • I'm nearer Guildford but not quite Guildford, I'm not gonna put my exact area ;)

  • dipta
    "We are probably the most likely to flock to a foreigner"

    Most likely in comparison to whom?

    I don't know about the charity stuff, but most British people I know are very friendly, polite, caring and generous indeed.
  • LadyJade007
    Interesting mytake. But I kinda disagree with British people not liking the American accent cuz people who are British that I’ve met don’t mind the accent
    • Really? fair enough :) I guess you have seen different types of British people ^_^
      I did put it on a disclaimer saying it is from my experience, not every English person is like this I am sure ;p

    Your country is pretty much the same as mines because you send your criminals here.

    Jerk lol
  • omgjassy
    Interesting too read. I might make one I don't know yet😛
    • You don't have to, but I would certainly appreciate it and I would make a big reply! <3 ^__^

    • (Doesn't know a lot about the Netherlands so a mytake on that would be pretty helpful and cool) ;p

    • omgjassy


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  • MelaninDoll
    saltiness one is true asf almost every brit i've met is like "salty"
  • dandee55
    So, you find foreigners interesting, just not their accent (if they're from the US).
    I think Brits like to make fun of the southern US accent, which is kind of ironic because the "southern" accent basically comes from the British Isles (I think mostly Ireland though).
  • Philyouup
    Irish accents are as diverse and share a lot of the same idiosyncrasies as Britain., one, is the disdain to be asked to say something just so you can here me poxy fecking accent. if you Say "Say, "Where's me Lucky Charms"", i'll box the gob of your mug. And YES we have Christmas in Ireland.. and no we don't have fucking 4th of July outside of a date on the calendar!
  • SirRexington
    You'll flock foreigners as long as they aren't Americans right? Because that seems to be what you said.

    If someone wants to fight me over a silly hand gestures then you guys have problems. Also, what if I'm saying"two" as in the number two?

    Who the fuck drinks out of another person's straw anywhere? Unless they are like best friends or family or something. Same thing with dipping and the fork. Who the actual fuck does that?

    Also, we had a student move here from Sussex and I told her I was from Mansfield, I knew the cockney access and used it whenever she was around. People found it amusing so they never told her. Eventually I did and she thought I was doing an American accent. It was hilarious and it boosted my ego.
    • Actually we will flock to Americans too, it's just we dislike some, SOME of their accents,
      If you are saying "Two" then you do so with your palm facing the person.
      Thank you! It is just something I felt like needed to be mentioned.

  • ElvenMr
    Not a single word about the weather? And how you Brits like to talk about the weather as casual chatter? :)
    • Funnily enough I only forgot to do that because the weather at the time was sunny so I didn't consider it :D But yes, we do love to complain about weather most the time

  • LonelyGuy87
    ... you still own a piece of land from Ireland which you stole. You forgot to mention that. SorryNotSorry.
    • I don't mention them because I have no objection to them leaving or staying <3

    • Ok. But that land is Ireland it should be made part of the republic.

    • I have no argument against that and if I was in power I would let them be but I don't have that power :(

  • jacquesvol
    You forgot one IMPORTANT point: how expensive it is.
    • We aren't that expensive! :D

    • We planned and scrapped three times a week long trip to London.
      When we calculated the cost of it we went to Rome, Paris and Berlin.

  • Bananaman177
    My favorite fact about Britain:

    The British Royal Family are from Transylvania. They changed their name to "Windsor" to sound more British. And every single US President has been related to this family!

    Don't you wish Napoleon had won at Waterloo now?
  • CindyRuns
    I'm an American who loves visiting the UK !!!

    My last trip was to Cambridge for work !!!

    Now only if you kept your beer cold !!!
    • Philyouup

      The Warm beer myth! Having sat in more than a few locals.. The "Warm beers" are called "hand pulled ales" that are kept at about 52f or 11c , so yeah, in comparison to refrigerated beer, I recon you could call them warm. But I never had a warm, Big Brew beer, not even accidentally. Besides, who could even get Bud, Coors or Miller past your lips if they are not nearly frozen..

    • CindyRuns

      @Philyouup -- by the way, I'll agree with you on most mass market beers from the US... they're pretty bad. While I'm not a big beer drinker, when I do have beer, I generally prefer one of several local ones that are actually pretty good.

      I generally like what I drink to either be hot (coffee or tea), or quite cold, soda, beer, chardonnay.

    • Philyouup

      you'd like the super chilled Guinness then! :)

  • zagor
    Actually I went with a British girl and she loved my "American accent".
    • I don't mean to say EVERY American accent, I am sure you have varying accents, I just put "American" because I don't know what part of the US the accent is from -__- But yes, there will also be British people who like American accents but meh.

  • Silver158
    Title of the take mentioned Britain but the take talks specifically about England... There's unfortunately more to Britain than just England.
    • I'm talking about my area (I don't want to give bad information about areas I have little experience with)

  • JustCallMeLeon
    I actually read this with an engish accent in my head. Nice one.
  • Joker8
    Would you recommend I go to college in your country?
  • HereIbe
    Are you really so bigoted that you think Americans (and other countries' people) don't have rules of "Don't use someone else's straw"; "Don't share a fork without permission"; and "No double dipping"?
  • TheFlak38
    You forgot one of the most important ones:

    First EU country to become an Islamic Caliphate.
    • What exactly do you mean by this though?
      (Won't make any arguments until I know what you mean)

  • ChronicThinker
    Interesting. I'd like to see some of this myself.
  • englisc
    I don't mind the American accent.
  • mishanw_1071
    oof... what do you think of Canadians?
    • i like Canadian girls... love them

    • I LOVE Canadians ^_^ I love how every Canadian I have ever met is so polite it is unreal and they even say that in their country they are polite :3 I love Canada :)

    • aw, glad to hear it :)

  • bubbatxman
    So where’s best shepherd’s pie?
    • Hmm? The best shepherds pie most likely comes from farmer areas or grocery stores as they often sell them, but you can make your own as well and that is good too :)

      Our family has a special recipe for our Shepherd pie :)

  • Eternallylucky
    so complicated
  • abundantlyrich
    I don't understand some of the thicker accents
    • Yeah, some strong accents just bother me, but American seems to be a trigger I guess :/

    • Just get a Scotsman drunk...

  • VixenRach
    Nice take, as a Brit I approve 😂
  • Nice take
  • WeirdoWerdo
    Fake news
  • LegateLanius
  • CT_CD
  • red_knight
    Just the best
  • Muhammad1999
    you forgot the big football clubs man
    • we aren't overly sporty but I guess that is there too to a degree :)

    • i like Manchester City xD

    • I'm not a sport person but I know of them just like I know of other team names :D

  • disgustingweebtrash
    I am from the same country
  • laughinglad999
    l hate the uk l am from scotland
    • I'm sorry to hear that, not all of us are horrible, I personally like the Scottish, welsh and Irish, I'm sure it's one sided though for personal reasons :'(

    • its not the people l like the people its that lot in downing street london they cheat us in scotland

    • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, I wasn't aware of that, I don't live in London so I didn't know :'(

  • Anonymous
    Awesome I should visit
  • Anonymous
    You forgot one: British guys are hot af
  • Anonymous
    Ouch. Americans have different accents as well..
    • I'm sorry! I didn't mean all of the US, I just don't know the exact area that the accent comes from, I know it's American but I don't know the original location in America :'( I'm sorry!

    • Anonymous

      Do you guys hate Americans? If so why? I know a guy who moved here from Liverpool and he says they hate us. He also said we speak slang.

    • I don't hate Americans as a whole, I just dislike SOME of their accents, I guess I also dislike the larger dishes that they have :/

  • Anonymous