Is The "Millennial Disease" Just the Inevitable Product of The Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations?

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If you were born roughly between the late 80's and the 2000's, you've most likely at some point heard of the term Millennial Generation/Generation Z used to describe that newest crop of kids born after Generation Y, X, and the Baby Boomer Generation. Millennials have also unfortuantely been the topic of much negative attention as they are frequently also described as lazy, narcissistic, entitled individuals who don't care about much in terms of the real important life/death issues of the world. I'm not necessarily saying that is true for this entire generation, but if it were true, wouldn't this so called apathetic millennial disease just be the inevitable product of the tireless work and hopes and dreams of previous generations?

The Baby Boomer generation was the product of a few generations before them which were met with some incredible hardships--war, disease, dust bowls, market crashes, battles for civil rights, inflation, you name it. They had a tough life, many of them, and they dug in their heels and taught the generation that came after them, the Baby Boomers, what hard work was about, what loss was about, what working together to make a country one that you could be proud of, was about. Nothing in life, as they knew, came to you for free, you had to work for it. So the baby boomers took that to heart and did what every single generation before has done, which is promise that the new generation that would come after them, would not have to suffer like they suffered, and that they would help them move that much further in this world than they did. This cycle of wanting better for the next generation and wanting things to be much easier than the previous generation continued. Match that with not having things like drafts, better education, and more rights for individuals....I bring you the Millennial set.

Is The "Millennial Disease" Just the Inevitable Product of The Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations?

They have it easy as compared to previous generations, technically as they should, given this cycle of wanting better for the next generation, and the next, and the next. Those very people who complain about this particular generation have in fact created the monster. Technology has made literally everything easy straddled with being a generation built on the landfills of rampant consumerism and expendable monies and incomes. More and more parents are buying expensive cell phone and internet plans, first cars for, and allowing adult children to move back home. Most everything is set up to be either convenient, easy, or fast or all three and social media has made it an art form, one that can actually be very lucrative, for those narcissists out there, and now...and now, some people complain.

With the giving over of something like a cell phone, a kid has the world at his or her fingertips. Kids can know, see, and do anything they want in an internet world meaning more and more these days that there is less and less influence from parent to kid, and couple that with parents who are either single parents, or a two income household that have to work all the time...the former generations ideas of family time have almost completely fallen by the wayside. I mean how many times a week do you, or your family have dinner together sitting down at a table, having important life discussions?

Is The "Millennial Disease" Just the Inevitable Product of The Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations?

One of the scary things about this is that progress is not retroactive. With more and more pushes in science and technology to make a world where we are basically not needed anymore (self checkout, video surveilance, smart homes, missels that can be fired from a base not even in the same country they are deployed in, etc.), we are slowly and systematically eliminating our jobs and the need for us or the new generation to work them in favor for more time, leisure, and otherwise, making ourselves obsolete. Seriously, did anyone see Wall-E? That was pretty much a documentary on our future, a future we are willingly going along with and creating as we speak.

Is The "Millennial Disease" Just the Inevitable Product of The Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations?
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  • nalaa
    "taught the generation that came after them, the Baby Boomers, what hard work was about, what loss was about..." --- actually they made sure that their kids would never go through the same kind of hardships. They cushioned them.
    Baby boomers made life comfortable for themselves and ruined the economy, environment and country in the process.

    The baby boomers are likely to be the first generation that is better off than it's children. And that's because they are destroying all the securities and privileges their parents fought hard for.
    If I had a penny for every-time I hear some middle aged dude, who had a comfortable union job all his life say that he is anti union, because they destroy the economy. Baby Boomers inherited one of the best economies in history and they're leaving us with one of the worst. They did NOT do a good job. They devoured a lot of economic opportunity without bothering to preserve it. I don't know if they wanted better for us, they certainly didn't succeed in it

    " two income household that have to work all the time" take a history class. That was the norm throughout most of history. A one income family was always a privilege for a select few. With the exception of one generation. The baby boomers, but they didn't manage to preserve it

    So I don't know exactly what complaints they have about our generation but they should take a look in the mirror. Because yes of course children are the product of their parents. And they're also the result of circumstance and contrary to our parents, we didn't get a very good hand. A situation that they maybe can't relate to, because they've never been there., so they complain.

    Don't get wrong. I totally get there were generations that have had it worse than we do, but in relation to our parents, we ARE going backwards
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  • OlderAndWiser
    In addition to the other criticisms, you also apparently don't take responsibility for your own actions and inactions. What a surprise!
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    • BeeNee

      Did you read this take? That is precisely what I have said. We, as in generations before the current one, create the problems for the new and then we essentially blame them for it. It's like if you never teach your kid to do his or her own laundry, then the kid grows up and brings his laundry home to you to do every weekend... how can you as that kids parent, then solely blame that kid for his or her inability?

    • Yes, I read it. Every generation is the product of the preceding generation so whatever is wrong with generation 92 can be blamed on generation 91; whatever is wrong with generation 91 can be blamed on generation 90. When do people take responsibility for themselves?

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  • milightman
    There are a lot of sentiments stating this about my generation. That we in fact have it easier than the previous. But it turns out we're having it harder than the baby boomers. We're going to be the first generation with the largest debt in the history of U. S. in a poor job market. The first generation to have to deal with the largest deficit in U. S history. The first generation to confront an environmental disaster. All of the opportunities the baby boomers had are gone. All caused by the great generation we praise so much.

    To get things straight, the sentiment is primarily towards my generation as kids and young adults. All of the points made are accurate but leave out consideration when we become adults that we're struggling, a lot! The only generation to have an educated populous, only to be unemployed or underemployed, with an average debt of $40,000+.

    Before we turn to the mellenials and say we're the worst. Look at who was actually in charge before us and how they did. You can't grade a generation on how they're coming up but how they leave a legacy.
    • BeeNee

      The blame game is a cyclical one. The past just doesn't get it, but neither does the future, and on down the line. Each new generation is going to be saddled with the problems and errors from the past one, and they will chose to recover from it, work with it, or make it better for themselves and future generations which is why I think you've said it best at the end. What legacy will you leave or will I leave?

      I think each generation tends to focus on themselves in this bubble. We have all the problems. We have it the worst. The problems are just different and unique to each generation, but ultimately its going to be how we deal with them and make changes hopefully for the better.

  • genuinlysensitive
    You forgot to mention how the Baby boomers saddled future generations with massive debt, outsourced many of the good jobs THEY supported their families on to China, and elsewhere, cut public school funding to the point where most public schools are just day care centers, bailed out Wall St. after they crashed the stock market, set medicare on a path to bankruptcy, leaving us with, unless you are a millionaire, the crappiest economy and lowest chance to succeed since the great depression. Not to mention feeding their children high sugar, high processed food with little to no nutritional value, leading to epidemics of obesity, diabetes, depression, etc. Not to mention Baby Boomers are typically both working 40+ hours a week or they are retired and living somewhere else, so there is little to no family time.

    It is not changes in science and technology, its incompetent management from food, to economy, to preparing the next generation to succeed as they did.

    Baby Boomers were handed the best public education system in the world, the biggest and best economy in the world, a strong social economic safety net that included medicare and social security, not of their own doing, BUT OF THE PREVIOUS GENERATION'S careful planning for the future to ensure their success. They took it, destroyed the public education system, even as jobs demand more and more specialized education "wasteful spending", outsourced many of the jobs they worked at for 30+ years to save money for a handful of corporations while leaving us with unprecedentedly low purchasing power "economic progress", Saddled us with the bill for two unnecessary wars "patriotism", and are already talking about dismantling Medicare and Social Security, but ONLY for future generations because THEY NEED THEIRS!

    So I say we need to stop blaming ourselves, like the Baby Boomers do, and come to grips with reality. Instead of following in their parents footsteps and ensuring the next generation succeeds, they did they exact opposite. They sold us and our future out for a quick buck.
    • Jager66

      Agreed, Baby Boomers are the worst generation to ever lived!

    • Jager66

      wow that was some bad typo's... I think you get my meaning though.

  • WhiteSteve
    My biggest gripe with the younger crowd is that they are COMPLETELY immersed in technology, like they'd be helpless without it. I get (probably irrationally😂) upset when I see kids out in a store or at a restaurant and they're just watching TV on some sort of device. We didn't have that shit when I was growing up. I was taught to shut the FUCK up and sit quietly at the table or in the shopping cart or whatever, until my parents were done. When I was sitting around watching TV or playing Nintendo on a nice day, I was told to shut it off and go outside and find a way to entertain myself. I didn't like it, but in retrospect, it was good for me.

    Now when I see anyone under 30, they're just glued to their phones CONSTANTLY. I used to manage a bar/restaurant staffed with mostly college kids, and literally the biggest problem was keeping them off their phones and working. And I wasn't a hard ass about it either, I'd just say to "keep it to the back room", and they couldn't even do that. They'd hide the phone in their apron pocket and literally be walking through the dining room in front of customers, texting with both hands in their apron pocket, as if everyone is an idiot and can't tell what they're doing. Truly unbelievable. And they acted like you were violating human rights to tell them not to. Very poor work ethic, on the whole. I realize it's a joke job they have in college, but if someone pays you money to do something a certain way, you do it on their terms, no questions asked.

    This generation acts like all you have to do is pout and stomp your feet and everything will go your way. It's like all these college protests going on, with the "safe spaces" and all that other nonsense. It's a joke. Protesting isn't new, but this generation is particularly maddening. They take one sociology class and suddenly they're "activists", but you just don't know shit about life yet at that age. I thought I knew it all too, but you find out later that you have no clue. If you don't like some policy or response to a problem at your school, no one has a gun to your head, withdraw and go somewhere else. It's not even that I disagree with some of the causes, it's more just this attitude that if you don't like something, all you have to do is make noise and everyone will fall all over themselves to accommodate you. And in the end, they'll just post pics of themselves protesting on fucking Instagram. Oh the irony...
    • You say, to this website.

    • WhiteSteve

      @ColinHarvey I'm not sure I'm clear on what you're getting at. Are you saying I'm contradicting myself by being on this website? I get that it's a form of social media, I'm not condemning social media as a whole, it's just that many people your age are OBSESSED with it. Like people will literally tell you how many Instagram followers they have, as if it's some point of pride. I know I'm an old dinosaur in your eyes, I thought that way too at 19, 30+ may as well have been 90, but now, barely a week into 37, I realize it's not really that old. At this phase of your life, 10 years seems like a long time, but it's really not. I'm not much different than I was 10 years ago, and I was living the dream back then, I was a rock star in the town I went to college in. Now I'm some Shmoe with a regular job, but I could turn my 26 year old self on in a heartbeat this weekend. And you wouldn't find me on any website in my 20s, I was out being awesome, haha. Maybe I misread your comment though.

    • No you didn't misread it, you did a lovely job, good clarification.

      Everyone should dump all forms of social media that isn't a forum. We have tailbones for god sakes we aren't ready for that type of communication. Read Ted Kaszinski

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  • QuestionMan
    Although the content was good, the massive amounts of grammar mistakes took away from the myTake. In the future please read over your work before posting since grammar is very important when it comes to comprehending the meaning and tone of the text.
    • BeeNee

      Actually communication takes place when the listener understands the message that the speaker intended to send. I missed a hyphen and misspelled 3 words. I'm sure if someone sent you a text that read "you're house is on fire," you wouldn't stop to say, I don't quite understand your meaning. From the comments, it's clear that the vast majority of people have understood my meaning, tone, and text, and since they too are humans who frequently make mistakes, I'm sure they can understand that people are allowed to make mistakes too. Cheers!

    • I understood what you wrote I never said I didn't but the grammar mistakes made it a lot less pleasant to read.

    • BeeNee

      This was unpleasant... for you. So I can go about my day then, thanks.

  • LJHam
    I was just pointing out to someone the other day that EVERY older generation thinks that the current younger generation is less. And I believe they are correct. With each passing decade freedoms grow, boundaries are pushed, power shifts. When I grew up in the 70s, I had way more toys to play with than my parents who grew up in the 40s. Today I look at children and can't imagine why they have nor need the piles of play things they possess. When my parents were kids, it was seriously frowned upon for a woman to leave the house with curlers in her hair. Now people leave the house to go shopping in their pajamas. If an unmarried woman got pregnant, she was considered the town whore. Today we have a reality TV about teenage moms because THAT'S considered entertainment (why I don't know).

    My point is, it's just a part of our culture, in at least the first world countries. I cannot speculate on other countries. Things change and evolve. Some for the better, some not so much. The older generations can waste their time bitching about the younger people, but that won't help anything. The best use of their energy is to lead by the example they want to see in kids.
  • meowcow
    This take is fairly accurate. Yes, the hard work of our parents and grandparents have created a comparatively luxurious lifestyle for Millenneals. A life without any real hardship beyond the ones that come with everyday life. Millennials have never complained about war, famine, the need to ration their resources, and so they never had to live a serious or responsible life. They complain about school, social media and the social injustices that they perceive such as expensive houses, lack of subsidized university tuition and internet bullying.

    Considering all the resources that millenials have at their fingertip with the development of computer technology, they have not utilized it to advance their potential. Instead, they've used technology to grow into 20-30 year olds playing video games, dressing up as video game characters and living in their parent's basement. No it doesn't apply to all millenials, but there are so many people who fit that description that it's very sad indeed.

    They lack responsibility and expect everything to be handed to them. If the gov't doesn't make university free... it's an injustice done to them. No thought or mention of working hard to pay off their own debt. If houses are too expensive, it's a social injustice done to them. If millennial adults without education are getting minimum wage, its a social injustice done to them, and they want $15/hr for their job for working in a job require no skill.

    It's quite a sad state indeed.
  • Darkfairie17
    Actually, the baby-boom generation really drove the whole consumerist culture. People wanted things, lots of things and they wanted them right now! No thoughts to the environment were given.

    Many young people today are much more environmentally conscious than previous generations. Recycling is actually a more modern practice. I've heard plenty of stories of my parents generation where they openly burned tires, threw trash on the highway (old couches, oil cans) and drove non-efficient, giant, gas guzzling cars. Today's vehicles are much more efficient than they were before, and we have many vehicles which are equipped now to not rely solely on gas, see electric cars.

    I am at the age where I am starting to look for housing. And most of the people my age are opting to not buy huge homes. We would rather have small bungalows which are less money in up-keep and less money to heat. There is actually a push for tiny homes, I'm quite fascinated by them.

    I don't think the millennial generation is as bad as what some people want to make you think it is. Many of this generation are very hard-working individuals. We are the most educated generation so far, and many people are very conscious of the world around them.

    We have embraced technology. which helps the free flow of information and ideas. It's an exciting time to be alive.

    We right now are dealing with inflation, just look at the cost of groceries. Market crashes, what happened with all of those bail outs (millennials are not making the decisions, boomers are! l Look at who's in charge!)? War, well we are fighting wars right now too. Who put these people in power? The boomers far outnumber the millennials!

    The problems previous generations faced are still being faced today. They just have different names and different people are involved. We've gone through several recessions over the last few decades. So it's not like everything is simply easy and smooth sailing for millennials.

    Many of the good paying jobs our parents had, disappeared. Just look at what happened in Detroit and the auto sector.

    Jobs were plentiful for the baby boom generation because the war stimulated our economy. This happens all the time after conflict.
    • Wow, I didn't realize I wrote an essay on this! And I have way more to type :P I just get sick of older people telling me my generation sucks.

      I'm 26 and I am probably at the older part of the millennial generation. Most of these problems were started while we were kids. The reason this generation has a bad rap is bc we are just coming to the point in our lives where we have the power to make changes.

      Don't judge the millennial generation just yet! We've only just begun to get started!

  • TwentySomething
    "Millennials are worthless"... Say the generations that: Ruined the economy, trashed the environment, trampled our rights, will leave us no social security, put us $30 TRILLION in debt, made it so the rest of the world hates the US, etc, etc, etc. AND EXPECTS US TO PAY FOR IT ALL. The only thing they've improved is average life span. Meaning we get to enjoy these winners living longer and making more brilliant decisions.

    The people who are burning Western civilization to the ground are calling us worthless, that's rich.

    You can suck on my big fat Millennial C***. You've ruined our future and the futures of everyone to follow. Fuck you.
    • Prof_Don

      As someone on this website said before,

      "If millennials are the worst generation ever, that means generation X were the worst generation of parents".

    • BeeNee

      Yes! You've understood the flaw in this type of argument quite well. How can the generations before complain about problems they've created? Precisely the point of all this.

    • "They're on their phones too much"
      Yeah, they're complaining about us being entitled and narcissistic. Who raised us? Who created the culture we were born into? Bunch of pompous cunts that thinks their shit doesn't stink.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    it's really funny how things change... or appear to. like, we are stupid. well, my mom is part of the baby boomers and can barely work a computer. she usually calls me 3 times a day just to figure out how to copy and paste something on her ipad. she stopped helping me after about 7th grade with my math homework cause she couldn't do it. for the record, my mom isn't dumb and is college educated. or that we're defiant. um, did the 60's and 70's ring a bell? woodstock counterculture? we are getting fat and lazy. maybe proportionally, but the average nfl linebacker is bigger than what a linemen was in the 70's and 80's... and can run a 4.5 40.

    what gets me is the lack of technology. yeah, it sucks in some respects, but with more technology, more information is to be expected. just think. 15 years ago, computer science was a 6 figure salary. the average high schooler can write a program now. people just like to use the "i walked uphill both ways in the snow" mentality. maybe some did, but funny how reality gets distorted and nostalgia overtakes what actually was. like, people like to think the 50s were great. family values, keeping up with the joneses. let's gloss over segregation, riots, the korean war, nuclear threats, sexism towards women, etc. but everyone likes to believe it was just like grease or hairspray without the parts about race.
    • SIGguy

      Same here, only my folks are Gen X.

  • hellionthesage
    I do think their are serious issues and yes they where caused by the previous generations and this generation is the response however parts of it are also due to juvenoia.
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Honestly, i think we have always been like this its just that technology has made it easier to see it. You didn't have facebook to see what people were doing in their lives. Humans have always been apathetic it was just hidden better back then. Well my lessons done.
  • MusicLover8098
    I am a late 90s millennial. Some people would consider me "generation z" or whatever, but I feel like I identify a lot more with the millennials than the new age kids. Anyways, its probably just a case of an older generation hating the younger generation. The baby boomers were a young generation once too. So were gen x.
  • Kuraj
    Yep, we should totally go back into the good old times.
    Just look at Middle East or Africa... they be living the dream of no education, consumerism and healthcare while shooting each other for the values that REALLY matter such as religion and racial hatred !
    • Clearly what we need in our world is the purity given to us by Islam

    • imanf7

      what a bunch of crap

    • @imanf7 I think Kuraj was being sarcastic and so was I

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  • AhGojira
    It's never that easy... Older generations control politics (government spending) and leadership of major corporations. They set the current agenda. The younger people find work were work can be had, and occasionally innovate, but will have no real impact on the agenda and culture of a nation for years to come.
    • AhGojira

      Average age for S&P 500 CEO = 55
      Average age of House Rep = 57
      Average age of Senator = 62
      President = 54
      Average Supreme Court Justice = 70

    • AhGojira

      Millennials are little more than pawns in the system right now.

    To be honest, I blame Generation X. They were the last era of prosperity what with Clinton and the fastest growing economy in American history, yet very few of them chose to go to college or better themselves and now we have a generation of disgruntled almost-40 year olds who are jealous that Millennials are at least taking responsibility by getting educated and working our lives out.
    • BeeNee

      actually I think the new generation is the first to "have to" go to college. We can of course argue the necessity of it, but the reality is, a high school diploma is almost laughable now as the highest form of education one has. The thing of it all is, every generation past is going to harp on the new, and every new generation is going to harp on the past, but what I do, what my parents did, what their parents did effect the new generation, and what you do will both positively and negatively, effect your kids, and on down the road.

  • tyber1
    Lol older generations are burning western civilization to the ground but we're the problem?
  • pervertedjester
    I always leaned towards this being the future of mankind
    Still very well written Take.
    • Johnagain

      Saw that movie
      Loved it... accurate in many ways. Sorry.

      Yours truly,

  • ColinHarvey
    Millennials are no different than any other generation. In the eighties, the people bitching about millennials now were the same people getting bitched about then. The boomers had it way worse than millennials, growing up as hippies.
    • SIGguy

      Well, yeah. America was just coming out of the McCarthy era, people got arrested for just about anything. Jeez, why do you think a picture of Bernie Sanders getting hauled away to jail exists?

  • MasterofPlebs
    I am a millennial, and I personally believe that you are exaggerating greatly as to the effects of materialism, consumerist capitalism and technology on us.

    I use technology to learn, and because I have technology I have a great grasp on philosophy, geography, linguistics, history, politics and the world around me. Technology as a means of unlocking human knowledge and experience is not a negative, it´s a positive. It´s in fact a better reality than the one that existed in the 1980s when getting a lot of garbage that you don´t need was ALL life was about. Now, people can learn anything and everything with a click. That´s a more full and worthy life of a human person.
    • BeeNee

      I said, "I'm not necessarily saying that is true for this entire generation." What cannot be argued no matter which way you spin it, is the fact that, this generation does have it much easier than previous generations for the very reasons you list. Anyone, college degree or not, can hop on to the internet and find knowledge at their fingertips. Contrast that with a poor person, a woman, or a minority, etc. trying to do the same in the earlier parts of the 20th century where these were rights that people literally had to fight and die for. Not asking you to apologize for the past which you did not exist in, but acknowledge the truth in that generations hardships as compared to your own. Aside from that, you cannot pretend that the internet is solely used for educational purposes as it might have been when I was a kid. It might be used for enrichment purposes for yourself, but how many people just use it to play video games or shop or post selfies all day. Two sides to every coin.

    • Hardships? Hardships exist today as well. And if human beings were just a little bit smarter, oh I don´t know, a few thousand years earlier, then we´d be in the stars already. I don´t understand this critique. It´s my fault because people are too lazy or stupid to develop technology and learn things about science?

    • BeeNee

      I am really unsure why it is, you are upset. You've made some of my point with your own first comment. Plus the core of my argument is that those 'blaming' this generation for being all the negative words they associate with it, need to actually consider that they have in effect created some of the problems they associate with this generation, themselves. And about this..."people are too lazy or stupid to develop technology and learn things about science..." then why haven't you personally gone to Mars or anyone in your generation right here and right? Are you lazy and stupid? That doesn't really hold any weight considering that the development of technology and innovations in science does not just happen over night and the reason we have a space center now that people can go to, is the culmination of years of brilliant work by people of many generations.

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  • chc0009
    I'm a millennial and I don't buy much of that stuff. I usually spend my money on metal and industrial music concerts and clothes.

    I live home with my parents, but to save money, since this economy has been wrecked badly by Ronald Reagan and the Bushes.
  • Blackcat89
    It used to be a such thing as the American dream. My generation has gotten the short end of the stick. Yes we have technology and yes we have knowledge at our fingertips. But we also have the worst health. Thanks to GMOs and high fructose corn syrup. No matter how hard we try. Most of us even with the degrees are unemployed or underemployed. So I'm not really trying to hear about how my generation is the worst generation.
  • joe138
    1. my generation is always glued to there phones and tablets.
    2. in my school about 75% of the people in there were communists and feminists. the other 25% was anarchists, libertarians, and general freedom fighters.
    3. my gen. is running right to trump. (facepalm)
    4. we are doing some good. that is those of us that are taking the right path.
  • Minxxie
    People always find complaints about the newer generations, people complained about my parents when they were young, and their parents when they were young, and people will complain about every single generation to come. I don't know why people do it, maybe they are jealous of youth but I am going to try my best not to complain about the next generations when I get old. The thing is that the baby-boomers stuck us with a terrible economy, kept electing to raise tuition, and invented the unpaid internship. So sometimes it feels like my generation is doomed, most of us will never own a house because the housing market is so inflated, no matter how hard we work. But this is the hand we were dealt and we have to fight and work harder.
  • Mesonfielde
    >>> .. the former generations ideas of family time have almost completely fallen by the wayside. I mean how many times a week do you, or your family have dinner together sitting down at a table, having important life discussions?

    You may ask that, but if the families whining about how their children don't want to even bother talking to their parents weren't completely dysfunctional, maybe their children would actually trust their parents with problems and seek their advice rather than write anonymous questions on the internet asking random strangers whom they seem to trust more than their own parents.

    The internet allows people to have access to information that people a few years ago couldn't even think of. This is why atheism is more and more prevalent; people are no longer forced by their immediate surroundings to be part of a cult and live on in ignorance. I've seen this somewhere and it was really smart: "in the age of information, ignorance is a choice".
  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Interesting take - My view on each generation is that they are the result of their parents generation - For example the baby boomers and hippies would have been born to people who grew up in wartime or post war hardship/politics so they were either drawn to or encouraged to think about free love and peace almost to the exclusion of the real world - Millennial children would have been born to people who grew up in 60s and 70s so I am not surprised there is a bit of capitalist nihilism and self centredness to the point that the individual becomes so important they become generic in a McDonalds moulded world - If my theory holds then parents of 2020 onwards will think about the world they were raised in which essentially was a spiritual vacuum and they may tend to lean towards true individualism in a world more full of creative and self aware types in a society where somebody who wants to explore the flaws in society and peoples' behaviour is listened to not described as "butthurt",
  • kat_gran
    Well, there is always the stupid generation that uses what they have to continue sharing their stupidity. Then there is the smart generation that uses their tools to share their creativity. It's a matter of which you look at, sure, a lot of millenials are a bunch of dumb set of kids who still need to grow up. But sure, are also millenials now the hot topic of innovation, creativity, travel, learning, growth, spirituality etc... What are you looking at? and what is it that you are contributing to? That should be the question every millennial needs to ask themselves.
    • BeeNee

      That's part of the ongoing issue with labeling any large and diverse group as being "one thing." You can't, because there are people as you describe who are solving the world's issues, and those that are doodling in the corners of history and have no sense of urgency in wanting to do for themselves or others, or change anything for the better.

    • kat_gran

      I think there is not much difference between this generation and the previous ones.. The only difference is that actually NOW we get to know about it! all the stupidity and ignorance that goes on as well as all the innovation that is being created, while previously we did not have such easy access. Same game, different players, new screens. That is all.

    • BeeNee

      Fair point.

  • ChromAzonyx108
    "Nothing in life, as they knew, came to you for free, you had to work for it. So the baby boomers took that to heart"

    Hard work may have paid off back then but today it doesn't apply as much when many people find themselves working more and getting less in return. It's all about the bottom line now even if that means sacrificing quality. For example:

    One problem between any set of generations is that they don't factor in that things won't stay the same; what holds true today may not be so applicable in the future.
  • RandomPerson1324
    Despite my age, I am not part of this generation of pussies and computer nerds...

    I was born in 1987...
  • UtopianLobotomy
    Wow, great Take. No Solutions?
  • Littlemiss16
  • Anonymous
    Unfortunately I was born in 1991... so I'm a fuckin' millenial... I really-really hate it I wish I was a baby boomer... not to mention best musicians were baby boomers... it's not a coincidence right? Ya should've mentioned dat as well...

    And those guys ya posted in yer pics above... they just disgust me... I don't even share same looks wid 'em... it's a shame to belong into da same generation as those fags...

    Phones and Internet have fucked up millenial generation... look how internet has destroyed everything and being on it has became essential... also look how shy people found internet as an easy way out instead of workin' out their shyness...

    And see how fuckin' phones have destroyed live concerts...

    I won't rant anymore... but I curse ma bad luck being born in 1991 and not 30-35 years earlier...

    Also "progressive technophiliacs" or however they call themselves I don't know... they can simply suck ma dick...
  • Anonymous
    The baby boomers are the most self entitled generation thats ever walked this planet. They used debt to create masses of pointless government jobs. Gave themselves all amazing pensions and retired at 50 after 25 years of working. the average pensioner in the uk is now more well off than a person in work. they even got to go to uni for free.
  • Anonymous
    As a millennial myself, my entire family is always on my back about how my generation is stupid. My parents are the worst for it though. They always went on about how they wanted me to have a better life than they did growing up, so they babied me my entire life. I left home at 17 to go to college and failed, I had no idea how to be on my own and I was so scared because I realized then, I had no idea how to do the simplest of life tasks. I didn't know how to cook, clean, do laundry, I had no idea what taxes were, yet my parents thought I was going to be absolutely fine out on my own.
    Now I'm 21, and my parents are still nagging on me about how I failed at life, when in reality I think I was set up for failure since before I was born.
    • Prof_Don

      If our generation is terrible and stupid, that mean our parents' generations are terrible parents.

    • "I didn't know how to cook, clean, do laundry, I had no idea what taxes were, yet my parents thought I was going to be absolutely fine out on my own."

      This kind of stuff isn't usually taught in schools. Some parents may think that school will prepare you for life on your own - far from it. Parents have to step in and teach their kids too. I agree with @Prof_Don 's comment

  • Anonymous
    Generation Y is the millennial generation. Those born after the early 2000s are generation Z.