September's Editor of the Month Announced: Who Caught Our Eye This Time?

It's time once again to honor one of our hard-working Editors with the monthly award. :)

If you're unfamiliar, the Editor of the Month is the one who impressed us most with their content, generating good-quality pieces that get a solid reaction from the community and are worth spreading outside the site. As all Editor myTakes are automatically Promoted, we like to see just how many they've written, and how many of those Takes were ultimately Featured. But we also like to see how much overall effort was expended; those who write longer pieces that take more time, for example, don't go unnoticed.

Last month, it went to @MissMc3 and for the month of September, the winner is:


This Editor has been consistent for a while, and is typically in the running most months. September was a cut above, though, because we started to see different types of Takes, and the amount of time and effort put into every piece was obvious. That's why Defecation wins a $25 Amazon gift card, and here are three of our favorite Takes of his in September:

7 Reasons Why I Dislike Women Who Believe Guys MUST Pay On the First Date

7 Reasons Why I Believe the Younger Generation is Incapable of Raising Kids

10 Reasons Why Being An Adult is Better Than Being a Kid

Furthermore, he has written lots of music-based myTakes with a ton of media and information, and there are even a few fiction pieces as well.Variety, combined with consistency, is always a big selling point for us, if you haven't noticed. ;) And as always, we like to give a shout-out to other Editors who performed well during the month, so here's the list of writers worthy of a nod for September:



















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  • How convenient that he thought he was getting it last month and he gets it this month. Maybe that'll work for me next month. Probably not. I don't see Editor in my future for much longer.

    Congrats tho. I guess writing lists about what you hate goes a long way.


    • Didn't you win it already?

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    • @Luci92 @RainbowFanGirl I've been here for 2 years come November. I've been writing Takes since I got here. Before the Editor badge was even a thing. But there's a reason why I haven't even reached 100 written in almost 2 years. Because I can't just write anything. I go through writer's block. Life happens. I can't crank out 30 Takes in a month. I wrote 10 this month and thought I was doing something. I wanna say 9 out of 10 were featured. I don't write to win awards, but it'd damn sure be nice to win. Quantity won this month. That much is clear. And I pretty much just gave up my Editor status, so best of luck to you ladies. โค

    • Ahh I'm so sorry to hear that Char, but I totally get where you're coming from. <3 best of luck to you too

Most Helpful Guy

  • Thanks a lot man, and also thanks to lizziepooh03 and YourFutureEx for the mention too.

    (I knew there would be lots of mean comments by the way... well nevermind)

    PS: Readeyemindtricks, I can spend my gift card even if I live in Sahara. Only costs are higher, depending on where you live.

    • Even if I sometimes disagree with your viewpoints on things, congrats!

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    • Also stop acting like people are being mean to you when they are not, this is the internet, and no one is being as remotely a harsh as the internet usually is.

    • *Remotely as harsh

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  • "Variety, combined with consistency, is always a big selling point for us"

    lol you mean quantity over quality.

    Tell me why I'm not surprised your "favorites" are negative.

    • Read comment above.

      I also fail to see how we can give Editor of the Month to someone who writes 5 takes as opposed to someone who writes 35. Quantity doesn't count for everything but it makes zero sense if it counts for nothing. :)

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    • Real talk ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • @YourFutureEx That is the truth about it all. I tried to have the same discussion you've mentioned here, about a different topic related to site rules with another member this week, explaining specifically #1. If you sign up for something, especially something free that you aren't paying for, you aren't in charge of, and no one is holding you here---you can't really demand anything or expect something in return.

      The mere fact that several people are mentioning those who write quality in a positive light should tell them something--that what they are writing is doing what it is intended to do, which is inspire people, create a feeling, hark back to good memories, touch them in some way, etc. That should be the true meaning to them because the reverse is that people don't like what you write, don't care, and it doesn't have any impact.

  • Hell yes! I made the list!

  • I'm never going to win this. ๐Ÿ˜ช I try so hard every month and I always fall short.

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    • @redeyemindtricks The person only appears as anonymous to the community if he or she so chooses; the username is still in existence. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

      If the author doesn't wish the username displayed, fine. I do encourage all Editors to allow people to see their username but if they don't want to, that's okay and it certainly doesn't entirely invalidate a body of work. That's just... nonsensical.

    • Oh well. Congratulations to Defecation ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Ummm... when I click on the links it shows these topics as being posted by "anonymous" so I think you may have just outed @defecation.

    Maybe this is another reason to consider not allowing people to post anonymously. Just saying... lol!

    • PS: Great topics, @defecation. I can see why you won. Well earned. :)

    • The author was asked permission for showing the username in this announcement myTake.

    • @Fathoms77 I am glad to hear that. Sincerely, I mean that. I never would want you or me to out someone that wants to be anonymous even if I do not agree with the policy of having anonymous posting.

      Even if it means I have to give up my "gotcha" about not having anonymous posting. lol! I sooooo thought I had you there. :p

  • Congrats @Defecation

  • Congratulations to the winner!
    Thank you for the mention! =)

  • Congrats to Everyone who is Editor Here, dear, for their Hard Work and Great Works!! xx

  • Oh is that klaatu51 ๐Ÿ˜

  • Doesn't he live in a country where there are no amazon cards? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ LOL

  • Yay I made it to the list! WOOP WOOP ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฝ thanks! And congrats to everyone else

  • I'm on the list... Yay!

  • tGood post

  • Thanks for the mention :)

  • Congratulations! :D

  • Congrats


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