8 Insane Ways To Get High

Insane Ways To Get High

1. Drinking a bottle of hand sanitizer

A large bottle of hand sanitizer has the same amount of alcohol as 32 shots of vodka!

It's a very cheap and deadly buzz, As surprisingly, You can poison yourself very easily by chugging hand sanitizer. You can't just drink a drop, You have to drink a whole bottle, Or at least half depending on the size to get fuckered up.

Luckily for the kids who try this, Alcohol and soap upset the living hell out of the stomach, So they will probably hork right away.

And in Russia, the rising cost of hooch has forced many desperate drunkards to look into 'substitute' liquor like aftershave and cleaning agents to get their drank on. That shit will kill you fast :/

Any product that contains ethanol but is not meant to be consumed qualifies as surrogate alcohol.

2. Butt Chugging

The art of ingesting alcohol directly through one's rectum. AKA an alcohol enema. You can either use a tube and funnel or stick the bottle directly in your butthole and pour it down.

Either is highly not recommended.

I have also heard of girls soaking their tampons in vodka to get messed up.Also not a good idear.

3. Flashblooding (also called flushblood)

A method that involves one person shooting up on heroin, And then his friends drawing out that motherf*cker's blood and injecting in into themselves to share his 'ride'.

A whole new meaning to the word blood brothers!

4. Drinking Pee

The Fly agaric mushroom, Scientific name: Amanita muscaria, Is the most iconic mushroom in history because it is highly hallucinogenic.

This 'magic' mushroom has the ability to pass through the digestive system and still maintain its psychotropic properties.

Shamans from several tribes in Siberia use it to enter a trance state, But since the Shaman is the only one allowed to eat the mushroom, The other members of the tribe drink his urine to get high.

These mushrooms are highly toxic if not eaten safely.

5. Giving yourself a swirly

Sticking your head in a toilet and flushing it a few times will give you a high feeling, It's the combination of blood rushing to your head and holding your breath so you don't drown that does this.

6. Choking yourself

You can use your hands or a rope of some kind, Get it as tight as possible around your neck to induce a state of total euphoria (just remember to loosen it before it's too late).

7. Drinking fresh dog piss

Doing this will cause you to vomit so fast and with such force that you will get a massive head rush and feel high as a mug.

Dog urine also supposedly lowers heart-attack risk, who knew.

8. Sticking your head in a gas stove (oven?????)

The fumes from the gas will get your high, Breathing in too much will get you dead.

*Don't do this

The craziest I remember doing was huffing carburetor cleaner in shop class, Or the time I crushed up Tylenol and sniffed them, Thought I would never get that nasty taste out of my nostrils and throat.

I'm outtie 5000...........#WeirdHighs


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  • I'd say this is going to give at least one person the perfect bad idea.
    Poor drunks who can only afford Listerine. :c


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  • This is just horrible as soon as I was about to title one of them as the worst you managed to continue to surprise me -__-

  • I feel like a hybrid butt chugging twerking thing is a fetish or competition. Imma go look that up now

  • Lol I shouldn't really be sharing this but there was a myth that went around my school that by putting burts bees chapstick on your eyelids you get high. i have tried it. doesn't work. it only makes you seem like your high because the peppermint oil from the chapstick gets into your eyes.

  • My God, so crazy. I love this take.

  • How do people even figure out this stuff?

  • At my hospital, people come in and steal the hand sanitizers because of that.

  • I laughed, good take


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  • What da fuck?

    Don't write stuff like this. It is funny, but some idiot will actually try it and you know it. And someone will die in the process.

    This is dangerous for idiots.

  • Ethanol, the alcohol that's found in alcoholic drinks is what is in many non-drinkable alcohol products. The problem is, manufacturers CONTAMINATE the ethanol with methanol (which is tasteless and will blind and kill you) and other foul tasting substances so that you don't drink it.

  • 3. how to get aids faster.

  • LOL... can't stop laughing... cool take