My Other Name is Ms. Clumsy!

I think most of you might know someone in your surrounding that is really clumsy..(like REALLY CLUMSY).....what inspired me to write this take is that earlier today i broke a class of water (and honestly I don't know how this happened LOL it was on the table next to me) this take i'd like to share how it feels like to be a clumsy person :p

my other name is clumsiness !

my other name is "walking mess" LOL ;)

1. walking in heels...or walking in general

just imagine walking around and just stumbling -_-


happened to me before

3.front teeth

this meme explains it....

4.Dropping ma phone

happens especially when i am charging LOL ends up looking errr clumsy

i know...terrible result


GAGers how clumsy are you?

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  • Eh. I'm semi-clumsy. BUT it's always at the absolute worst moments. lol

    I can run in heels pretty smoothly and I'm really proud of that. Solid run, not a sprint.

    However, when I was on a date earlier this year, and he was walking me up to my front door.. What do I do? Stumble because I over-shot the next step.

    Otherwise, I'm not too bad. Although, my sister is... So, I know where you're coming from. :l


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  • Love this mytake it's very funny.

  • Psychology teaches that there is no such thing as being clumsy and writing this take calling yourself clumsy is the only thing hindering you. You're only clumsy when you start believing it and notice all your mistakes.


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