I'm an insane person with multiple personalities!

I'm an insane person with multiple personalities!

It started when i was about 8 years old. I would lay in bed at night imagining myself as someone else, usually characters from cartoons or movies id seen. I had acessed what i later learned was "lucid dreaming". It's a state of almost dreamlike, highly realistic imagination that i could control and mold however i wanted. From the time i got comfortable in bed till i finally fell asleep, i was someone else doing far more interesting and amazing things.

I'm an insane person with multiple personalities!
You may be thinking "so you were a kid who had a vivid imagination. Big deal. didn't we all at that age?"

True enough maybe, but where normal people discovered their own distinct identities as they grew older, i never did. On this site alone I've made over 50 accounts, each time intricately crafting my persona and researching information to play the part. I've been everything from 60 year old men to 14 year old girls. I've been gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, and I've sexted with dozens of people on here leaving them oblivious to the truth that the person the other end looked nothing like what they assumed. I've been right wing rednecks, and progressive democrats, people from countries I've never even been to. One of my favorites was a girl named Kuke Xangpah from Nepal. I've made mytakes supporting abortions and mytakes declaring it wicked. I've written mytakes on things my physical body has never experienced, yet through research and imagination my characters have felt them for me in a real way. Injuries, family situations, sexual experiences, etc.

On other sites and forums I've been athiests who have deep conversations with christians, sometimes i craft the flow of the dialogue and allow myself to be led to belief in god, other times i convert them away from their beliefs. Unfortunately i can't actually tell you whether any of us were right or wrong😂

Some of my personalities and characters i revisit from time to time, sometimes they fade away and return after years have passed.

Im not sure where im even going with this other than to admit that i am certifiably insane, though no one can tell by looking. Whoever i truly am has been distorted and changed by the thousands of people I've created with my mind and everything they've been through.

Thanks for reading.

I'm an insane person with multiple personalities!
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  • StarlightNights
    I'm a graduate Psychologist, and I can certifiably tell you that you are not insane. In fact, quite the opposite. Your intricate understanding of all these different personalities shows that you have a very high emotional intelligence. Sometimes it's hard to "function", if you will, in manners that you might consider "normal". However, I can definitely recommend you to cannel this emotional and creative energy into something that stimulates you and that you are passionate about. Try sitting down and writing a detailed fictional story. One where you can incorporate all these characters and ideas that you have, for example.
    I'd be interested to know if you'd like to share; do you find yourself falling into these personas outside the virtual world as well?
    When you're at home and not online, what do you mostly think about? Feel free to send a message in case you just want to talk or express anything. Thanks for sharing!
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    • Anonymous

      Yes to the first question. I live alone so im free to talk in any voice i like. Im very good at imitating voices and accents. To answer your second question, all kinds of things. Im often inspired by dramatic scenarios and i use one of my characters and sort of trial run them through said scenario, or make up a unique character specifically for it. In reality i am simply talking to the walls of my house, but in my mind i can see everything as real as everything else. I've made characters stand trial in court, always interesting, I've made them stand up to bullies, conduct violent interrogations, react to their loved ones dying, anything that provokes emotion and intrigue.

      you're right that many of my imaginings would make excellent stories, sadly they tend to fade faster than i can write them. The things i imagine are typically crescendo, climactic moments that in a written narrative would take vast amounts of exposition in front of them. I always get bored or sidetracked before i can get that part done.

    • Swat_

      Interesting story.
      Everything you've said (and asked) is spot on.
      I did some more research on "High emotional intelligence" and I relate to every single sign of it.

      Do you have suggestions on how someone could stop creating personalities? I've been trying to stick to three personalities for about a year now, due to an identity crisis I got in real life because of my virtual behaviour. but every time I meet someone online I end up with a different personality anyway.

    • @myTake Owner I find all of this extremely interesting. The amount of detail you put into your characters is impressive. Does this imagination in any way limit you whenever you're out, say with friends, or out in public generally? As I mentioned before, your high EQ reflects the intricacy with which you formulate these personalities. It sounds like you have an extremely active imagination as well. As you said, you can even imagine scenes playing out, when in reality, you may just be talking to the walls in your house. The primary question here is; since you've made this post, you seem to have an Alpha personality which knows that all these other characters exist. You recognize that you are creating these personalities yourself. Firstly, that's very positive. Secondly my question would be that when you play out these characters; are you still aware that you are playing with them? Or do you feel that you completely separate yourself?

      There's several ways you could also channel this energy. It really depends what you resonate with most. Skit acting, voice acting, any of these things can be effective.
      Again, thank you for being so open and sharing.

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  • Anonymous
    Just letting you know, that's not lucid dreaming. That is just due to a highly active imagination, mixed with an identity issue. Lucid dreaming is in fact, sleeping and being able to change what happens. Everybody has that stage before they fall asleep where they think of imaginary situations. You have to be actually asleep and teach your mind to stay awake whilst shutting your body down, it takes a long time for your body to get use to it, and eventually a lot of people even struggle to tell the difference between their music dreaming and real life. Which is very different to what you have described.
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    • Anonymous

      Lucid dreaming* not, magic dreaming*

    • Andrew72

      You are always controlling your dream

      Lucid dream is simply being aware of it and bending the rules more

      My source is personal experience

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  • Kaneki05
    That's not personailty disorder i have it so trust me it's not that.
    What you have is just something you like to do and you probably use it for to cope or comfort.

    Muitple personailty you never have control of the others and your brain can only handle and handful of them. Most of the time only 1-3.
    And they just fully take over and there is nothing you can do.
  • Spiritwander
    That's not insanity, that's boredom and a gift for partitioning the mind.
    Have you ever thought about getting into game development and churning out characters and seeing what others do with them?
  • Izzy97
    I read your post and the comments. One the guys had excellent advice, so I won't recommend any. Out of pure curiosity, who are you? Can describe yourself to me?
    • Izzy97

      Besides your personas, who are you really?

  • MlleCake
    Lucid dreaming is not the same as having Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it doesn't make you insane.
  • englisc
    An insane person with multiple personalities?

    So basically you're a woman.
  • Hamsteroids
    Everyone does this. I still to this day do it. That’s called “day dreaming” lol
  • Nivinxus
    I'm no psychologist or w/e, but maybe Disassociative Personality disorder (or w/e it is)? Eh, whatever then. Always wanted to meet one... or them...
  • -Asca-
    Creating a new account and lying about your age, gender and country of origin does not mean you have multiple personalities.
  • Swat_
    I just want to let you know you're not alone. I won't explain the some things in public though. I have hundreds of masks. I can turn myself into any personality or mindset that I want. People react and act differently to you, which is what makes it interesting. It helped me understand other people and their look on the world. I should probably do a mytake on it later on.

    I do want to suggest you that if you are addicted to this, tgat you contact me. I've been "recovering" since August last year. Having been all these people seriously has affected my personality and left me woth an identity crisis. I won't try to talk over, but I could make you aware of the downsides of this.
  • Vallius86
    Sounds like a great creepypasta. If you didn't copy paste this than I am impressed 😉!
  • Paris13
    See a Shrink, I Think!!! xxoo
  • Nada_hemida
    Just see u are different
  • Agape93
    Have you even been diagnosed?
    • Anonymous

      No. i dont want to be put on any medicine.

    • Agape93

      Then you can’t go around saying your insane or have multiple personalities.
      That’s like saying you have cancer but never having seen a doctor.

    • Anonymous

      So a person cannot have cancer without a doctors express permission? You are aware people have had cancer long before they even knew what that was right?

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  • Fuentes
    I bet you just need some pills
  • Anonymous
    What is your username u sound familiar