The Burning Bride

The Burning Bride. I wrote this long time ago, also decided to share it here, here goes nothing:

The ocean, like your eyes, stares calmly,

Its voice, like yours, speaks hardly,

My hand reaches to touch yours, but you recoil politely,

The corner of your lips turns to a sad smile, your eyes reflecting pain ever so slightly.

You turn around and the bare back of your white dress. reveals virgin skin, which never embraced the sun.

I call your name, saying it all can be undone,

You start to drag your feet in the sand, leaving long tracks

I reach my arm forward; maybe I can stop you, perhaps?

As you near the edge of the ocean, you stop and turn around,

You give me a long look, as though waiting for me to make a sound,

“The water will make the burning go away,” you whisper.

I feel my face getting damp and I whimper.

Suddenly, your white dress sets ablaze,

I run towards you, the seconds feeling like days,

I cry out your name as you smile through the burning haze,

I feel like an animal, trapped in a cage.

When I wake up, I’m lying in a bed,

A strong smell of medication hit me as I throw off the bed spread.

The door in front, burst open as young women in scrubs rushes to my side,

“Sir, you mustn’t stand, your legs are bandaged, otherwise you could’ve died!.”

“Where is my wife?” I exclaim.

The woman stares at me, her eyes filling with pain.

“The fire in the church, sir, i-it took 20 lives.”

I feel my heart sink, as the realization hit me like sharp knives.


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  • Not a bad read at all. If I learned anything in English class I would've been able to find the "deeper" meaning. Seriously though I don't like literature but you got me to read all of it, that's good in my book.


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