Depression and Anxiety: Why They're the Loneliest Things In The World

Let me start off by saying that if you suffer from these, there is always help available and something really will help you one day. Let's face it, they'll always be there, but you can learn how to control it and not let it overtake your life. Keep going :)

Okay so I bet some of you are thinking "what the hell will a 15 year old know?" Quite a lot actually....... well about this anyway. Being a teenager and having these issues for the last 3 years, I've learned quite a few things about how lonely it can really be.

I've slowly found out over the years that many kids my age lie about having similar issues such as self harm and suicidal thoughts. Knowing that this goes on A LOT in my school, it's made me more and more afraid to express how I'm really feeling, even to my friends. I'm so terrified that they'll begin to think I'm one of those people. So I've kept as quiet as I can about it, I make sure to cover the scars and recently new slashes on my arms everyday, I spend ages covering them up with makeup and when that inevitably fails, I stick on a long sleeved shirt. When my friends ask my how I am or how my weekend was, I stick a smile on and mutter the words I've repeated over and over and over again, "I'm fine."

Knowing I'm not able to express to the people I'm closest with how I'm really feeling is horrible. I do everything I can to hide it from my mum especially, the last thing I'd want to do it stress her out even more, she's my best friend.

Don't get me wrong, not everyday is a bad day. In fact, I go a few weeks feeling okay and able to deal with things. There's just odd days throughout those weeks that as soon as I get home from school, I go to my bedroom and just cry. Cry until I fall asleep usually. It's frustrating knowing that the people around you don't know what's going on but at the same time, you're too terrified of telling them. It's a viscous cycle.

What I've learned is that you can't keep going on on a daily basis with your same old habits of crying and slashing yourself and replaying your own death over and over in your head. What you need is some help. Open up, share with your lived one's, do not.let it control you and your life because it will destroy it in the end. It's not easy at all, I still self harm, but for me, it's a selfish thing. I know I could stop, but I choose not to. It's a release of all that built up tension and anger and hurt. There's just no point in it. So please, if you suffer from the same things, just have a chat with someone you trust about it. One day you'll have to break that vivacious cycle, don't drag it out, make it today.


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  • they both are worst, i've been thorugh depression and i still sometimes go though it and i have anxiety too


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  • Great take and I am not surprised a 15 year old can feel that way - As you say help is available - I had mental health issues and I found exploring the internet to look at support sites, even reading about other people's experience can help - A lot of the time it is reading other peoples' tips for coping, some might help you - I know you don't want to involve your family and I don't know what country you are in but do you have counsellors in your school or check out teen depression sites or helpline , I am sure you could even talk to someone anon at the start on that - As you said sometimes you can feel alone but sometimes help and listening ear comes from an unlikely place - I hope you find some comfort in the near future - I am always in favour of raising awareness on mental health, good job.

  • Anxiety for me is not lonely at all. In fact I'd rather be alone when having a panic attack. I don't get depressed much though.

  • At a young age I spent (8) years in prison. Experienced all of what you are , except self destruct. The point of focus, choice and just plane survival comes to those with strong Erge to go forward no matter what. And eventually making it happen against all odds. The winners and surviveds are born from loosers once as well. Winners aren't born always , a lot of them are ex- loosers. 😊

    • Yep that's very very true. Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot 😊

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    • Well thank you for your kind words and for reading this, I just had to get this all out, it means a lot 😊

    • Well.. You did a wonderful job with this take. This hits home to thousands. A lot of opinionated people won't visit cause they can't manipulate the take with opposing opinions cause they know it's true. And totally scared to see them selfs inside of it too. Anyhow I would encourage you to not to feel this way about your self anylonger , so others may see a more beautiful you. Further more , this take took some real understanding of this to put together. Means you understand this position well. Also which means you can also reach the next step a lot easier than others. By writing this and getting this out there , means you're shedding these thoughts , not complying with it no more but standing against it as well. So don't take a weak feature about your self and focus just on that , but a take a great feature instead and focus on that. Sorry for all this , I just know your better than you think you really you are.

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