Follow the Scouts Motto: Always Be Prepared

Life can be super unpredictable sometimes. It can throw you major curve balls that you don't expect to happen like a car accident, illness, or a job going under, but this is where the old Scout motto of always being prepared comes in handy not just in terms of the major things in life, but the minor ones too.

Follow the Scouts Motto: Always Be Prepared

Always bring an umbrella

It always amazes me that people can step out of the house with the sky looking pitch black and not bring an umbrella. Who likes to take a shower right after they've just had one. Bring an umbrella. I haven't been caught in the rain in like five years. I have one permanently in my car and one in my office. Also because of this, I really like to help the elderly or mother's with strollers when I see them struggling in the rain or without an umbrella to walk them to their car or into a building. Helps with that whole faith in humanity thing so many of us are missing.

Always bring snacks

It's way too easy to run to whatever junk food vending machine or fast food place is on the way when we are hungry rather than sit down for a good meal, but learn to bring your own snacks that are healthy. We like to think a candy bar or some Happy meal here or there doesn't matter, but that's 300-800+ calories here and there that over time adds up to pounds on the body which most of us don't want. Stock your desk drawer with plenty of healthy snacks, put a few in your car, and take some with you when you head to events, or to the movies to help regulate your blood sugar and help you maintain your health.

Always have a savings account (that you don't touch!)

SH*T HAPPENS! Your life could be going perfectly with every box ticked off and then boom, your car is totaled or you have a family emergency and need to go home, or you get sick. You cannot prepare for these things on a calendar, but you can try and prepare for them somewhat financially by setting up a savings account with your bank that automatically puts funds in and you don't touch this unless it's an absolute emergency. This isn't the vacation fund or the Christmas fund, this is the oh sh*t, this just happened fund. If you never spend a dime of it, good for you, but it's better to have your money there and not need it, than to need it and not have it there.

Always have Insurance

In a perfect world, you have health, dental, medical, car, home, and life insurance, but at the very very least, you should have medical and car insurance. Your youth, or your health now, is not a guard against the future. My friend at just 19 accidentally fell off a balcony while sleep walking and shattered his spine leading to years of painful surgeries. Another friend had a random seizure one day that led to a diagnosis of epilepsy and life long medications. The cost of health care is astronomical whether you have insurance or not, but it's going to be infinitely better with insurance. Don't say, well, nothing is wrong with me today, so I'll just put it off because you don't know what the next hour or the next year will hold and you DO NOT want to be caught without insurance when you really and truly need it. The same goes for car insurance. I don't know too many people who haven't been in at least one or two accidents regardless of age and regardless of whether they caused it or not.

Always Tell Someone Where You Are

Everyone likes to be all independent and I don't need a tether until they get kidnapped! Okay maybe a little dramatic, but it could happen, you don't know. But more practically if you work out outdoors, or you're getting into an Uber, or you work late, or you're going on vacation, let at least one person know your exact plans, where you'll be, hotel phone numbers and room numbers, locations of your hikes, who works in the office with you late at night, what time you got into the Uber and when you're supposed to be home, etc. These things have absolutely saved people's lives because at the very least in the event of health or any other type of emergency someone can let the police/medical know your last known whereabouts. It also helps to put an ICE number (in case of emergency number) into your phone.

Always Keep An Updated Resume

It may not be because you necessarily hate your job, but you never know when a better or new job opportunity may come along for you that you may need to snap at quickly to get. Keep a constantly updated resume on file somewhere that you can email right away if need be, that way if opportunity strikes, or you suddenly quit in a rage, you have a resume ready to go.

Always Keep Emergency Supplies

When the fire is raging in your kitchen and you can't get to the sink hose is NOT the time to start thinking about purchasing a fire extinguisher. You should have that, a first aid kid, emergency numbers posted, emergency weather supplies like back up generators or hurricane supplies, and survival kits ready to go. Whenever there is a weather emergency people flood local stores trying to desperately stock up and you do not want to have to be in that crowd, so ahead of the seasons, stock your pantry, make sure you have plenty of candles, and batteries, you have emergency suitcases packed if need be, copies of all insurance cards, driver's licensees, home owner policies, Social security cards, passports, and large bat in case of zombie attack, all ready in one place that you can grab and go.

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  • Amen to that!! As an Eagle Scout I can attest that being prepared is always the best thing to ever do. Plan for the unthinkable or the extra ordinary! There is no such thing as being over prepared when it comes to life

  • Great take - I just have to get a new handbag for first two and stock it up. Other ideas are very practical, well done

    • Ha! I think most guys on the go or public transit riders just use a briefcase or a backpack to haul their stuff.

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