My Self-Improvement Bucket List

I'm always finding ways to improve myself and keep myself happy. These things aren't always easy - or cheap - but I do what I need to do to prevent myself from turning into a crying disaster. I thought it might be fun for others to read, so without further ado, here's my self-improvement bucket list!

(Now, when I say 'improvement' I do not mean you should be hard on yourself and live on a schedule that is almost impossible to achieve. I mean, routine is important in your daily life and you should probably have some sort of sleep schedule and work out; hell, maybe even try eating better, but it still doesn't mean you should feel tied to a chain until you collapse.)

1: Working out

I always feel better when I'm angry and I go for a run with some music blasting through my headphones. Always. If running isn't your forté, you can always go to the gym, take a dance class or maybe even pick up a fighting class-whatever you like! Exercising is good for you and makes you feel better.

Unless I'm sick or have something super important to do, I don't ever skip a workout sesh. And if you do, it's best not to try and do it a day after, messing up with your schedule.

2: Eating

Food is something we deal with on a daily basis, since we need it to survive. Many people don't realize that food doesn't only mess with your belly, it also messes with your skin, any feelings of nausea, your hair. Even your mood can be affected! You may have noticed pimples appearing more when you have many cheat days, getting ill when you've snacked too much, or your hair being exceptionally greasy after cheat days. Eating healthy is a must if you want to obtain a good lifestyle.

Again, this doesn't mean that you should ALWAYS eat healthy, that's impossible. I try and eat two vegetarian dishes a week, eat unhealthy one or two times a week and have regular meals throughout the rest of the week. If you feel you're craving a certain type of food, see if there's healthy substitutes. Maybe your body is actually craving a certain vitamin etc.

Other than that I find fruit to be a very good replacement for crisps, sweets or chocolate. Not getting more than three snacks a week during grocery shopping will also help you stop snacking so much. If you're lazy like me you won't want to go all the way to the store.

3: Looking good

This is one I find rather important. Not just because I am a visual person, also because nothing makes me more happy than feeling confident because I look good. Being happy in your own skin truly is an uplifting thing. I am currently in the process of updating my closet with things I know I'll wear for quite a while, and nothing makes me more happy than shopping. (Stereotypical, I know.)

Make-up is not to be forgotten, I've finally created a routine that works for me and my skin.

Cleansing my face and body is also important to me, having acne makes me feel unhappy so I try to get rid of it by cleaning my face EVERY day, showering every other day and washing my hair too.

4: Dealing with feelings

Your inside matters as much as your outside, so emotions aren't to be forgotten. Don't be scared to call in sick when you really need a mental health day! This'll help with avoiding collapsing mentally and being sick for a week or longer, or even getting a burn out!

Also make sure to talk out any issues you have. With others or yourself.

5: Your environment

This might be one of the most important. Making sure you live somewhere you actually like living can sometimes be impossible, but you can still do your best to try. Make sure your room or house is at least somewhat clean and organized.

The people surrounding you are also part of your environment, so make sure to fill your life with people you share opinions or hobbies with. If you can't find positive people, be one of them.

I'm sure that there's tons of other stuff that can help with self improvement, but this is what I'm currently trying. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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  • Great take - Very mature reflection - Well done


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  • I also include studying, budgeting, being responsible in chores, and develop self confidence


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  • My self-improvement bucket list is to become happy and become a better person.


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