Five things you can do in the present to improve your future

1. Tap into your Talents

Five things you can do in the present to improve your future

Everyone has a talent. Some are big, some are small. But what if you really decided to tap into that talent? Where could you be a year from now? Could you be winning a trophy? Would you have opportunities that were not available to you before? Truthfully, you never do know how much one decision can change your life unless you make that decision.

2. Plan

You put a homework assignment off for days on end, and are forced to pull an all nighter as a result. You don't get enough sleep. You get stressed. The stress snowballs into anxiety and frustration, which can further snowball into depression. Which can interfere with the rest of your life. What if you could avoid all that? What if your future was less stressful, and you had less anxiety. You never know what your future holds, unless you plan.

3. Diet/Exercise

Arguably the most important step to a better future, where would you be in a year or even just a few months from now if you started exercising and eating better today? Would you be more confident? Less stressed? Happier with your body? If you don't start exercising, you'll never really know what it can do for you. Exercising and dieting ties into eating, sleeping, working, and every other piece of our lives. What if our lives could be that much better a few months from now because we decided to start doing something today?

4. Being brave

Whether it be trying something new, going somewhere you have never been before, or asking a special someone on a date, one act of courage today could make a world of difference in the near future. If you don't ask someone out on a date, you may be missing out on a relationship in a few months time that you otherwise would have had.

5. Taking responsiblity for your own life

A point which deals with all of the other ones, taking a role in your own life is one of the most important things you can do. What will your life look like in the future? It can be whatever you want it to be. So what will it be? Will you be happy, successful, and content? Will you be full of regret? Will you be unhappy and poor? Yes, certain things can and will influence your life. But ultimately, it's your decision. And don't make that decision too hastily, either. You only get one, after all.

These are five steps that, if we practiced today, could improve our future dramatically. But if we don't practice them, we'll never know.


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  • @SpearmintBerryCrunch in my opinion #5 is the most important, if you take responsibility for your own life, everything else falls into place.


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