The World is a Wonderful Place, Yet We See Only Evil


Yes, people are starving, people are dying, there is a shit-ton of illnesses on this planet that anyone can get and humans are slowly destroying the earth.

The World is a Wonderful Place, Yet We See Only Evil

But it remains a world of wonders. There are billions of people that can do marvellous things, amazing things, actually. There's people that can save or cure other people. People that bring life to another human being. People that protect other people. There's artists and poets, there are innocent children that can make me smile any day.

We must remember this. Even though there are millions of tragedies happening at any given moment, there are also people out there that prevent them. Or people that fix them. You can be one of them.

Even though we aren't necasserily a species that can be proud of itself as a whole, we must look at individuals, or your vision of the world will remain gloomy. Or you'll get sadder and angrier each day something terrible pops up on your facebook timeline.

You know how everyone is always saying the old days were better? That's because they were. There was only news from close by, you didn't hear or read or see all the terrible things happening around the globe. You were younger, more free, less reserved, less bitter. (Although younger people can have an old spirit and be bitter, which seems to be a trend).

Nowadays it seems like almost all news we receive is terrible news. People bombing others because of their misconceptions of faith. People raping children. People killing animals or burning down forests. Is that really what you want to see all day? Where is the news that we all cling to? Like the news, not too long ago, about two pandas in the Netherlands. People made it out to be an importance. Why? Because we are bombarded with awful messages all day long, and this was the first "good" news in a couple weeks.

Cling to that which makes you happy. Become an influence and express yourself. Become one of the people that can do awesome things. It's difficult, but possible with determination. You think Usain Bolt could've won the Olympics without determination?

If you need further confirmation that there are awesome people out there, just watch NAS DAILY on facebook. (without comparing it to your own situation, you are you) Enjoy the world.

People can be awesome. People can be shitty. Choose a path.

The World is a Wonderful Place, Yet We See Only Evil
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