Confidence is key!

Confidence is key!

One of the most important things to every human being is validation. Because If you don't feel worthy how are you gonna cope with life and its disappointments, how are you gonna power through every obstacle that you might face! That's why the number one psychological need to humans generally is belonging, because it's almost impossible for anyone to be validated and feel worthy without belonging, as in this life we mostly validate each other.

The more you are validated, the more you feel worthy. And the more you feel worthy, the more you are confident.

Confidence like any other quality can't be owned without reason; you can't be confident without feeling worthy. You can't be confident or even fake confidence without knowing what confidence is, or at least were confident once, It's IMPOSSIBLE!! And this is exactly why when you see a confident person you generally get more attracted (mentally or emotionally) to him than others, because you would know for sure that he has something to offer and that he's worthy.

Confidence is key!
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  • windknowsmyname

    Soooo your just telling, not helping. Not sure why?
    We know what confidence is and what it stems from but what is it really and hoe to apply it?
    This like those speed painting videos on YouTube that teaches you how to paint.
    Now to clear up somethings is one must who oneself is before exploring anything.
    What you want, what you need, morals, self worth, vales, and beliefs.
    Next is confidence as it core. Its basically knowing what you want, going after it the right way without hesitation. So if you see a hot girl, talking to her is easy but saying the right things will make you confident.
    So now what to say? What to do?
    Being your self and knowing who you are as a person will guide you but most importantly, you should figure out the goal.
    Sex, friendship, etc. Confidence says to go after it. How?
    Well you should start by introducing yourself, compliment, then ask about her day.
    "Hi, i really love that dress of yours, it looks gorgeous on you, how are you doing by the way, names matt?"
    Next, listen, reply or connect, then ask.
    "Oh you just got off from work, i know you must be tired and hungry. I know if i was working today, i pass out with all this heat, so, what you like about your job?"

    Done. Not best, not going to get you any action. But your boosting your confidence. No you dont need validation! You just need to be you and fuck what others think.

  • Anonymous

    So what is it there are no words can describe how was it for long

    • Aassem

      It's just knowing of self worth and personal capability.

    • Anonymous

      I will be there at the same time.