Attractiveness is self-care.

Attractiveness is self-care.

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Alright lets break it down to its roots. Attractiveness is mainly based on two things; looks and personality. Both are influenced by two main components; genes and self-care. Obviously we have no control over our genes, but we do have willpower to take care of ourselves.

Now before we get into self-care, lets first state the most attractive qualities of personality. But also before that we should agree that we all are different, so we get attracted to different qualities. I personally am attracted to intelligence, kindness, honesty, humor and generosity. And it's possible that someone gets attracted to a certain quality that could be weird to another individual. But generally the most attractive qualities to us are, confidence, intelligence, kindness, humor, passion, success, youth, compassion and so on. Every human being has his own set of qualities that makes them different. It's not the most important what exactly are the qualities you have, what makes you attractive is being comfortable and confident with who you are, otherwise it will be difficult for your qualities to shine and be distinct. Achieving this level of awareness and acquiring any of these qualities, requires some work and self-consciousness, in other words "Self-care".

Self-care is less about doing make up, wearing expensive cloth and putting on perfume, it's about awareness of yourself, it's about knowing yourself by doing things and socializing, noticing your behavior, analyzing and improving it, it takes a lot of courage and love to do that. It's also about general health care; eating healthy, working-out regularly, sleeping well and even meditating, these things will generally increase your energy levels, boost your happiness and confidence, which is one of the most attractive qualities that we look for in a person, I have explained why so in a previous post (Confidence is key!).

Self-care makes you active and positive, it makes you smile brighter, it gives you the opportunity to be yourself and nurtures your uniqueness. Once you have achieved this type of healthy life style, your attractiveness will definitely exceed your genes.

Attractiveness is self-care.
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