The face reveal! (If it works...)

Okayy....The day has come when I finally do a face reveal VIDEO!

I have put a photo of myself up before but I thought "How about I make a video to converse with you guys?"

Now, I tried with every fibre of my being to get this video up and it didn't work, I eventually decided to ask on here how the heck I was meant to transfer a video from phone to G@G and people helped, HOPEFULLY it will work and if it doesn't I will feel terrible but I won't give up, if this doesn't work then I will just attempt it again (Not right away, I will do it again some time but not right away)

Now, before people comment, I have mentioned before that I am a bit low self esteem body wise and I also know that I look cringe worthy AF, there's nothing worse than hearing your own voice so yeah -_-

But oh well, you get to hear a British person talk about random shit!

I honestly had no idea what to talk about, sorry, I tried to just do a shout out to my followers but also do some things to prove I am who I say I am <3

Now, I actually am rather well educated even if I don't look it and I do like to misbehave and be really daft but I have two diplomas along with a certificate for best college student, it's my third year there so I am rather dedicated to it, I won't lie though, I do look and act really daft :D

The face reveal! (If it works...)

Because this is a Mytake, I should probably make it at least loner than this so I guess I will mention my bad habits but also a little about my personality ;p

-Complains about weather 24/7 even if it's sunny

The face reveal! (If it works...)

-Gets triggered when traffic occurs

-LOVES MA TEA! Milk, one sugar

-Love hot chocolate

-Loves the smell of smoke and diesel or petrol

-Love Ferrets and their scent

-CAN be patient with others, don't always decide to be though

-Seriously dislikes babies, toddlers and infants, they seriously irritate me but apparently I am good at handling babies as they always calm down and fall asleep when I cradle them, but I still find them to be unreasonably loud -_-

The face reveal! (If it works...)

-Apparently I am a good life advisor but I am not so sure, but I guess if everyone says that then I should accept that right?

-I am completely fine talking about period pains and will often buy ice cream for my friend if it's terrible.

-I hold my sisters or friends handbag while they go to the toilets but I put it over my shoulder, they are surprisingly comfortable :/

-My favourite weather is snow, rain and other cold weathers

-I have little to no filter when it comes to talking about subjects therefore I end up talking about stuff others may consider inappropriate or awkward for others

-Although a paranoid person, I am GREAT at reassuring others and this I know :)

So if this video works then great, if not then heck, I'll just try again, I did a shout out to some users but not all because my phone can't video for that long but I love you all <3


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  • This a cool take. Very innovative and I like your looks. I like your hair. Curly ^_^ and I prefer you with the glasses. Without the glasses is fine I just prefer with the glasses. Plus your voice and accent are so amazing. I love them. 😊❤️️.

    • Really? I listened to my own voice to check the video and hate my own voice -_-
      I think glasses suit me better too :p
      So you like the British accent? ^_^
      *Kinda gone a bit red from embarrassment where you said you like my looks...*
      I have straightened my hair before but it takes forever to do so I gave up on it :/

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    • Shhh that's our little secret.

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  • I like the accent

    • Really?
      I was not expecting so many people to like my accent, I didn't even know I had one :p
      *Oblivious to it*

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    • If you were a Geordie that would be a different story

    • Ah you dislike Geordies ay? :p
      I personally find the American accent mildly annoying but in my country I find the accent from Birmingham or Slough to be a tad annoying :p

  • I have to say, I love your voice, and accent!

  • Coolies


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