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Today's take is going to be hard, thanks to @xTom98 nominating me , I will have to think too deep to get out those three.

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The thing about this is that I don't really have anything to be scared of , I believe that I will die and everything will just end for me, but what matters is what I leave behind , so now I am getting ideas of what I can put.

I don't recommend you read this if you don't like exploring the dark side, actually it might freak you out if you relate..... I am just too dark I guess .

1- Void

Yes, I think this is related of being left alone in a place where you are in the dark and have nothing to do, no one to talk , it is like being trapped alone in space with all that eternal darkness , in other way it may happen metaphorically in today's world, we are getting way too separated from reality so we end up alone where nothing is real, a void an eternal darkness.

I can just feel it ....
I can just feel it ....

2- Never Finding the one or any one

This is what becoming reality for me never finding a woman in general that would accept me as me and not exploit me or take advantage , I mean I won't mind if I never got what I wanted out of life (Love, and family ) I can keep on what I am doing, which is taking care of those who around me as I always do.

I Have been there , alone with the stars ....
I Have been there , alone with the stars ....

3- Changing my self

This thing I fear , well because it is not easy to resist today's world is bending us into a certain shape that we almost share, many times I have had sudden change in my personality which I would regret if I kept it that way, things happen and change people, but I always hope it is for the best as I understand myself well to know what to do about it.

Bad side shall never win
Bad side shall never win

Anyway I don't think many of you will get this, but I tried to speak and explain as much as I can, these things I never thought about but now I just see them, and I am really shocked , I have written these words in just 20 minutes and it was so smooth to write (with the reading track) weird right!!

That is all folks, thank you for the challenge I won't be nominating anyone else.

EXTRA: A few pictures that I find them spooky

Statue of Pazuzu
Statue of Pazuzu
Donnie Darko can Clear number one
Donnie Darko can Clear number one

Peace be upon you all <3

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  • 1. Well mate you can always turn the lights on when you're in the dark 😃. Who needs people anyways.. lol.. if you already have those essential people in your life? Null that void.

    2. I have no opinion on that as I'm still a young child. I don't see any need for a partner as of now.. or maybe probably I do.. see? That's how confused I am. Well damn it. But I hope you find someone really soon as you're quite older than me.

    3. It is always good to change yourself for the better. BUT there are certain values and ethics that you shouldn't get derailed from. The things that distinguish you from others and the things which describe who you really are. That being said, know that this is from a person who himself suffered or maybe is suffering from identity crisis. Well damn it too!! Lol.

    And how the hell did you find my statue 😶?

    • Lol is that your statue 😂
      Well, I thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I am not scared I just think these are just thoughts that are deep in my mind... Scary I guess

    • Is that a matter of laughter 😐?
      Scary is what you let it scare you.
      I too am scared of somethings. The most horrifying one of them is the fact that I will be able not stay with my parents forever 😭😭💔💔.

    • Aww 😢😭

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