8 Reasons Why I Am A B*tch

8 Reasons Why I Am A B*tch

My perspective is not for everyone. So if you have an opinion on something least you can do is be respectful .

Or don't lol but don't expect me to take you seriously.

This is more about why people perceive me or think of me as a bitch , not that I am an actual bitch or anything like that.

1. I'm very honest

8 Reasons Why I Am A B*tch

If you ask me to give my honest judgement or opinion on something, I will. I won't be rude, but I won't hold back. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, people tend to associate honestly with criticism and negativity. It is not. Honesty can also be a positive thing. Some people are delusional and think the entire world is against them and they only focus on the bad things which distorts their vision of reality. Being honest with them actually helps most of the time , yes some aspects of life suck but other aspects don't and if you aren't focusing on some of the good things that happen to you, you will always see life just from a negative perspective.

People come to me for advice, some guys tell me they like my honesty and forwardness , others don't like it. Other women come to me for advice on guy problems because I apparently have the 'male perspective'. Lol I will get into that in the next point. Sometimes I lie though , if it will make someone get away from me quickly when I'm annoyed with them or if it will help me gain something from someone.

2. I'm very logical

Now you're thinking how does this factor into being a bitch? Well, being logical means I can't really help you out with much of anything to do with emotions. Some people find that rather cold and harsh, that I don't 'respect' their feelings. Some people admire this quality of mine , others don't. I do get called a bitch for it but I'm not going to change lol.

Now this is one of the reason as well why some girls come to me for advice on the 'Male perspective'. Because apparently men are more logical. Yes men are more logical on average, but women can learn to lead with their logical thinking instead of their emotions. At the end of the day we have a brain and self control for a reason. It is a bit offensive but more funny than anything that people don't think women can be logical.

3. Women are 'supposed to be' nice

Erm , yeah.
Erm , yeah.

Yeah I'm not a complete asshole, but I'm not nice either. I don't understand why people expect of me to smile at them or be nice, even a complete pushover some people consider that being a nice person, just because I'm a female. I get it, women are seen as 'weaker, smaller, emotional, nice, soft' blah blah blah.

Yeah, I don't give a shit for any of that. If people want a woman like that and want to treat her better, go ahead. If I don't like you and you bother me, I'll tell you with a straight face that I dislike you and that you're bothering and I walk away. If you're being an asshole, I will stand up for myself. I don't care if it is 'unwomanly'. If I am ever the leader or the boss of something, I will be hard on everybody, I would still be fair, but you won't have an easy time working with me.

4. I can't sugarcoat

I can't sugarcoat things or say them in a nicer way. I can't give fake compliments. Someone recently told me that no matter who the person is, they will always get offended if I don't say something in a better and nicer more PC way. Yeah fuck that lol. If I wanna say something, I say it just the way I mean. No more and no less. If you do stupid shit while I'm present (not the type of stupid for fun, I mean something no other human being does and it is deemed cringy. For example I know this guy who pretends to talk to himself and acts like an autist on purpose to get attention, I find him pathetic obviously.

Another guy I know chases girls all day and tells them the dumbest shit ever, it's funny because he based all his confidence on the validation and approval he may get from girls, sadly he doesn't get any lol) i'll laugh in your face . I might even ask you 'wtf?' Most likely I'd just find it funny and laugh.

5. I like being a 'bitch'

8 Reasons Why I Am A B*tch

Which makes people think I'm even more bitchy. Lol I quite enjoy it actually, people getting easily offended and not wanting to see things the way they are, and get mad at me just for speaking the truth.

6. I am not easily offended

Of course I do get offended at certain things, I won't lie. We all do. What I mean though is if you come up to me and tell me things like 'your *insert something about my looks/body part/style etc* is ugly/disgusting/stupid ' I'll just laugh and say 'okay'. Or I'll give you a witty comeback. This makes some people go craaaazy. I mean they get insane mad when I don't give them what they want. This is also quite funny, I mean did you really think I was gonna cry over it? Hah.

7. I'm extremely professional

Even in everyday life. I don't let anything make me less professional, not attraction, anger, biases, dislike for someone etc. I can work with anyone in this entire world, as long as they remain professional as well. Even If I hate them. This also makes people think I'm cold and uptight, and that because I'm not as sociable as they want me to be, it makes me 'the bitch' lol.

8. I have resting bitch face

I laugh at this photo every time because of how much it resembles my RBF
I laugh at this photo every time because of how much it resembles my RBF

If you don't know what that means basically it is when someone has no emotional expression in their face and they have that cold and dead poker faced look. That's just how my face is. I don't care for smiling, I only smile at people or pets I like. Other than that I'm not responsible for giving you a smile. Sorry, I know it is nice to be nice to others, but this is just something I won't do. If a stranger smiles at me though or says hello, I will smile at them. Occasionally that does happen. Any other situation and I will always have a poker face. It also makes people talk to me less, or not at all which is great.

This take is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously. I enjoy my self and my personality, and if some people can't handle it because I'm not what the standard nice sociable non bitch person is like, then they can just kiss my big ass.

This does cause social issues but I'm not a social person. If I get asked out on a date I say not interested, no matter who the person is. If someone tries to befriend me and they aren't the type of friend I want, or I know they want to befriend me for some kind of benefit, I'll just block you completely, even in real life as well.

Have a good day.


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What Guys Said 74

  • Cool. Based on the descriptions it doesn't sound like you're the bitchy type. It's either because I'm not understanding you correctly or our definition of a "Bitch" is different. Most of the things you mentioned are strong qualities. Streaming for your own success without letting anyone else get in the way. And don't get there through cheating or violence. That's good.

    • You're one of the few ones who understood the take.

  • 1. Just because you have a feeling or a thought in your little head doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be verbalized.
    2. Politeness is a learned trait, and a valuable one. Consider that.

    The rest of your drivel is just that... DRIVEL.

    • 1. I said 'if you ask me'. Or if I see something extremely stupid/cringy , I like laugh. That's just who I am. I can't keep myself from laughing.
      2. I am a very polite person actually , that has nothing to do with is.

    • @Asker, you acknowledge your "honesty" is cold and harsh but you simply don't care enough and won't hold back or change that. If someone has to tell you you're being cold, then yes it has everything to do with this. And that's just one example from this whole take of insecure justification.

    • @Cheetah23 - Very astute!!
      Asker is simply immature. Lots of these youngsters think it's okay, even good, to be so overt, outgoing. They simply never learned what it means to be confident, secure, quiet, demur, and polite. Traits that behoove a woman to develop. These are what make her a 'lady'. There are others, but this is a biggie. A loud mouth brash woman is simply a bore. Nobody wants to be around that. Then they whine cuz no one will engage them, and you'll hear the 'why won't men ask me on a date?'. Cuz you're a bitch honey. :)

  • *Yawns* And... why are we supposed to care? What does this have to do with anyone but yourself? You're just ranting, not talking about anything substantive.

    How did this garbage get "promoted?" This site's really dumb sometimes.

    • This site wants roast battle that's why they promote it.

    • Anything that generates traffic.

    • Funny you say that , you act arrogant and all important and shit on here all the time.
      Oh the irony.

  • 3|0
    • I never said I'm 'brutally honest'.
      I also mentioned that honesty can be about positivity.
      Did you read that part?

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  • This sounds just like the excuses all bitches use to justify their shitty behavior.
    "I'm not rude, I'm just honest/brave/logical/assertive"
    Yeah, if that was it, then people wouldn't consider you a bitch.

  • #9 I am a bitch because I am not getting enough attention and I need to be the center of it.

    Your take describes a list that is very typical of being a 2 yo.

  • Ha ha! You have just described me! But, being a male, i would describe myself as an 'asshole' rather than bitch.
    I don't think you should apologize for anything. Be proud of who you are.
    If you are 'nice' or if people think they can 'roll' you - they will.
    I used to be a 'nice guy' and always wound up getting taken advantage of or getting 'rolled'. As the timeless Alice Cooper says - "no more Mr. Nice Guy".

    Chive on Girl! Chive ON!!

  • I don't consider these to be qualities of a bitch, I consider most of these to be qualities of a mature woman. Why do you label yourself a bitch when in fact you are just an adult?

    • No I dont consider myself an actual bitch. Was just explaining reasons why people think I'm bitchy. I'm not though.

    • Thank you for clarifying that. Of course others who cannot relate to honesty will put a negative spin on it, but you realize it's just being true to who you are as a beautiful person. Hi five!

  • Being honest is a great quality that indicated strong character, morals, good principles and courage.

    Logical thinking is a great quality that indicates the ability and willingness to acknowledge the truth no matter how uncomfortable you are with that truth. It indicates intelligence and the ability to think independently.

    I do not know what is meant by women are 'supposed' to be nice. Nice is relative to each individuals' perception of what that entails. If you are honest and logical then you're off to a good start.

    I find sugarcoating detracts from being concise, and can detract from the first quality which is being honest. I don't believe it is a quality to be able to do this, just as I don't believe it is a quality to not do this. I don't believe it is of great importance; if someone is dead then people will have to find out either you say "he/she died", or you take longer to say it by attempting to 'sugar coat'. Both have the same result.

    I can't reply defend liking being a bitch, but I can empathise with finding satisfaction in offending people simply by stating truths. In doing that I have the knowledge I am doing nothing wrong; I am logically stating facts. They are flawed in their inability to receive those truths without becoming aggressive/defensive/accusatory/volatile/violent etc.

    To not be easily offended is another great quality, again indicating strong character and an ability to acknowledge the truth no matter how uncomfortable you are with it. I believe it also indicates a degree of toughness which is of great worth, which cannot be earned in a gym or by any course of fitness training.

    Being professional is a great quality. I would say that anyone who equates professionalism with traits of a 'bitch' is unprofessional.

    Resting bitch face is to me quite irrelevant. I probably have something like this. People used to order me to smile when I was a child, and tell me I appear to have seen a ghost. These people were intrusive and were speaking out of place. This particular.. condition (although I wish I could think of a better word) is not an indicator of qualities or an absence of qualities. Some people look more serious than others. It is fine.

    I believe you have said very little in this post to indicate you may be a bitch. I believe contemporary western society simply includes a great deal of people who have weak character.. frightened of the truth, of reality, or of an opinion they dislike.

  • Nah, I just think that's the traits of an unlikeable asshole and no one likes that.
    If that's you, I hope you are comfortable being alone.
    Invest in cats.

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What Girls Said 50

  • Sometimes I wish I could be more neutral.
    My Downfall is talking too much. Somewhere along the lines I lost my filter to know when to shut up.
    I just talk and talk and talk.
    I think it stems from having been silenced for so long.
    I tried to be nice recently and remain silent until I didn't get much sleep. I literally had a person try my patience and I lost it. I used the hand gesture to get the person to stop approaching me. I also snapped and said "I wish I could just tell people to fuck off but I know off that would come across when I'm just in a bad mood!"
    It definitely backfired!
    I tried to address something with someone on more than one occasion and they didn't respect my boundaries or take heed to the things I was saying they kept attacking and attacking my person. And consequently I snapped under the pressure. I now feel that should I explain my point it will seem like a he said she said situation.
    But things were constantly pushing and testing the mark.
    I don't really know what to do going forward but I definitely need to learn that filter.

  • I only bring out "my bitch" side when it's necessary. Being a bitch full time must be exhausting! I find that having good manners, being tactful and compassionate works best to be successful in any situation. Don't underestimate the power of a genuine smile or kind words.

  • Women should know their place and it's beneath men, They are inferior to men. Men never have to go around trying to prove themselves or get called silly names like women do. Women just don't know how to get around the fact that men are better in every way possible. They try to compete with men they just look hilarious. How do I know this? I'm a female too and you don't fool me whores.

    I love men and I respect men for everything they are

    • *Takes deep breath* I disagree with your opinion, but can I ask why you think women are so inferior to men?

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    • 5d

      how do you know it's not the other way around? i sometimes joke that women are the dominant sex because all fetuses start out as females, so how do you know that men only exist to make babies? maybe that's the point of the whole human race.

  • It's tiring being overly nice all day. I work with customers, so I'm always very pleasant and nice towards them, even if they aren't back to me. I also have that resting face that screams "stay away from me", which I don't really mind. I'm an introvert so I need time to recharge socially, before socializing again.

  • This sounds like one big justification for having no social skills or restraint, and being proud of it. Edgy.

  • I don't get 4 the most. There's just a lot of scenarios where not being a bitch to someone would make the most sense in everyday situations (at the very least being at least nice and empathetic would be decent thing to do)... don't get me wrong, calling out bad people IS good. But being unnecessarily rude to good/neutral people isn't...

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3rjBs_mIC8

    PS: I'm not a bitch. I'm the complete opposite, which is probably just as bad, if not worse. I'm only a bitch when I'm angry.

  • I like honesty, but I can't stand that elitist attitude of people that think they're better because they, "keep things real" Or they "dont want to sugarcoat things"

    • I like how she liked your comment, clearly she didn't understand it related to her.

  • Or you could just not be a bitch, and be an accepted member of society. Lol.

  • What I definitely as bitch is different from this, but if you are a bitch for this reason and I am too. And yeah sometimes I do come out as bitchy for this but I don't mind that either.

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