The Gender Game: the Finale

“It would be interesting to see what goes on in each genders mind in this kind of scenario: walking down a high street. The things a man and a woman notice, how and if they observe and take in people walking by, whatever surrounds them and what their mental reasonings would be like in their head... I'm sure if we could hear a man's thoughts and if a man could hear our thoughts not only would it give us a laugh but it would also give each gender a so much better understanding of why we are the way we are”

“I think this story should come to a satisfying conclusion” Where “They all turn back.”

Reader Discretion is Advised

This is a fictional story


This is also something that is desired and enjoyed by fellow gaggers
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The concept of stories is also enjoyed
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They both watched as the dome light up, only this time it was brighter than usual. And the glow seemed to have a special quality about it.

“experiences help us to understand one another, it is now time to let others meet you”

Adam: I felt a tight white shirt form around the top of my body and a black cropped jacket form on top of it. After that I felt a pair of tight ripped jeans form around my legs and a pair of black ballet flats form around my feet. I had a pair of black sunglasses and my hair go up into a fashionable updo.

The Gender Game: the Finale

Sarah: A considerably loose light non-dress shirt formed at my top and a pair of loose-fitting jeans formed at my bottom with a pair of tennis shoes. A pair of black sunglasses formed on my face. Me and Adam were forced to go down stairs and out the door. We had a town shopping area close to us. We walked for about a half an hour together and we arrived at the shopping area we found ourselves parting ways. Adam went on one side of the street and I went along the other side.

The Gender Game: the Finale

Adam: As I walked the sidewalk next to the stores, I got a lot of smiles. Then I noticed guys looking at me. At first, I was enjoying it, feeling special that they were looking at me. Then I started getting uncomfortable. I enjoyed all the attention then I was just annoyed and made paranoid by it. Then I noticed some guys calling me out, telling me I was cute and sexy. I also enjoyed that but then quickly that also made me uncomfortable. It was like other people were invading my personal space.

The Gender Game: the Finale

But then I started to notice the girls’ clothing styles as I walked by and I looked at what I was wearing. Was I good enough? Could I compare with what the other girls were wearing? I started to notice my weight and slightly tried to suck in my stomach. I started noticing the guys walk by and I wondered what they were thinking. Did they find me attractive or would they even want to hang out with me? I felt a feeling to have a strong man next to me to make me feel comfortable and protected. Not that I needed one but I had a strong feeling for one. I started out enjoying my walk and then became more focused on what people thought and how they perceived me.

The Gender Game: the Finale

Sarah: As I walked, I noticed people pass by me. They did not smile, in fact some of them looked at me in nervousness. Many girls and women looked at me in nervousness. As if they almost did not feel comfortable around me. It made me feel like I did something wrong and a bother to those that walked down the sidewalk. It was like they had already accused me of doing something wrong that I had not done yet. I tried looking for someone to smile and every once in a while, when I smiled, they would smile back.

The Gender Game: the Finale

Aside from that, I felt a comfortableness. I walked down the street and my eyes found stores and put targets into my mind. Instead of thinking about what others thought, I was thinking about the goals of my walk. My thoughts were fixed and focused on stores. That goal and determination helped me not to think about the other stuff as much. The more focused I was the less the way girls looked at me bothered me. I was able to block it out and enjoy the stores around me. I found a place with games and I popped in and played a few. I also went into many novelty stores and got a laugh and snapped pictures of some of the fun stuff they had. My day quickly went from depressing to slightly enjoyable. It was only hiding the rejection that I felt but it seems to ok for me at least in the moment.

The Gender Game: the Finale

I then felt an urge to go to a store. One that was across the street and a couple of stores down. It was a magic store and Adam seemed to get there around the time that I did. Mildly surprised at this, we wondered why this happened.

The Gender Game: the Finale

We looked at the bench in front of the store and there was the game board. It seemed to have come out of nowhere. It glowed again and said these words “back to the place where we started again, don’t forget where we charted and maybe will see you again”

The Gender Game: the Finale

After that, the both of us switched bodies. We took a minute to adjust then both looked at each other and gave each other a long big hug. We felt a closeness I cannot describe. It was a bond that would keep us together for the rest of our lives. We knew each other’s struggles and we knew each other’s pain. It actually made us closer as girlfriend/boyfriend in that moment.

We both turned around and looked into the window of the magic store and there sitting on a display was the gender game.

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