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The Difference between animal abuse and hunting

Animal abuse and hunting are very different,and it's not fair to compare them in any way possible. I know most people know the difference already but many seem to confuse them so here are the differences:

The aim:

Animal abusers aim to make animals suffer,to see them getting tortured and feel them helpless while torturing them,usually to feed their evil deeds,the feeling of being strong over a helpless being like dogs or kittens

Hunters aim to get meat from their prey to eat it or pelts and skins to sell it and earn money or to decorate their house with mounts. They want to feed their wild side,to feel free and to fulfill their role in the wilderness as predators. Since we as humans were also part of wildlife.


Animal abusers iLike to torture animals and to enjoy seeing them suffer,they enjoy to not give them mercy.

Hunters try as much as possible to kill the animal in the most human way possible that doesn't make the animal feel much pain,it takes a few seconds for an animal to die when shot by a rifle or a bow

Can hunting become animal abuse?

Yes,hunting could become animal abuse if done in a wrong way,if a hunter kills animals just for the sake of it and doesn't use any of the animal's body parts,or if he kills animals in an unhuman way (burn them,throw them,etc..) it is animal abuse,if he kills baby animals it is animal abuse,if he doesn't kill the animal and leaves it wounded it is animal abuse.

The Difference between animal abuse and hunting
The Difference between animal abuse and hunting
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  • Exterminatore

    I love hunting and most animals in the Forrest taste delicious especially deer.

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    Hunting is quick and painless

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  • hansukota

    I completly hate hunting. It's different when animals kill other animals as they do it fr food. Most people do it fr fun and fucking decorations. Not acceptable at all.
    My policy is if a person wants to hunt, the have to do it with a knife and not a bloody fucking gun. This way the prey has a chance as well.

    • Nadim171

      With a what?😂 that's almost impossible... for example deer run very very fast. Also that's unhuman since it will make you stab the deer and leave it until it bleeds. And it will damage the pelt

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    • BeMuse

      People are part of the animal kingdom.

    • Nadim171

      It's actually harder when you're on a moving vehicle or animal not easier. But climbing is fine even animals climb

  • Ámayas_20

    I agree there is a difference but hunting is still wrong.

    • Nadim171


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    • Okay I'm done you aren't even comprehending what I'm saying.

    • Nadim171

      I get it, but you don't want to accept the truth, by the way I never hunted myself

  • MostPaloney23

    Hunting is killing an animal for a specific purpose, usually meat. And with normal hunting done with any sense of taste has far less suffering than most animals you'd find on a farm

  • awesometjgreen

    Yeah I totally agree. Personally I just love animals so I can't stomach killing something myself but I love fucking steak so bye bye mr or mrs cow 😂. On the other hand I don't mind fishing because fish are dumb as rocks.

  • BeMuse

    I never felt I was feeding my wild side when I hunted or fished. It’s just useful work like growing a fruit tree or tomato plant.

  • Lliam

    I'm an omnivore. Therefore killing animals is necessary. I am opposed to the inhumane treatment of animals in factory farms. Hunting is the most ethical way to obtain meat. And, in some respects, hunting helps to prevent certain species like deer from overpopulating.

    I have to say that I don't get any pleasure from killing. I don't hunt for fun. I always feel bad for the animals, but I know that I didn't make them suffer much.

    The way I see it is, every wild animal is going to die in one of two ways. It will either starve to death or get killed and eaten by another animal. Nature can be pretty brutal.

    One thing I don't understand is trophy hunting for endangered species. I have the lowest possible opinion for people who do that. They have zero consciousness. I'd be happy to see people like that, as well as poachers, dead.

  • someginger

    Ok I against hunting for sport same with furr, just as long as the animal is killed quickly and for flood it's slightly more ok. I would be against killing any animal if I could be vegan

    • Food*

    • Nadim171

      We're predators, and that doesn't make us evil, tigers are predators, wolves are predators, bear are predators. Yet they're not evil, we're not evil either

  • Dtegesd123

    I wonder where shark fin fishing falls in this discussion. They catch the fish and just cut its fins off. They aren't doing it for pleasure, but more for profit.

  • es20490446e

    The difference is that one enjoys the animal suffering,
    and the other just doesn't care about it.

  • Nice mytake

  • goaded

    What wild animals are there to hunt in Egypt?

  • Thatswhyimhere

    I see no difference.

  • MoneyBeets

    i love the taste of fear in beef jerky