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Why I'm an Ally

June is Pride Month, a month so dedicated in honor of the now 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in which the LGBTQI+ Community fought against police and others who were constantly raiding and shutting their establishments down and frequently arresting, and worse, people of their community. The word Pride is used to shake off the stigma that one should be ashamed in any way of their sexuality.

Myself, I'm an ally, a friend, and supporter of those of the LGBTQI+ community. I have family, friends, and co-workers who all belong to the greater community and I have chosen support them and more accurately, just be a friend.

Why am I an ally?

1. The world said so

Why I'm an Ally

Religion says to love thy neighbor. There are no stipulations put on who that neighbor is or has to be. Grade school taught me to treat others the way I'd like to be treated. My parents taught me to respect other people. We have laws on the books that protect citizens from hate crimes. The world says to treat people like people and yet some choose not to do the very thing they tell and demand others to do and expect that only they should be treated with any decency. One does not have to agree with someone's so called "lifestyle" in order to treat them with respect. You can disagree with someone all day, every day or how they live their life and still not actively choose to disrespect them by bullying them or committing violence toward them.

2. I don't have or want to make time to hate

Why I'm an Ally

Do you know how much extra time and effort is required to hate someone? I'd have to wake up, go down to some store, buy some signs, come up with some hatred slogans, go out and stand in the heat or the cold and yell at people I don't even know about something they've not done to me. Either that or spend hours as a keyboard warrior apparently blogging to people who most definitely aren't reading what I'm writing. I work A LOT so to then spend what little extra time I have on useless hatred that isn't going to make anyone less gay who already is seems like a complete waste. On my death bed, I don't want to be remembered as a homophobe. Who's life goal should that be really? There is no group that has done nothing to me or mine that I care enough about to take away from my time spent with friends and family to do all that.

3. I know what it's like to be bullied

Why I'm an Ally

I was bullied as a teen and it made every day of my life practically unbearable. If it weren't for the few good friends I had in my life at the time, things could have taken a horrible turn. For some in the community, it's that one friend or family member or their new created family that is all they have and are the only people who love them and keep them going. The world can be filled with people who refuse to let you live and be who you are. I'm lucky that my torment ended when I left middle school, but for others, to have to carry that burden around their whole life for being what they are that they can't change, can be extremely rough. Many have chosen to end their lives to end that pain. I want to be a reason for someone to keep going as opposed to the reason they see no reason to if it comes down to that.

4. Understanding unconditional love

Why I'm an Ally

In the early 90's, my cousin died due to complications with AIDS. Believe it or not, he was one of the lucky ones to not have to die alone, shoved aside in some quarantined hospital ward or disavowed by his family. I have a lot of family members who are deeply religious and go to churches or went to churches who spoke of gay people as being evil or deserving of such a fate---those same family members, however they felt inside, came when he called on his death bed. They surrounded him with love, reminded him of happier times, held him as he wept, and fought for his partner to be able to be by his side at his funeral at a church where they had to lie and say his partner was a friend and that he died of pneumonia because their family church would not burry anyone with AIDS in their cemetery. So many died with no one to care for them and people and family treating them like nothing. You don't go through something like that and see how others are badly treated, or how a church could turn away a grieving loved one, let alone the dead, and come out of it thinking that that's okay or the right thing to do.

5. We're not yet all free

Why I'm an Ally

If you want to speak of privilege, here we are. In a world where everyone is scrambling to get something and somewhere in this life, I don't feel like its okay that only a certain subset of people should have the right to personal protection from discrimination or abuse. I'm a citizen of this world---we all are---- and I shouldn't just fight for five seconds for only what I need and want, and allow others to be trampled and forgotten in the process. My friends stand besides me when I'm hurting or need help or need defending no matter who they are or what they represent, and to then go and turn my back on them is not what I call the definition of being a friend or a humane person. We're not yet free until we all have the freedom to be treated as human beings and under the law, as just people who love, hurt, have families, get married, have children, and want many of the same things out of life.

This is a part of my story. We're all different. I hope if you're not already, that maybe you too could become an ally. If not, if you feel like you can never in your life approve of the LGBTQI+ community, I obviously cannot force you to love or like someone and treat them as you would a friend, however, going back to the respect thing---you can disagree with someone and still treat them with respect. You make the choice to treat others the way you do and that has nothing to do with what others have done to you if they've never actually done or said anything to you in a hurtful or disrespectful manner.

If you want more info on being an ally, check out the HRC: https://www.hrc.org/blog/how-to-be-an-lgbt-ally

Why I'm an Ally
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  • AuroraRoseat

    I agree with your Take. I am an ally because I feel that everyone deserves the freedom of being able to express who they are without any oppression or fear of being killed in various parts of the world. I also wouldn't EVER desire to subject others to my personal biased opinions and do my best to assist them.

    What really got me was number 5. My religion told me that gays were sinners, meant to be condemned, automatically going to hell, so I assumed that these people were horrible akin to murderers and the like (and people say that religion can' be used to oppress and demean others?). The church-goers did nothing to stem my ignorance and merely encouraged it.

    I met my first gay friend in the seventh grade and honestly stared at him at first. There was nothing different about him--this boy was completely NORMAL. He simply like boys instead of girls which I thought of as a common interest. I started to challenge my beliefs then because I knew then that it wasn't RIGHT to oppress others because I or others might not agree. So I would make excuses to placate my beliefs, going so far as to fight against others by saying that it is a choice.

    I am sad to say that it wasn't until my mid-twenties that I realized the fool I was. If you asked me if I would ever go back to how I was before, I will happily tell you no. If they (or any oppressed people) feel that they are alone, they should know that they are not and I am willing to fight for them even if they can't do it themselves. :)

  • Intheshadowsilie

    This is why I always feel that the T should be taken out of LGBTQ+ I feel like as a trans woman am in their way and invaded their spaces, it always kinda upset me when people throw me in with gay people am not gay and my sexuality is 100% straight (meaning am a girl that likes guys) and reading a comment or post that makes it clear they are talking about gay people makes the T misplaced. We have trans pride and flag of our own, this is just how I feel >~<.

    At least it good gay people have support though they differently need it in this world that considers them unnatural when it is 200% natural am glad for them ^_^.

    • @Wowgirl30q Really? I like quite a lot of people but hey you just showed your true colours you not a supporter off LGBTQ+ because the T is I’m there and clearly don’t support trans people, by the way tranny is slur so now your a transphobic dick head have a nice day ^^.

    • @Wowgirl30q Well then you don’t support LGBTQI+ so your going out of your way too lie too people. So your not an ally and you believe in equality and you continue use of a transphobic slur is proving my point.

      Under the DSM ( diagnostic statistical manual for mental health classification and diagnoses) transgenderism dose not reach the requirements for meant health disorders nor does it show any psychotic behaviour or symptoms. In short if I seek out professional help for transgenderism then they would sit me down and tell me that your abusing me online and would recommend that I walk away from the online space. I should know I told enough to people enough times. The behaviour that your using is called clinically "dominant behaviour" were your trying to more dominant over me and take away my power hence the continued use a slur not to mention the fact your 30 years old and acting like 13 year old.

    • *mental health

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous

    I’m okay with normal gays but a lot all of you lgbt people are freaks who have your freak parades and dress and act like freaks plus they are hypocrites who play victim and they know they can hate against straight people and nothing will happen to them them when something does happen it’s a hate crime fuck that

  • Kiran_Yagami

    If it's not about hate, then why are gay couples suing bakers for not making them cakes when there's a zillion other bakers in town? My ass, it's 100% about hate and pushing a political agenda down people's throats under pain of losing your livelihood. LGBTQXYZ can kiss my ass.

    • And if a baker refused to make an interracial couple for that reason should they just go to another shop?

    • @Ad_Quid_Orator You mean should you get on with your life instead of dwelling on one idiot's bigotry? OF COURSE YOU SHOULD. Why waste your time on someone else's hate? I wouldn't. I'd leave and go spend my money elsewhere. Whoopty doo. Some guy won't bake me a cake 'cause I'm brown. There are other cake shops. Would I really want this guy to bake me a cake after knowing how he thinks? If I tried to use force of law to get him to make me a cake, would I feel safe eating it? That's just asinine. Get on with your day. Stop pretending you can make people better, because you can't. You can only make you better.

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  • Miristheiss


    In Saudi Arabia? I'm sure you don't mean the west.

    In the west, they aren't oppressed. They have the same rights everyone else has.
    Cry me a river with all the "victim" virtue.

    Quit trying to proclaim what a "good" person you are. Oh the vanity and self obsession.

  • TenPoundTabby


    1. Mother's day. Father's day. Christmas. Pride month. Who is craving attention here?

    2. No, religion doesn't say to love thy neighbor. Only Christianity teaches that. However, you want to have Christianity on the cheap, thinking that you can love others without knowing what love even is. Love doesn't tell people it's ok to walk off a cliff, for instance, or that there's no functional difference between men and women.

    3. Let's talk a bit about the dirty little secrets of the gay community, shall we? Most/many homosexual marriages are open relationships -- not committed ones. And what about ex-gays? They're persona non-grata in homosexual circles. Bisexuals are often told to "pick a side". Homosexual activists are notoriously hateful, because they sue people to compel them express opinions and give up their own freedom of speech. Also, homosexual activists got judges to impose homosexual marriage instead of respecting the voters' decisions.

    4. So you think that church (i. e. Christianity) can't teach "love the sinner but hate the sin"? I'm sorry, but that's a pretty basic practice of the faith. Why should a Christian church bury an unsaved person in their graveyard? Why would someone who didn't care about that faith want to be buried there? LOL.

    Really what you want is to command private organizations to serve your agenda. That's not very loving. Scratch a homosexual advocate, find a tyrant.

  • Freedom is not free.
    Unconditional love only exists when your stomach is full.
    Being bullied only makes you stronger.
    Nobody can make time for anything if they don't want to.
    Christianity is against LGBTQ+.

    • And the LGBT are the bullies

    • JenSCDC

      @NoPoliticsPleeease "And the LGBT are the bullies" Just like MLK, right?

  • RolandCuthbert

    I was invited to a pride party last night. I ducked out without anyone knowing.

    Can't do it.

    I am not into trying silence gays or make gay marriage illegal. I see it as immoral. Other than that, I don't have much to say about it.

  • sawno

    I don't feel like its okay that only a certain subset of people should have the right to personal protection from discrimination or abuse" exactly why I do not support the LGBT movement they are a collective against straights and harm people inside of the movement as well. Its politicing everyone with culutural marxism to get them to vote and behave a certain way that would be labeled by this movement as normal for the sake of being yourself. Except if your desperately trying to conform to whatever social role you think fits your sexuality than you haven't really understood the concept. It should really just be as simple as being attracted to who you are attracted to, without all the cultural and political aspects of it. Otherwise you will always be seen as abnormal because its a movement that depicts how abnormal they are and then forces us to say its normal.

    So for me? I ally with those who wish to be themselves, and speak out against creating a political union of the back of people with different sexualities.

  • Randomawkwardness

    I understand why you wrote it anon, the hate you would receive in your inbox and other questions would be astonishing. LGBT groups still do face oppression everywhere, and for people saying suing the bankers was a hate crime - what if they refused to bake a cake for you because you were Christian? I'm sure you would sue them and damn them to help.

    • DJZest

      A Christian would not get upset like a mad baby and demand "justice", but shrug it off, go to another baker and forget about it. That that's the difference between good and evil.

  • SJW nonsense. People are individuals and I judge them based upon their own actions.

    And you are so "proud" that you chose to go anon instead of using your user name? That is what is known as "Bravely Hiding."

  • MlleCake

    Very nice MyTake. The exact Stonewall anniversary is tomorrow. I have a friend who was there.

    This is pretty much what we want to hear from allies - that you just see us as any other person, deserving of dignity, respect and freedom.

    Thank you for your support.

  • Can I go in the street to celebrate the fact that i'm straight?

  • RationalMale

    I'm not an ally because I'm not cruel. I don't support people engaging in lifestyles that gives them HIV and syphilis and incredibly high rates of domestic violence.

    It seems as kind as being an "ally" to a drug user.

  • lofii

    I'm proud to be ab Ally > posts anonymously


  • blkhermano

    I'm not an ally. That does not mean I hate, simply that i don't agree with the lifestyle.

    I have family members that smoke, which i do not, but i sure don't hate them for that. I simply just dont support the lifestyle.

    • JenSCDC

      Being LGBT isn't a lifestyle.

    • blkhermano

      Simply, I dont hate how a person chooses to live their life, but I don't agree with it.

  • Britantic

    Agreed all sexualitys should be celebrated

  • zagor

    And you're so proud of it, you wrote this as an anon...

  • hahahmm

    I have a theory that being gay is a symptom of being rich/spoiled. Probably with a spread like 80% spoiled, 20% rich & spoiled.

    A few people are born gay but I bet it’s only a tiny fraction of the loud mouthed parade types.

  • Bman4907

    I say do what you and love who you want, but this whole thing does as much as saying "thoughts and prayers" or adding a temporary picture on facebook. Saying I'm an ally, just seems to be the new I do crossfit. Like you just want a pat on the back so you give it to yourself.

  • TadCurious

    If you're a proud supporter of "Pride Month" why do you feel the need to post this anonymously? Isn't that sort of like being an "in the closet" ally?

    • Exactly they wanna preach but won't take responsibility for it

    • Maybe she just doesn’t want to be bullied for her point of view

    • If you feel bullied on the internet then you shouldn't be on the internet

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  • TonyMetal_86

    The walk of shame should have a symbol of black and white cause they symbolize death and leave the rainbow to the normal straight couples, which are the real pride

  • White-American89

    I'm not an ally. I treat all people regardless of sexuality or gender/imagined non biological genders as equal.

  • I have authored a long dissertation on this subject. It is Chapter XXX (30) on my website: www.thezap.net Please check it out.

  • _dude_

    If you really want to make a change for the LGBTQ community, rather than commemorating something that happened 50 years ago, you should engage in human rights for LGBTQ people in Africa and the Middle East, where they can be sentenced to jail or even death, or be hanged from cranes or threwn off roof tops.

  • jirwin7979

    i never judge i think every one is the same no mater sexual pref... yea i suck at spelling... but i have a few friends that are gay and people ask arnt u worried i tell em they are people to who need to be loved never judge a person ever i dont know the rite words hence why i say they i dont like being disrespectful i hope i dont upset any one if i did my deep appoligys

  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    I'm an ally too. I don't have the time or energy to hate on people for things they can't control. Most of the responses here make me sad.

  • I thought June was Dairy Month. See its right here.

    June is National Dairy Month International Dairy Foods...
    [Search domain www.idfa.org/.../june-is-national-dairy-month] www.idfa.org/.../june-is-national-dairy-month
    National Dairy Month is a great way to start the summer with nutrient-rich dairy foods. From calcium to potassium, dairy products like milk contain nine essential nutrients which may help to better manage your weight, reduce your risk for high blood pressure, osteoporosis and certain cancers.

    I think you have the wrong month, but I could be wrong to.

    • Multiple things can be the same month I think, I do know about dairy month though, a cow farmer I know kept reminding everyone, XD.

    • sean1234

      @spunkygiraffe Dairy month, lol. From what I've learned, cheese hardly digests in the system and contributes to making people obese and only babies are supposed to drink their mothers milk and never drink milk again, just like animals do.

      Dairy month shouldn't exist.

    • @sean1234 I didn't invent it!

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  • sean1234

    June is arrogance month I guess because pride is arrogance.

  • sonnysunshine

    Yes for the longest time gay people asked us not to judge their lifestyle and what they did in their bedrooms are none of our business.

    So what do they do when they get all “rights”? They parade their sexuality and get in everyone’s face. They steal half the alphabet to make up some weird, bizarre organization.

    They brings KIDS to pride events were people are literally naked saying they are “good role models”.

    You don’t want us to judge your lifestyle? Quit pushing all your shit in our faces. You are NOT special. For the longest time you begged to be equal and you got it. But it turns out it was never about being equal but getting attention and special privileges.

    • If you think gay people have full equality you’re mistaken. There are countries that will arrest you, or even stone you to death if you are gay.
      People are still accosted for walking down the street holding their partners hand, something us heterosexuals take for granted.
      Everyone has a right to their opinion. But when it comes to pride and people being comfortable with their sexuality and having it celebrated? If you don’t like it, don’t look.

    • @HayleyMarie and if these people are so “stunning and brave” why don’t they fly out to the Middle East and wave the rainbow flag around? Why waste all the money, time and effort on the western world when gays are getting thrown off buildings in other parts of the world?

      And as for “not looking”. You people are doing ALL YOU CAN to show it in our faces. My fucking Uber app has a rainbow lines on my app when I order a car.

      This crap is going to push people in the opposite direction.

    • Not our government. I don’t think sending a large group of the gay community to the Middle East to wave a rainbow flag would be the best idea, it would just put people in danger. With social media you don’t need to have the parade in those countries.
      Also, for ignorant people such as yourself I’m sure they’d prefer you not look or care. They don’t need your negativity. Oh no you have to look at a fucking rainbow on your Uber app, I feel terrible for you.

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  • Lawschoolgossips

    I’m an ally too. I think it’s ridiculous to prosecute people for their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • i1T2daty

    Biggest sexual turn on. Loving lesbian sex but w/o credentials to play.

  • Phoenix98

    Well I am not an ally but that does not mean I hate them, I hate what they practice it makes me sick, but I hate the actions being done not the individuals themselves.

    And I think it's wrong that anyone would be hunted down and hurt or killed for their beliefs or actions, that's no ok.

    I will not support them or what they practice I find it immoral but I'm not gonna spit on them or hunt them down or hurt them that's messed up.

    I have a female gay friend who I love very much and see her like a sister almost despite the fact that she knows I disagree with what she practices and that I know what she practices.

    FYI a few things you stated in your post are wrong.

  • DJZest

    You're anonymous; you're a nobody. How is it that you present yourself as being something or someone and then standing for something, the LBGT agenda in this case.

    Stupid propaganda spouted by an operative of the evil one, this is.

    Personally, whether guys are into sucking dee or women love their own, I don't care.

    I have come to understand however, that homosexuality leads to deep misery, which is why your agenda is bound to fail, and not only in the LBGT aspect.

    Hear about the recent Google whistleblower? You insane control freak mentality and system is burning, everywhere.

  • taleswapper

    I don't consider myself an ally; I just hate bullies enough that I look for excuses to hunt them.

  • Tina1984

    Agreed to much hate in this world plus I’m part of the lgbt world. It’s about community.

  • TallMaria90

    Agreed don’t forget Tyler Clementi I came out for he was discovered.

  • Aphrodite89

    I agree I’m out of the closet. I don’t live in the America’s but I follow places of the LGBT rights.

  • Yas girl yaaasss 😍😏😄🏳️‍🌈

  • MissKittyz

    That was beautiful! Good job on this mytake :)

  • ThisDudeHere

    Ironic that you're anonymous.

    • NightFlirt

      She's probably anonymous because despite the gains the LGBTQ community has made there are still a lot of bigoted people out there who will do everything in their power to verbally, mentally and physically abuse anyone who is not "Normal" like them

    • @NightFlirt this is the internet. G@G in particular - you can just block them.

    • zagor

      @NightFlirt I don't think people are using their real names here.

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  • MisterSir

    thank you for being an ally

  • Kitten1998

    I totally agree, this myTake is awesome 🌈

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • Sophie_2301

    100% agree

  • I’m not an ally

  • bangyourhead

    Aka why i like to virtue signal

  • ivanhunterjo

    Awesome Mytake. Totally agree

  • I support the color. I don't support LGBT

  • MoneyBeets

    I help the gays by having sex with women.

  • Girlypink89

    This is a great mytake!

  • Try2LoveMe

    hi everyone )

  • newsrss

    This is your destiny and try to value yourself

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand why so many people are hating on you for this.

    As a closeted member of the LGBT community I appreciate your support.