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Quarantine: A Poem about social distancing

Quarantine: A Poem about social distancing


What does this word mean?

It means staying home and keeping your distance as much as possible

Save your family, your elders, your friends, and your life.

Save our nature, our wildlife, our trees and lakes.

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Denver, and New Orleans all slow paced for now.

Families on the couch watching Netflix and playing video games.

Essential workers like healthcare workers, grocery store employees, truckers, delivery drivers, rescue and law enforcement are the new heroes of the nation.

No sports, awards shows, movie theaters, bars, or playgrounds have become our new norm.

People panic buying, taking up essentials that people need.

The government is still debating over a stimulus that would help build us up.

People going the extra mile to help their neighbors and elderly to get supplies and food that they may not be in the best shape to go out and get.

All around the world this is happening.

From London to Madrid, from Shanghai to Moscow, from Sydney to San Francisco.

Until this is over we need to be kind, we need to protect us and everyone.

This sucks I know, but we will think back one day and maybe be better for it.

Quarantine: A Poem about social distancing
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  • sdrawkcabosmi
    There's a death metal song about COVID-19 that I've been showing around. It seems to be getting through to folks better than the news.
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Really 104?
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  • whywhywhywhwy
    Great, you should post it on reddit.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Facts. All happenin' now.
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  • alance99
    Nice one
  • masonderek6994
    Nice but I'm ignoring any quarantine orders

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