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Eternal life in You


Humans are special because we control our own evolution. This idea is written into the bible as the first sin as having the knowledge of Good and Evil. The first evolutions of humankind was the inventions of clothing, farming, families, and weapons. We only invented these things after gaining our "godlike" consciousness. This consciousness is the "ego", the intellect, the esteem, the ideals, the imagination, the creative instinct. Different branches of the same tree.

The idea of having "eternal life" suggests you have innate importance. Otherwise, you'd obviously be content with just dying. Thus the idea of eternal life comes from your ego, this is how you are able to recognize the problem of dying. But what are "you"?

You are a creation. And that is a creation of environmental pressures + random chance + your ancestry.

The environmental pressure is things like climate. Maybe you have black skin, that's because your climate was very sunny. Maybe you have blue eyes, that's because your environment was covered in forests and dark eyes made it harder to see prey. Maybe you are a high IQ and civil person, because your environment demanded you to participate in strict families and to honor your parents, or go to jail.

The random chance are things like deaths, ancestries, forced pregnancies, arranged marriages, romantic encounters. These are what fuel the natural evolution of every species.

The ancestry component is what has given us control over our evolution. It's the component that facilitates eternal life, hence bloodline is extremely important to have "eternal life", and in Christian texts (the bible) this is made very clear. The first chapter of Matthew is a Genealogy. Chapters of Genesis and Exodus are filled with Genealogies. The Law emphasizes the importance of bloodline and ancestry.

Humans are obsessed with their ancestry. Every year we spend billions of dollars to research where our DNA comes from. Some of you fly foreign flags, learn foreign languages, all in an attempt to connect with what you think is your ancestry.

This is because DNA is eternal, you are a replication of people who died thousands of years ago. DNA gets damaged as individual ages, but the reproduction process is specifically designed to repair all of the damage (ideally) by combining two individuals DNA - the less related they are, the higher the chance for them to make a genetically perfect (free from age-related damage) baby.

But the problem is that we want ourselves to live on forever. Hence we prefer people of our own race. (Just a fact).

Eternal life is in making wise decisions. Priests create rules, which turn into religions, to help their nations DNA (a true nation shares common ancestors) perpetuate itself into eternity.

The last component is evolution. We have it within our power to control our evolution, but first we have to protect ourselves from unnecessary egotism with religion.

Religion will never go away, as it's simply a belief set held by a culture. Today that religion is generalities like "Love is love", nevertheless, a religion.

Eternal life in You
Eternal life in You
Eternal life in You
Eternal life in You
Eternal life in You
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  • humpbackjack
    Wheres @CrazyGirl2 cause this dude’s just coming up with his own theory’s taking them from already established theory or facts or out of thin air and putting them out there as if it’s facts and some of it sounds good enough to get some people to believe it as factual. When the reality of it is he’s just talking to talk I mean dude you just got called out on this nonsense by an 18 year old girl that granted she’s probably the smartest person on here but you wrote this long deal like you were a professor at Harvard or something and she called you out and broke it down to where all you had was a one word response. What was it? Something like “interesting “ it was hilarious
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    • CrazyGirl2

      Could you follow me please, I’d like to DM something to you, but I’m in a terrible rush to get to school right now, and I’m late

  • slatyb
    "DNA is eternal" It certainly is not. It decays like all flesh.

    It's all just blah blah blah make-believe. It's no less make-believe because it's old and a lot of people find it comforting.
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  • Ninani
    Why do you claim to know that humans are the only species to want eternal life?
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    • We only want what we already want, some of us. Some of us hate what we want. Called ascetics. All animals want eternal life, only we are conscious of it.

    • Ninani

      You sure about that? It's not like you could ask another animal.

    • Are you sure you aren't sexually attracted to me

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  • Oigit
    "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." is a line written by Voltaire in the 1700 and human history is the reason why I am not religious. Also frankly humanity is the last species that should have enteral life in any eternal life. Because everything in existence would be better if we where not here.
    • Nomoturtle

      You are a walking embodiment of irony.

    • That's a judgement, why dont you use your cynical ass to do something positive instead. Gay faggot

  • Xtcy2083
    As soon as I saw the word "Bible" my eyes glazed over. I don't want to live forever. The thought of living forever, either here on Earth or in some kind of "afterlife", just utterly appalls me! I couldn't imagine anything worse.
  • msc545
    This is a very odd admixture of religion and pseudo science.
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    • Ironic coming from a psychologist, the biggest pseudo science of all

    • msc545

      Ironic from someone who knows nothing about Psychology.

  • Nomoturtle
    There will always be metaphysical structure with which people try to understand the world. Most people today aren't aware in a formal manner that they follow religious ideals of how they should live their lives, yet they nevertheless do. I'm not sure I'd call it control in that case as you put it here.

    But yes it's plain to see that the characteristics of humans are weighted towards achieving eternal life in some form or another.
    But, I'm lacking the religious perspective; why is the eternal kingdom of heaven to be avoided to the last moment? Why are the material and symbolic forms of eternal life so hard to give up in comparison?
    • They are under control by elites. Elites aka priests form ideals. In Israel, the priests were so elite they didn't even have to work. They survived off of socialism. People who think they're irreligious are the most fooled of all.

    • Nomoturtle

      Largely true.

      What about my question?

  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Lol no. Religion actually dilutes the growing strength in our species by ensuring that every man has a chance to get sum fuk through promoting the "sanctity of marriage" or however they say it.

    Now that religion is becoming more important, we SHOULD expect the quality of our species to vastly improve within the next millennia now that woman can fuck whoever they want.

    Thing is that now we have feminism and "wokeness," which encourages women to seek out weak and obedient men so at this point it's a bit of a coin toss as to whether or not anything will actually change.
  • unusuak
    Dude i have hazel because my dads mexican and my moms was a blue eyed eyed irish lady not because im from somewhere that made them hazel. I just think we have enough proof that something interesting happans after death like the fact dont actualy die... scientific fact we are made of energy. Energy cannot die, it can only transform. Why does our brain rlease a hallucinogenic chemical right at actual time you take your death? How bout dreams? They can't figure out why dream... Two things we know alost nothing about. I. Thats gotta be connected somehow. You know technically death is something of an abstract concept. If you were born and since that day no one ever mentioned death to you... you wouldn't even know what it is. Kind of like paper that will get you things... the abstract concept of a piece of paper that holds a promise. Scientists have learned enough to where theyre acrually starting to support something after death.