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Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Sometimes you blame yourself for not putting in all the efforts required. The other times all the hard work that you’ve put in seem less when compared to others. There is always a goal-directed behavior that directs our efforts. We won’t put in efforts if we wouldn’t feel it would do any good for us. Today, we will discuss Luck or hard work what matters more?

How interest initiate effort?
Efforts are not big or small, their intensity varies with our interests. The amount of interest one will have in a task or an event would cater to the number of efforts one will put in. So, efforts coexist where interest lies. A person interested to learn to code would put in all the efforts to get an internship because scoring itself won’t do any good. Whereas it becomes hard to put in the same amount of efforts if you lack interest.

Luck or Hard work
People get what they deserve. The efforts which they made brings them the success, but whenever they lose they have a habit of blaming their luck. Now, blaming luck without even putting in efforts is another popular fashion. Luck and fate aren’t enough. If I would crib for my poor vocabulary without making any efforts for improving it, then probably luck won’t do its magic.

Luck VS Though, there are times when we get something without any effort. Those are the times when luck works in our favor. Like, if you attempted the questions containing 86 marks in your paper and you score a 90? Or else winning a lottery? It can bring you short term joy but won’t help you to develop in a true sense. Secondly, putting in efforts would not always bring you success. But with hard work, you can prepare yourself for even greater success by making yourself more learned and capable. So, we can say that one can build his/her own luck by continuous hard work. Therefore, though luck exists, hard work matters the most.

Luck or Hard work: What matters more?
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  • MCheetah

    Luck matters more, sadly. Like being lucky enough to be born to two rich parents, as opposed to being born to poor parents in a sh*tty area, but having a strong work ethic. While it does matter, a strong work ethic isn't enough to turn your life around. You often need that, plus opportunity and timing, plus networking, plus some level of intelligence, plus skills and talent, at the very least. And I'm a hard worker too, so I know.

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  • Haha456

    it really has to do with talent rather than luck. smart people tend to do better in life and tend to be happier than dumb people, on average. A smart person working hard is different from a stupid person working hard. No matter how hard the stupid person works, he would never be able to reach the success of a smart person working hard.

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  • hahahmm

    First you put in the hard work & then based on that others may give you access to opportunities. Some people call these opportunities 'luck'.

    What some people don't get is that not all work is equal. There's a saying: work smart or work hard. If you put your energy into the wrong things then it's largely wasted.

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  • exitseven

    I say it is luck. I worked hard my whole life and seldom got rewarded for it. Many times my career was derailed by some event One time it was 9/11, another time it was covid. Sometimes it was due to different management . Once the place was sold to a competitor and was moved out of state

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  • Phoenix98

    For me personally hard work is everything to me. But a little luck and lucky breaks every now and then don’t hurt either.

    But I’ll always rely on hard work over anything else hard work is vital and relevant in every part of your life from your relationships to your job and everything in between.

  • goaded

    Luck is more important, but work is the only one you can directly affect.

    I was lucky to be born to first-world parents.

    I was lucky to have been born at a time that my education was free (and I was even paid to go to university).

    I was lucky to be intelligent.

    I was lucky to have parents that could support me through childhood.


  • genericname85

    there's a lot of variables involved here. like for example what is "hard" work to you? and what goals have you set for yourself? cause that determines whether you're successful or not. also the ammount of luck and "hard work" needed varies depending on yourgoal. if your goal is to win the lottery, then luck is a very big factor. if your goal is to get ripped in the gym, you don't need luck at all.

  • MrJMM

    Everybody says hard work but really... I work easily, get more stuff done quickly, and have more comfort. The amount of hard work on whatever I put into it just gets either ignored or said that I didn't do any hard work whatsoever so it just Invalides all the shit I did.

  • TroyDT

    Except in extreme circumstances, like winning the lottery as you mentioned, hard work/working smart/perseverance are what generally create the opportunities that many people call "luck."

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  • Googlemyahoo


    You can have a PHD but the bosses nephew whose a dropout will get the job.

    Nepotism over all

  • tzdc21

    Hard work no question is what's most important.

  • Raaj4you

    I am lazy, I believe in smart work and luck. I am not a hard worker. Some people can do smart work and some people can't do it. Smart work is not for everyone. Earn more money with less efforts.

    • Raaj4you

      * I save more. I spend less money, I eat less food. I am a vegan, I live a simple life. I am not a overeater and obese.

  • lightbulb27

    It's who you know:) that provides for luck and hard work:)!

  • ohsheeT

    Remember when you were 2 years old and you wanted to walk no matter how many times you fell down. It didn't matter if it hurt nothing mattered because no matter what it was going to talk to walk you were going to do it. And with each experience there became inside confidence and knowledge and from there you learned how to run life is a big experience no matter what we're challenged with no matter what we want to do it is an experience and it's how we handle that experience what makes us succeed to the levels that we want to succeed to I wish there was luck in a lot of things but I think it's just hard work is putting your mind in gear and going after what you want so each and every day is an experience you take each one of those experiences every day you understand that you have to experience something to understand it keep pushing forward you will eventually get there it takes a lot of hard work though but it's well worth it

  • Joker_

    hard work matters more in the context of the value-system a productive person would have, but luck will literally help a person more at least materialistically

    • Joker_

      even some of the most privileged/wealthy people have depression, which tells you it's not just what you have that matters, but rather how you are

    • Joker_

      for instance, I have diarrhoea, but I am still content

  • Kiran_Yagami

    Even if you are lucky, your ability to capitalize on the opportunities that present themselves is dependent entirely on your work ethic. You have to hard work no matter how lucky you are.

  • AMS700CX4u2

    I had an opinion quite consistent with the majority. Hard work and dedication does pave the opportunities that will be offered to you. Until, I worked as a contract worker in a union shop Ultimately, I got torpedoed for outworking them and not calling in sick. When I was told I could continue to show up for work but not at my current of pay, but at a level 40,000 bucks a year lower. You guessed it, I resigned. My replacement was a retired Marine who it liked and`respected. I tried to warn her of what lay ahead. She stayed 3 years and gave it back to them. She told me it took 5 people to replace me. So in answer to your question. It doesn't always work out but it is the safest way to practice

  • misfittoy

    from my own trials and tribulations, it has been flat out hardwork. so to me hardwork always

  • tafarrier

    By Far LUCK

    Trump was lucky enough to be born to a millionare dad, giveing him millions to start. i got to wash my moms car.. thats about equal to donald. lol

  • HighlyQuestionable

    Another hard to read question...



    Well, I'll try to add my 2 cents (Can't guarantee it will relate to the question... but...)

    First of all, you are operating on a fallacy:

    "People get what they deserve".

    That is completely wrong, People do NOT get what they deserve.

    The working poor are still poor, the lazy, opportunistic rich are still rich, etc., etc, Ad Nauseum.

    Hard work means virtually nothing. being in a clique, kissing (the right) a*s, exploiting the poor schmuck just below you on the socioeconomic ladder, those are the ways people get ahead in (at least) this country (USA).

    Take it from someone who was worked hard and intelligently for 25 plus years and gotten nowhere because they cared about principles, doing the right thing, equality... and all those crazy, old-fashioned notions.

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