Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Luck or Hard work: What matters more?

Sometimes you blame yourself for not putting in all the efforts required. The other times all the hard work that you’ve put in seem less when compared to others. There is always a goal-directed behavior that directs our efforts. We won’t put in efforts if we wouldn’t feel it would do any good for us. Today, we will discuss Luck or hard work what matters more?

How interest initiate effort?
Efforts are not big or small, their intensity varies with our interests. The amount of interest one will have in a task or an event would cater to the number of efforts one will put in. So, efforts coexist where interest lies. A person interested to learn to code would put in all the efforts to get an internship because scoring itself won’t do any good. Whereas it becomes hard to put in the same amount of efforts if you lack interest.

Luck or Hard work
People get what they deserve. The efforts which they made brings them the success, but whenever they lose they have a habit of blaming their luck. Now, blaming luck without even putting in efforts is another popular fashion. Luck and fate aren’t enough. If I would crib for my poor vocabulary without making any efforts for improving it, then probably luck won’t do its magic.

Luck VS Though, there are times when we get something without any effort. Those are the times when luck works in our favor. Like, if you attempted the questions containing 86 marks in your paper and you score a 90? Or else winning a lottery? It can bring you short term joy but won’t help you to develop in a true sense. Secondly, putting in efforts would not always bring you success. But with hard work, you can prepare yourself for even greater success by making yourself more learned and capable. So, we can say that one can build his/her own luck by continuous hard work. Therefore, though luck exists, hard work matters the most.

Luck or Hard work: What matters more?
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