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The way to unlimited power: do it easy


I recently had an epiphany, and I'm assimilating what it means: As weird as this may sound I have experienced the way of reaching unlimited power, fulfillment, and happiness. And it's so simple nobody ever sees it.

It is non other than distinguishing the SINGLE most important thing from the rest.

I realized that what happens to people is that they are self appointed to so many other things that, even when interesting, they aren't the bull's eye. And that keeps them ignorant of the single thing.

The single things alone catapults you quickly to the greatest success. But for that you have to embrace an idea that is hard to most people, which is giving up on everything else. That by doing little, but slightly better than usual, you get the most. You are literally unstoppable.

People usually see life as a kind of sport competition, where only the best prevails. That makes them perceive doing very hard work as the paramount to success, hence they want to do as much as possible.

But life isn't like that at all. The truth is that for a person that is slightly observant, critical and committed you quickly find out there are so many things that most people aren't willing to do, and are attainable. And the only thing that is required is just doing slightly better than usual.

The way to unlimited power: do it easy
The way to unlimited power: do it easy
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