Women Want Less Objectifying in the Media to Lower Standards

Less Objectifying = Lower Standards?

Every time a good picture of a model comes up, or when one of my friends pulls out a picture of a hot girl on his phone, girls often make comments like, "That picture is so fake!" or, they'll say something about the photo objectifying women.

The thing about this that bothers me is these pictures exist of men as well, but no man would ever say, "Wow that guys got a six pack! They should have a normal guy on the cover!" Men don't say things like that, even though every overweight man would love to lose weight, achieve a six-pack, etc.

Why Do Women Care, but Men Don't?

Men are not bothered by these types of pictures, so why are girls so bothered by them? In my opinion, I feel it is because women want lower standards.

I'm not saying this to be a jerk, I'm saying this because women preach, "Guys shouldn't care about looks" and other things along those lines. However, girls are not shy about wanting a good looking guy with six-pack abs, even though they themselves may be overweight, have small breasts, etc.

Double Standards

People may say "Well it's not achievable," but the truth is, every guy can have six-pack abs, and every girl can have a slim and toned body - it just takes effort and work. It simply seems that girls expect a lot from guys, but expect the standards to be lowered for them.

So that's #myTake. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of hate, but I just wanted to see if anyone felt the same :)


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  • You are correct.

    There is still a lot of pressure on women to be aesthetically pleasing. Many even place full value on women's looks, that looks are the sole purpose of her existence.

    So it's not at all surprising that women are getting fed with constantly being shoved images of perfection in their faces, being told how we ought to look like and such, while everything else is being overlooked as unimportant.

    Yes, men are also expected to look a certain way, but the demand for ultra looks is not as high.
    In the eyes of society the perfect man is that, who has achieved a lot in his life, reached his goals, has a career/job he loves and is financially stable.

    Women, on the other hand, need to be aesthetically pleasing to be considered perfect. That's it. Career? Achievements? Contributions?
    Nobody cares, unless the chick is hot and fuckable.

    So of course women are getting peeved off, when all their value is being placed on something so shallow and TEMPORARY. Because guess what? The perfect man will still have his career and success after his looks fade. What will the perfect woman have? Wrinkles and snide remarks about how saggy her tits are.

    • While looks are only temporary and yes looks fade but you can work hard and maintain looks for that small window of time and you can take advantage of the best years of your life because you looked good because you worked out stuff along those lines

    • -----------------------------------> Point


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  • People are going to dismiss this take as simply being misogynist but there is some truth to what you are trying to say.

    It's true that women are being objectified and hypersexualized at a much younger age. But it's silly to blame the media and men for it. At 6-8 years old girls get these hypersexualized dolls for Christmas (parents fault and doll designers fault) and at 12-15 years old they buy all these teen/girly magazines that tell them they need to put a ton of make up on, be thin and have a thigh gap to be attractive enough (women's own fault and fashion industry's fault).

    If men become depressed because of unrealistic images and gender expectations presented to them in the media, most people would tell them to not pay attention to it, "get over it" or "don't be a sissy, you're supposed to be a man and men are supposed to be stronger than women".

    So we can only presume that women are easier to manipulate by the media. Because the same level of objectifying and unrealistic standards are presented to men. In ads, movies, games and tv series we always see handsome ripped and tall men models achieving very manly tasks but men are not as affected or offended by it because most of us simply don't care and do not see it as an attempt to control us to change or to be as perfect. Men realize how ridiculous and unrealistic those standards of beauty and gender roles are. But women seem unable to come to the same conclusion and instead want to censor the media by removing those visual images.

    But of course they want to keep their stupid girly magazines, anorexic fashion models and male models unchanged because that's just really hot to look at..

    • *men became depressed
      *easier to be manipulated
      *level of objectification

      How I wish we could edit our comments. All those annoying errors and there's fuck all I can do about it. :( #grammarnaziproblems

    • Right on the head of the nail.

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  • I think you've missed the point unfortunately. Obviously you're entitled to your own opinion, but the truth of the matter is it affects women very much psychologically. Truthfully, not just any person can be super thin, that's extremely incorrect. I am larger for my height, have been told I'm fat, have been told I should lose weight, because I'm not stick thin. When I was younger and thinner, people still said these things even though I was healthy (still am) and a perfect weight. The media has models that are skinny to the point it's unhealthy, and it sets that ideal standard for women, even though it's not a healthy standard. Women take issue with this not because they want lower standards, they want HEALTHY role models. Most photos are digitally alterated as well. This actually does affect men as well. About 10% of body image related disorders are diagnosed in men, and most men admit to feeling they need to work on their bodies in order to be accepted into society. Same with women. So just because you don't personally care, doesn't mean other men don't.
    I don't expect people to be attracted to me. I know I'm not model thin. I'm a curvier girl. But I'm extremely healthy, and honestly, it's a guy's loss if they won't like me because I'm not stick thin. I've tried losing in absolutely every way possible, and I still try, but in the end, I shouldn't have to hear "you need to lose weight" when I'm actually probably healthier than the person who says that to me. Women with larger breasts are depicted as sluts. As such, I've been groped in public quite a few times. It's violating and makes me feel like crap, since essentially, I'm an object to that person. My feelings don't matter. Women with small breasts are depicted as "boyish". Well, stick thin + huge boobs just doesn't happen naturally. Sorry to break it to you. These girls are told they're undesirable. That is why it's a problem in media and that's why it matters. It is an issue for BOTH genders.

    • Also, no hate. I just think you're severely misinformed. Which is why I typed this whole big thing up for you. I've done a lot of research on this subject over the years, because I feel it's a huge problem in our society. The point isn't to lower standards. It's that the models used are usually not healthy and set an unhealthy standard for women.

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    • OP, although losing weight was easy for you, it doesn't mean it's that easy or possible for everyone. (and body image implies more than just weight as well, such as perfect skin) I eat about 1,200 calories a day, and have trouble eating anything more. I exercise about 2 hours a day, sometimes more, to the point I developed an incurable foot injury. I still work through that injury, even though it hurts like hell (imagine a needle being thrusted into your heel with every single step. That's how it feels and it never stops). I was still gaining, so finally I went to my last resort and got put on pills (by my doctor) similar to meth. Most people lose about 10-20 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I've been on it a month now, lost 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks, and now haven't lost at all in the past 2 weeks. I have tried everything. I am very healthy, but tired of people telling me I'm ugly, need to lose weight, etc.

    • So, that's my point. It's not even that it's 'not easy', sometimes you can try your absolute hardest, and it still doesn't matter. You can never live up to that perfect ideal. I am perfectly healthy, healthier than most of my skinny friends, however because people call me ugly and fat and treat me poorly because I don't fit into that ideal, they claim I need to lose weight. In order to be treated with respect, I feel I have to lose weight.

  • *a wild misogynist appears and starts writing his bullshit and calls it a "take"*

    • The thing is you're sitting there thinking "Oh my god what a jerk he thinks I should go to the gym! I'm gonna sit on the couch eat chips and wait for a good man to come along!" That's now how it works and if you're saying "Real women don't look like that." Well there's a lot of photoshop in those pictures but at the same time those women being photoshopped look a lot like that picture because of all the working out and eating well they do, and if you're not willing to do that don't be surprised when you don't look like the people who do.

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    • Clearly so is being a bitch...

    • how old are you asker? The girl in the gif you picked looks awfully young. So I bet you're also just as young?

  • You're right, girls are more sensitive to these images than men are, but the difference is, the objectification of women have led to a lot of negative sociological issues.
    You said there's a double standard about fitness and beauty (that is achievable), and that's true, but there's also a double standard when it comes to gender and sexuality. In our society, men are seen as sexual beings who can have many partners and be praised for it, and women are seen negatively if she acts the way a male would with her sexuality. The media has created women to be sexual objects (a person regarded exclusively as an object of sexual interest) rather than sexual subjects like men (regarded as a multi-faceted being who can also be sexual). It would be different if these beautiful women were shown in more empowering shots, but they aren't. The sexual objectification of women leads to women getting less respect and are dehumanized in a sense, which contributes to rape rates and such. I can tell you as a sociology major that every little thing in the media that seems little, can actually have huge impacts on society. On the outside, these issues might seem stupid and insignificant, but if you really take the time to study them and observe the repercussions, you'll find that maybe they aren't so insignificant and maybe they should be fixed.

    • 3 guys have down voted this, 2 girls have up voted this, I'm gonna go ahead and say this is the most insightful thing I've read on here tonight, I was looking through the MyTake and thinking "This is accurate" then I read your post and wow, that's really true. I'd just like to thank you for making me realize. I appreciate it greatly!<3

    • No problem :)

    • You're entirely right, but that doesn't really relate to what he said, which is equally right.

  • While you have a point, I think you're forgetting a couple of key things. First off, the ratio of scantily clad perfect women compared to men in the media and advertisements is astronomically bigger. Yes, there are ads with very good looking guys but not 10 to 20 every time you turn around. Another big difference is women are taught that looking perfect equates to their personal value. That's how people like paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian can become famous without really achieving anything. For men it's easier to be accepted based on talent or intelligence etc.

    • Great point! Men usually have more variance, whereas the amount of sexualization for women is much higher.

      And this is something we see in varying societies all over the world. Females are typically valued more for their appearance in the entertainment industry, especially. Anyone remember the huge commotion over Meghan Fox? Girl can barely act. But she became famous over her beauty. I pay a lot of attention to the Korean industry, and female artists there are basically required to be attractive else they'll flop like a fish. (For you fellow KPOP fans, remember MamaMoo?) Women are frequently encouraged to get plastic surgery from a young age, as well, whereas men aren't.

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    • Very good point! Don't leave, we need this type of insight :x

    • @BuchitaBuchys thank you so much! 😘

  • "Every guy can have six-pack abs, and every girl can have a slim and toned body - it just takes effort and work."

    This is where the problem lies. We all know men & women tend to think differently. The thing I've noticed about most men is that when they have insecurities, they want some sort of solution to the problem so that the problem will become non-existant. Women, on the other hand, don't want solutions to their problems. They just want to whine & bitch about them & wait for someone else to fix the problem for them (hence, they want men to tell them that they're "beautiful no matter what size they are.")

    • I am glad a girl realized I wasn't talking shit about girls saying they should all look like models I was saying that everyone can look similar to those models they can't look exactly like them but they can try. Thank you :)

    • TBH it would be a struggle for me to have a VS model body, but the difference between me & most girls is that I don't give a fuck about what the media says is beautiful. Some guys will like me, some won't. I don't need the media to show more normal-sized women on magazine covers to make me feel good about myself.

    • But that's the point I was trying to get across for some people it will be stupid hard to get that body but if you're willing to put the effort in you can do it it's hard but not unachievable

  • I don't like the way this take thing is being used. I don't think you should be able to post anonymously and I hate that something as stupid as this is gonna be on my frontpage for a while.

    First of all, you're wrong, it does bother men. Often those who have daughters because they are able to see it from her perspective
    Second of all you're missing the point completely. It's that it's not realistic for anyone. Photoshop these days is used to create proportions that aren't humanly possible. They say it's fake because it is. It's not even the pictures that are the problem it's that they look so real men and many women can't tell the difference anymore.
    I can't count the number of times I've seen men gush over a pic like on the left claiming it's completely real and achievable, when evidently it's not


    In the words of cindy crawford "I wish I looked like cindy crawford"
    This is what Photoshop can do and I don't think enough people realize this

    And you've missed the point on so many other levels also. So much more than I could write here. But I don't think anything is going to change your opinion. I do hate how guys claim male bodies are idealized in the media as much as female ones. Open your eyes!
    Also this take is poorly phrased, you kinda expect more from that. You should work on that

    • Also I don't think you understand what objectifying means. You should look at up, because you keep using it but it doesn't mean what you think it means. No one should be objectified in the media. I don't think that is even controversial, but it's a completely different issue

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    • a lot of other people have no idea of what a healthy body looks like

    • "Every girl can have a slim and toned body - it just takes effort and work" well that wasn't the heart of your take though was it?

      What you are saying is we have no right to be upset about how women are portrayed in the media, because we're just jealous.
      Everyone can be thin if that is what you mean. But your takes is completely ignorant to reality and just stupid

  • That's not why women are uncomfortable with half naked pictures of women on everything, darling.
    Its a problem when there's a bikini clad girl in a Hardees commercial. There's a problem when there's half naked women in car commercials.
    Yes, every image IS photoshopped. Fact.
    75% of prepubescent girls claim to be on a diet. Anorexia is a thing. 3/4 of women are "unhappy" with their bodies. Because we are taught to believe that these images are what normal bodies look like. Little girls being constantly exposed to 'perfect" half naked women is bad for their well being in several ways.

    But yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You men have it worse yet you don't complain, blah blah, we're all just bitter because we're not hot, yeah yeah.

    • And let's be honest. Not all people can be hot. Being slim isn't all there is to being hot.

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    • Men don't really want their girls to look like that with the tiny waist and things along those lines what men want is a slim girl with a toned body that's what matters and it seems that women almost try to use that the media objectify's women as an excuse as to not looking good.

    • You still don't get it... women don't use that as an excuse, and how would that be one anyway?
      I think you have a very immature and limited view on this subject

  • Beauty is taught and especially influences men it seems. For example women naturally want a man who is in shape to protect there babies they have with them. 6-pack or large bulky with muscle will be attractive forever on men.
    Now the body type for women for some reason is constantly changing and not beneficial in physical aspects to the males... for example tall slim girls were seen as awkward looking until recently (1960s) and fashion said it was 'elegant'. But in order for businesses to make money like designers there has to be a ideal type for major bussinnesses to profit from and make stand out from average advertisements* i imagine. Not everyone is built tall, or with thin genes (one person may starve to look this way), like not everyone is short.
    I;d have to say, as a ex fashion major and artist that it takes a person really in tune with themself and happiness to choose a partner based on personally being attracted to them. I also wonder if men use women as a status symbol out of primitive need to be ''top dog'' but girls do too I guess... Not to be that one artsy person in a forum but the simpler it is to be attracted to only what media feeds you, the more easy it is to control said tastes and it not be your own personal tastes. Just a thought. If curvy (hour glss) with a bit of pudge (Marilyn Monroe) were still the thing. Would you still be attracted to slim and tone? Just wondering... Slim and tone is also fine but unless your athletic I dont think it would matter if these images were not projected to you. Just a thought

  • lmfao nice article buddy, well done. Seems like you put two... maybe three minutes into it

    • Why would you say that?

  • "every guy can have six-pack abs, and every girl can have a slim and toned body - it just takes effort and work"

    You forgot about people with medical conditions that prevent them from having "hot" bods. And birth defects? Your generalization excludes certain populations who can't merely work out and look fab.

    Also, the ideals of what is considered "hot" is something created by the media. Women complain about photos in magazines being photoshopped because they are, in fact, photoshopped. Which does make them fake. Do you really think half those busts are real? Also, don't forget, a hot and slim bod isn't necessarily a healthy one. A Victoria Secret model revealed that her abs and body - though fawned over by many - are actually unhealthy. Sometimes it's better to be "unattractive" and healthy.

    Historically, society has sexualized the female body on a grander scale than the male body. The two are incomparable. There's a reason women are more socially pressured to place more emphasis on their physical appearance. There's a reason the make up and beauty industries are so exploited. Because in the larger scale of things, it is now almost a requirement for women to meet the unrealistic standards perpetuated by the media which has been enforced, over time, continually.

    Body shapes of all forms and sizes should be appreciated, and yet we always see the slim, busty chick on magazine covers. It's almost like they're enforcing that there's only one type of beauty, when there are many.

    • If you're in a wheel chair or you have cerebral palsy don't expect a hot guy to marry you flat out, and the Victoria's secret model who is unhealthy is not true for everyone you can achieve a good looking body without being unhealthy many people do it the "It's unhealthy" excuse is something people who aren't willing to try say about people who are good looking you have to work hard go to the gym and eat healthy in order to achieve these good looks while it is difficult it is absolutely achievable it's simply a matter of are you willing to put the time and effort in.

    • Your first line is very sad and close-minded, and the fact that it's likely realistic shows why objectification is such a huge problem. Anyway, yeah, you're right - many people CAN work out and look better. But remember that this doesn't necessarily hold true for EVERYONE. I was pointing out the flaw in your logic.

      To address your title: no, women do not want less objectifying to "lower standards" - but to create REALISTIC standards for us to follow if need be. Instead of perpetuating one ideal body type, realistically portray the many that are healthy. You don't need to be slim to be healthy. That is a misconception.

  • No... not every girl can have a slim, toned body... there are so many health issues that can keep that from happening, you need to do some research... I have a rare disease that effects every joint in my body, Sure I'm thin (103lbs, 4'9 1/2 ft tall), and I don't Look at pictures with guys with 6 packs, nor would look for a guy like that... But am I not allowed to be beautiful because I'm disabled and don't look exactly the same as a photoshopped model?

    • Honestly not to be an asshole but to be flat out honest, you won't be as good looking as the girls who don't have these diseases that's how it is.

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    • Same goes for guys, there's always a equivalent for the other sex, well... almost always.

    • But I get your point, and it's a good one.

  • I just thought it's say that I'm in a lot better shape physically than my boyfriend, but I'm perfectly content with what he looks like. I don't expect him to have a six pack or any of that. Actually, I don't expect any guy to have a six pack! He does, however, expect me to maintain my weight, and has actually told me I should to squats to make my butt better! Lol, anyway, I know not all guys are like this, and I'm not disagreeing with you, just thought I'd share (:

  • I know men and women who care a lot about looks and I know a lot who don't. It just depends what kind of people you surround yourself with. If your micro community are more mentally mature and less materialistic and shallow then these things matter less to you. Real people like real people. They won't be expecting a super model, and if they are they better look like one themselves if they want a chance.

  • Girls can make themselves slim but they can't give themselves huge boobs or a huge ass -___-
    Also there's diseases and junk. Every (non-diseased) guy can get the societal ideal body yeah but girls can't.

    • Who wants the "societal ideal female body", it's prickly and boney -_-

    • @mensonfielde Im glad to know that there's guys that want something other than that :)

  • I see more fit girls with chunky dudes than I do fit guys with chunky girls, so I'd say that men are more critical of a woman's appearance which is why they need lower standards.

    And yes, everyone CAN have a perfect body if they work hard for it, but IT IS NOT REALISTIC. People work 40 hours a week. They have families. They have friends. They have interests. Achievable, yes. Reasonable to spend every waking hour at work or at the gym? No.

    • If you wanna be all you can be you've gotta put the work in, you can make excuses as to why you can't but it's achievable and it is realistic to achieve these bodies the reality is you can just make excuses as to why you can't but you can put the work in to get that it takes like 2 days a week it's not difficult.

    • lol you're under 18? When you actually get out of highschool and fucking grow up and start living and realizing how hard it is to manage all of the things I mentioned, then you'll see.

      And trust me, you gotta work out a hell of a lot more than 2 days a week for a perfect body. you're so fucking retarded.

    • You can make excuses as to why you can't or you can try and come close at least.

  • The reason girls don't make a fuss about the men on covers is because we are aware they do not reflect the average guy. Guys on the other hand expect more from women. We are meant to look like magazine models and fuck like p*rn stars both in which are not true representations but most guys are not aware of this.


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  • Women will objectify themselves when it gives them personal gain. When those girls say "it objectifies women" a lot of the reason behind it is because that girl can take a guy's attention away from her and she doesn't like that. You will never hear about a playboy model "being objectified." She made the choice to pose. Your typical insecure girl will dart her eyes over pissed off if she's with a guy and a more attractive girl enters the room. She'll see the more attractive girl as a "threat" because she's scared she'll lose "her man."

    The only real criticisms people can make are things like photoshopping and such. Plus honestly six pack abs for many guys can actually cause health problems. The definition in a guy's abs is heavily dictated by body fat % and usually requires them going below 10% body fat which in many cases can lead to true health issues. Most guys with six pack abs don't have those defined abs year round unless they are on anabolics. I'd say a "4 pack" is totally legit and honestly I don't see that many girls going nuts over it. I don't think most guys care because they're secure with themselves but also don't feel the need to "get in shape" in order to "pick up chicks." Only some guys go that route.

    So overall, the whole "objectifying" thing is just something insecure harp on too much because they don't want to get in shape. Looks do matter. They're just not everything.

  • Eh. This guy is just as objectified as any female whose boobs and butt are showing but their faces are cut off because "it's irrelevant".


    I think people are against this type of idealization merely because these standards are unrealistic. They're made with Photoshop, and people think that's actually what looks normal. Once you see it long enough, you'll think Victoria Secret models are "average", and think the average are "plus sized". It's stupid.

    The media is fairly problematic, hence why I recommend watching this documentary called KILLING US SOFTLY 4: www.watchdocumentaryfilms.com/.../

  • " but the truth is, every guy can have six-pack abs, and every girl can have a slim and toned body - it just takes effort and work" -yeah I agree with that

    • Not all people have the same body type though, and some people have conditions preventing them from doing the work necessary to get such a body, or preventing them from getting such a body even if they do do the work. It's really not that easy.

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    • While you can't look exactly like the model in the picture if you put the time in and try you can get as close as possible to that look and still be healthy it's just people aren't willing to put that effort in that's the issue I was trying to get at here.

    • @misupanda we're on the same wavelength. I think I love you.

  • Ugly girls on posters, adverts, girly magazines don't make money - the pretty ones do. It's just companies doing there job: making money out of women who don't feel pretty, who suffer from low self-esteem and who who see this "pretty" girl and want what she wants so buys the product.

    Fact of the matter is, women weren't always so worried about their looks, weren't always blaming men for having such high standards and certainly weren't calling it "objectifying" ...

    I find it entertaining when a woman says "OMG IT'S SO OBJECTIFYING" when the woman in the poster has agreed for the photo to be shopped and for her to be taken naked/semi-naked/fully clothed.

    • Again, I think you missed the point like our friend OP here. The point isn't the woman in the picture. The point is what it represents. These women are plastered all over the place and told "this is the ideal" "this is beauty". If a woman isn't stick thin, huge breasts, nice butt, and perfectly flawless, then she isn't good enough. That's the problem. People strive to become like the models, when it's not even physically possible, as they are photoshopped. This causes fatal eating disorders due to the pressure. It's the similar pressure put on men when they realize the "ideal" for men is a confident, strong, stoic man.

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    • See, I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. A woman herself may not be affected by it in itself. But media affects society. Society tells women they aren't good enough unless they're that ideal. I explained in another part, when I was 120 Ibs, perfectly thin and healthy, I was called fat and told to lose weight by many people. That's due to the representations of "beauty" in the media. Did you know way back when men actually preferred larger women? That used to be the "ideal". Now, the "ideal" has changed, because the representation set by the media has changed. Similarly for men as well. You can blame the individual all you want, it doesn't make it any less of a problem.
      Here's an example. The media portrays women with big breasts as "easy". I dress very conservatively, yet I have been groped in public several times. My feelings were not considered. I was essentially an object. They assumed I would let them. Am I conforming? I cannot control the actions of others.

    • This is going no where... Let's agree to disagree.

  • It matters because of every group indoctrinating everyone to join it's religion of hate of something else. the shocking thing is this...

    It's only objectification until it's to save animals.

    Then naked girls covered in in plastic on a Styrofoam tray is activism. PETA pictures are some of the hottest pictures you can find out there, but all they're doing is programming girls to think you fight problems with your sexy little body, then demand a man not to objectify you because you're an activist, not a stripper.

    • Actually things like that are just promoting the sterotypes...

    • Exactly, promotes the stereotype of what's hot, and then uses that to save animals, it's just a strange campaign

  • I agree with everything you said bro.

  • Wait a sec, you realized that only now?
    I thought everyone already knew that for decades.

  • In the second section of your take, you equate small breasts with not being "good looking." I don't accept that. Just because a girl has small breasts doesn't mean she's not good looking.

    • I didn't actually write that, GaG must edit these after you submit them because I never talked about butts or breasts in it but somehow breasts got put in there, I do agree with you though small breasts does not mean good looking, my last girlfriend was a banger and she honestly had some of the smallest tits lol.

    • Gag doesn't add words in. You said it. Own up to it.

  • Hey! ... I like girls with small breasts.

  • Agree 100% I am 215 lbs because I falter to exercise every day. Though the extra padding helps in winter haha

    • As long as you can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself everything else is irrelevant. Being that slim does have health issues like hair loss and such. Those guys with abs only get that lean for a show then come back to their "real" appearance unless they use steroids.

    • Probably on steroids, pressure etc, like ballerinas and anorexia


  • Women want special treatment. Women love their victim status and are incapable of acknowledging men face exactly the same shit. Women hold on dearly to their double standards and will deny them til the end.

    Women are hypocrites.

    • subconsiously perpetuates the idea victimization of woman " women love their victim status." men agree with him. woman=victims=weaker=unfair treatment less respect... starting with that simple statement.

    • Please try again; I would be happy to respond to something a little more coherent.

  • My biggest problem is the women that have a problem with it are actually anti freedom. Muslim women that stay covered all the time often feel western women are the ones that are oppressed. Muslim women aren't running around half naked creating unattainable standards of beauty for other women. Nor do they feel the same pressure to starve themselves like western women.

    Women need to understand if they want the right to look sexy and shake their ass, then the standard of beauty will start to be raised. Just think about how much lower our standard of beauty would be if makeup was illegal. Of course women don't want to be told they aren't allowed to wear makeup. This is a problem women created all by themselves. Sometimes there is a cost for freedom.

    • I'm not sure where you got your information from, but you're wrong. As a person with ties to the Middle East, I can tell you that plastic surgery is a huge issue there, and they idolize physical appearance very, very much.

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    • Yes, actually, if you re-read what you wrote in the first post, you implied that Muslim women don't really care about what they look like... which you only just clarified now. So, thanks for that. Fact is, Muslim women do place immense pressure to look good, though in different ways. The same judgement exists for them. But I WILL agree with you when you say that the issue is worse in Western countries.

      No, men didn't have it as bad and that seems to be the consensus after reading all these comments here. I'm repeating what others have already said but inherently, sexualization for women is far more predominant than it is for men and that will likely always be a problem.

    • My original comment about Muslim women was a generalization compared to western standards. Of course people of every community will be individuals. That is so obvious it shouldn't need to be stated.

      I said men had it just as bad, not that they had the exact same problems. Men were expected to be providers and protectors. This often would cause the man to lose his life or to be seriously injured. In both cases men and women were trying to be what they thought would attract the other gender.