My Drowning Experience

My Drowning Experience

Few years ago, we went to the swimming pool in Silivri with my family. I don't know how to swim and I'm only 5'0 (Exactly 152 centimetres), so I was supposed to stay in the area between 120 and 150 centimetres deep, but instead I climbed out of the pool like a fool and walked to the pool ladder in 180 centimetres deep area. I walked back in the pool there, I was planning to just step my feet on the latter, cling onto it and watch the tall people who know how to swim play games.

At some point, I let go of my feet. At another point, one of my hands slipped. And the other. Before I know what was happening, I was in the water and it was dragging me to the center of it . I didn't fight to go above, my eyes were wide open and I was struggling to grab the ladder again. But the floor of the pool wasn't straight as I studied it for a while, the ladder was above and I was sinking, that all happened so fast, but it felt much longer.

After giving up on the ladder and having to take a deep breath, I was now in pain and I struggled to go above, thinking (no, actually feeling because you can't think when you're drowning) that somehow I could magically swim. I held my arms above my head, trying to get them out of the water so they could see and help. I managed to get my head out for a second and tried to shout, I don't know if I succeeded or not. While I was really oxygenless (but not enough to die or, as far as I know, cause serious damage) all I could focus on was the squares on the floor of the pool. After I got out, I thought they were nice.

Some time passed and I was about to give up. Then, I saw a pair of black sports shoes. Someone dragged me out of the water and in a second I was sitting on the floor by the pool, coughing like crazy, holding my chest and calling for my mom with many people around me, all young adults, as far as I can remember. My mom and aunt came, they covered me in a towel and we went to our table at the café of the pool.

It turned out it was a young blonde girl who noticed me, but she thought I was swimming at first. When she realized I was struggling and didn't come out, she immediately told the lifeguard (not as calmly as I make it sound, I suppose) and he jumped in without taking off his shoes. They saved my life.

After that, before we left the pool, all I can remember is my grandpa crying. This is the only time I ever saw him cry.

After we left, while grandpa was driving home, we almost had a car crash.

It wasn't the most lucky day.


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  • you did not actually drown


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