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Reasons you might be happy Valentines Day is almost over

Reasons you might be happy Valentine's day is almost over

1) No more Valentine's day commercials.

Valentine's commericals are just as annoying as Christmas commercials and we count down the days until we don't have to see them anymore.

2) No more hearing people tell you what you're suppose to buy your girl/guy.

There's so many lists on what to buy your signicant other, like a person wants someone telling them the best things to buy for their mate? I really hate lists.

3) No more hearing how you're suppose dress and or groom for Valentine's day.

Like we're not older enough to pick out our own outfit, for a date with our mate? I think we know how to do that. Just like we all know how to take care of ourselves and don't need someone telling us how to get ready.

4) No more guys feeling pressured to propose on Valentine's day.

Like a guy doesn't have enough pressure to pick out the perfect gift. Now, we're going to make it worse by pressuring him to propose and telling him what type of ring to propose with? No man needs that added pressure, proposing is scary enough.

5) No more hearing what lingerie your man will find sexiest.

You know, I'm a big believer if I have to try that hard to get you to be attracted to me, than obviously there's a probelm. Not all women like lingerie and don't want to feel pressured to buy it and wear it. And if they don't, feel like their not going to be sexy to their man. No woman needs to feel that way.

6) No more seeing or hearing about how to make Valentine's night more pleasurable (bedroom wise).

If Valentine's day is about the heart (aka love), why does it feel like it's about getting gifts and getting laid? Honestly, that should be a personal private choice between a couple. Not something we tell people they are suppose to do, because it's Valentine's day. Like there isn't enough pressure out there for people to have sex, nowadays. We don't need to add to it.

7) No more hearing where the best places to go and best things to do for Valentine's day are

Honestly, we don't need some strange person complying lists for us on where to spend our night and what to do. How about we let people plan their own dates and the rest of us just buzz off. I like that plan.

8) No more having to see all these different ways to turn random foods into heart shapes.

I honestly never knew you could turn so many random foods into hearts, it's impressive. It's also a little over the top and gimicky. It's also kind of irritating.

9) No more having people ask you what your're doing for Valentine's day.

Could there be a more annoying question than " what are you plans for Valentine's Day?". I think not. Then the sad look some people give you when you say you don't have plans. I mean, it's just ONE day people. Chillax. Not having plans is not a big deal.

10) No more having it shoved down your throat every 10 mins.

Everywhere I turn there's more Valentine's day stuff and it's frankly very annoying. I'm not bitter. I think love is beautiful (hence my screen name). I love seeing people in love and happy. I hope to have that myself one day. So, I don't have a problem with love or two people celebrating it (if they choose). I have a problem with people acting like you have to celebrate Valentine's day and if you don't, you're signficant other clearly doesn't love you. Since it's the only possible day you can show you love for a person. I mean, forget that there's 364 other days of the year, this is the only day you have to show it on. That sends a bad message. Plus, I don't like having things shoved in my face and being told "this is what you're suppose to do or how it's suppose to be". It's annoying as hell. Can't wait for this holiday to be over!

That's my list. Thanks for your time : )

Reasons you might be happy Valentines Day is almost over
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  • dolphiny

    Valentine's day is not even started yet lol. i don't know why you're so bothered by Valentine's day. you can easily ignore it.. i do. i don't mind all the commercials and articles about it, i dont exactly like them, but they don't bug me. i simply ignore them. no ones telling anyone or pressuring anyone to do anything. they're suggestions.. if you don't want to follow or look at them, then don't.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jimrat86

    I agree. It's too bad women choose to let contrived and man made things like matrimony, fake holidays, and Disney movies dictate their expectations for life partners. I'll tell you one thing, I don't look forward to V-day being over only because afterwards, I will have a piss bank account.

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  • CaitlynB

    So true. I don't have a partner and don't believe I ever will, but Valentine's Day is quite annoying to me. I feel bad for saying that, as I don't know how it is to spend it with anybody, but does everybody have to shove their own personal plans in your face? If you want to do something romantic, isn't it more romantic when no one else knows? And all the stores... :( I don't even like candy.

  • art84

    I'll be glad when it's over as it sorta gets on my nerves.


    but it didn't even start yet

  • GoldCobra

    Yay! I can't wait!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm whatever everyday is a Valentine's day if I'm infatuated or seeing someone.

  • Anonymous

    Plus discount chocolate the next day ☺️