Death does not exist.

Death does not exist.

What I am about to say is relatively simple yet extraordinarily relevant to your life. Death does not exist. Life revolves around sensory perception, life ranges from the complexity of a human to the wandering of an ameba floating in a lake. Because your senses perceive the sensory input life provides you are in essence alive. However in death the mechanisms of sensory interpretation shut down. The brain loses function. And because there can't be any experience of non experience death cannot exist, at least in the traditional sense.

Operating on the logical premise that God doesn't exist due to the fact that spirits lack cognitive function and awareness, we are left wondering what happens in death. Currently I believe myself to be I. However others also believe in the notion that they too are I. And in the same sense everyone believes them self to be I. And so in death others will be born who believe them self to be I. However since I cannot be expressed as a multicentric phenomenon, this I will believe its self to be I (You). And thus the cycle will forever continue until every last conscious species (who believes them self to be I) dies out.

So do not fear death. But accept it, and embrace life.


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  • Omg finally something who agrees with me. This is kind of Epicurean philosophy... there's no reason to fear death because we can't experience it

    • But you sure as hell can experience dieing which is terrible

    • Right, its pretty empoweing. Also yea dying might be a bitch but who cares the idea of I lives on.

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  • Depends how you define death. But dude, you gotta try this snack I'm eating right now. I'ts called Nimbu Masalla Indian snacks. It's fucking amazing.

    • Bro I could go for some snacks. And I don't know I think there is only one definite description of death.

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  • Yep. Depp shit man I try to tell to tell some people and I look crazy but if they would just open their minds and a whole lot more things would make sense.

    • Its hard to talk about this stuff because people have been so conditioned to believe in the falso hope religion provides.

  • I cannot jump into conclusion that death is false or true..
    I cannot say that we will go to heaven or hell..
    I cannot say that we will be reborn into animals or into another human body..
    But I can say, it's up to you what you want to believe in.

    • Death is not false or true, it simply is a fact. Yet the notion that you will experience death is absurd. Heaven or Hell are both seemingly ridiculous outcomes produced by human fables. But ultimately I cannot sway anyones mind and I must respect thier descions because all I can do is present you logic.

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