League of Legends For Beginners

LCS For Beginners

Not sure how many people are in to League of Legends. Even more on the competitions that go on. I know I'm one of the people who want to learn more about it so I could try to understand how to play the game better. So for anyone who also want to learn how to play better but still only know like beginner type info about it. Here's a video I've found that really breaks it down in an easier way to understand when you don't know all the different terms they use.

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  • try Teemo yes you are going to like him! but i am more a Annie/Lissandra/jinx type. Try yourself at ARAM it's going to permit you to play with a large range of champions without having to pay for them thats how i chose my champs.
    Check for the builds on mobafire or lolking or lolpro; it will give you insights on builds, counters, item builds, runes and other...
    What's annoying with ranked games its that you get to win but then you stumble upon 1, 2 ,3 games in a row with &*?% annoying players -_- my game story... anyway good luck :)


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  • Lol wanna hit meh up baby? We can teach eachother a thing or two. I could dominate ur bot lane as well if u LEMME ;)

  • Wow, never thought I'll see one :) pick a champ you like and enjoy the game, I recommended katerine, Ahri, Leona, Nami

    • I've tried katerine and i sucked XD. Ahri I liked playing along with Leona. Never tried Nami. I still don't know the majority of the champions and what they do. So far my favorite to play are Jinx and Gnar. I still get depressed when they talk about other females failing to start a team or just not many being high ranked. :(

    • they can do it :/ but a lot of people don't enjoy the game unless they win, but try katerine again your job is to go up to your opponents and say hi XD or try teemo :3 never met a lol player that haven't tried teemo, my username is 0sala0 if you want to play sometime

  • Gold for life :(


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