Who Is Your Man Crush Monday?

Who Is Your Man Crush Monday?The first movie I saw Miles Teller in was 21 & Over, if you've seen it you know his character is kind of a douchebag so I didn't think much of him. Then I saw him in The Spectacular Now and I absolutely fell in love with him as an actor.

Man Crush Monday: Who's Your Crush?

Miles is a down to earth, quirky guy (from what I've what seen in interviews) and, of course, he's an amazing actor (just watch Whiplash). An actor who isn't just interested in making the big bucks, he wants to play characters with depth and not just a bully in a screen adaptation of a YA novel.

It helps that he's not bad to look at! Let's be real that's what MCM is really about!

Who's your MCM and why? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Ansel Elgort is my man crush Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday , Saturday, and Sunday.

    Why? He's cute, funny, musically talented, 6'4, nice, cute smile, polite, handsome, classy. The list never ends.

    I would date him in an instant. He looked so good at the Oscars:


    Like damn


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