Men Crush Monday!

"But's Wednesday..."

I, admittedly, missed out on posting this on Monday. But with my trip coming up next weekend, I don't think my mind will be focused on writing this myTake enough between double-checking my packed bags and having to work. So I'm posting my men (yes, plural) crush Monday on a Wednesday. Just as I did for the ladies, I'll do 4 men for each Wednesday in January.

I'm going to be upfront with you from the get-go. All of my men crushes are from YouTube. And I'm not even sorry about it. Some of them I've met, and some of them I haven't.

The first two are actually friends, and I've met them both. So we'll do one for two.

Aleks Marchant & James Wilson:

Men Crush Monday!Aleks is on the left, James on the right. They're both hilarious, and I'm kind of a sucker for their tattoos. If you're interested you can mosey on over to their respective YouTube channels here and here.

Geoff Ramsey:

My number three is easily one of my favorites. I've posted about him on here before. He's goofy and I'm pretty sure that and his facial hair accounts for 90% of my attraction to him. One of the YouTube channels he's on can be found here.

Mark Fischbach:

This one is easily just a physical crush. Because his personality admittedly drives me up a wall most of the time. You can find his YouTube here, if interested. But yeah...he's just an eyecandy crush.

As I said on my Women Crush Wednesday post, tell me your Men Crush Monday's in the comments if you want. 'Til next time.

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  • haha! I knew it was you!


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  • Nice to see someone with crushes based a lot on personality - Nice take

  • I like Mark lol
    With everyone so reserved all the time it's nice to see someone go crazy now and then.

    • Pretty much all of the other people other than mark that I mentioned are all the same level as crazy if not more crazy than mark lol

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