Funny Innovations of Indian people - 'Jugaad' (Vehicle Edition)

My take on Jugaad (Vehicle Edition)

[quick dictionary: Jugaad (alternatively Juggaar) is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around, used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue.]

Please note: The pictures and description are intended for humour only. I don't mean to offend the country India, its citizens, the person included and the owners of the vehicles or any other person who is related to these images directly or indirectly. The following images contain back-up solutions initiated by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, death and significant damages to personal property.... And you would be forever known as the person who died trying to imitate something from the internet. Don't try this at home. Photo credits are mentioned on the respective images.

We all know that how difficult it is to buy a vehicle (for middle to poor class people) but it is even more difficult to take care, security, fixing or upgrading/tuning-up your vehicle. It is expensive and very time-consuming. Sometimes, car stores don't have the required equipment/part available for your vehicle (especially in poor countries). Such crisis tremble the nerve cells of some outstanding people forcing them to invent a solution.

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.

-Tom Freston

  • I lost my keys / My Remote-Central Locking is not working.

Funny Innovations of Indian people - 'Jugaad' (Vehicle Edition)

No problem! Take a Hasp and weld it on the door of your car. Remember: Don't forget to lock it.

  • How to lock it from inside?

Take a piece of metal, fold it in oval shape, perforate it from both sides, bind it over the clutch/accelerator and the brake, bring a lock and shut it down!

  • And from the outside?

Open the cover of your rear bumper, bring two chains and a lock of course, tie one on the hook/ring and another one on the spoke of your wheel and connect them using the lock, done!

  • My car seat is broken, what should I do?

Easy! Lift your seat and throw it in the bin. Bring a chair, open the door, put it inside and get ready for a ride!

  • My car Air-conditioner is not working and it's hell out there, how would I drive?

Hell 'out' there? Not inside your house? Oh you got AC for your room. So, why don't you use it for your car? Take your AC with a generator, open your car window, place it inside (partially). Beat the heat!

  • But I have to travel on a bike!

So what? Cut the roof of your Jeep/SUV, take two metal pipes, weld it on the leg-guard of your bike! Bonus: You don't even need your sunglasses.

  • My air-bags are not working / My car doesn't have it.

No worries, you can still drive safely. Take the bag you bought from grocery store, blow the air inside until it's filled up completely then tie a knot and attach it near your steering-wheel. Remember: Don't forget to wear your seatbelts.

  • The headlights are not working.

Take a hammer, hit on your useless headlight, take a torch, place it there and fix it using cellotape. Remember: Use dipper at night.

  • The horn is not working.

Take out the cycle you used to ride in your childhood, remind your emotional memories for five minutes, detach the bell, kick your cycle into the garage, attach it on your bike. Blow horn!

[Bonus for theists]

  • I need to go to Temple/Mosque where can I put my flip-flops safely?

Why did you forget that you can lock your slippers too! ;)

I hope you liked it.

After writing so many serious takes, I thought I should write a breezy take for the amusement of GAGers :-)

If you have any innovative idea for making your own Jugaad please comment below.

If I got a good response then I have a 'Jugaad (Home Edition)' ready ^_^

Thanks for reading.

Game on folks, believe!


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