Looks Matter

~ Looks Matter ~

So I decided to share my take on this subject because it seems to worry a great deal of people. Looks are really important in our society.

First of all, the quote 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' really IS true. There is always going to be someone who will think of you as beautiful, of course there are going to be others that won't. I also experience that when you get to know someone, you start to think of them as prettier because you like them for who they are. EVERYONE has got good features. So I guess we can agree that everyone is beautiful to someone.

However, I don't agree with the saying 'everyone is beautiful', just because it isn't true. It actually annoys me that people keep posting that kind of thing. You don't see anyone posting 'everyone is smart' or funny or *insert any other trait*. So why would it be so different for beauty?

I just don't get why everyone is worrying so much about their looks and not worrying about any other trait, more important ones. Like are you being nice to the people around you? Are you developing your talents? Are you making people laugh with your jokes? I think we should focus as much on our other features as we are focussing on looks and the world would be a much better place.

Not everyone is beautiful. BUT, everyone does have beautiful features (whether in looks or other traits) and these are the things that make you a beautiful person. xoxo😄

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Beauty on the outside matters a lot because its ALWAYS the first thing you know for sure about a person. It IS the first impression. And we all know how much first impressions matter.

    With attractive people, think of it as "innocent until proven guilty", except in this case its "pretty until proven ugly on the inside." We tend to trust people more when they are attractive, and we tend to give them more chances. That's just psychology. And NONE OF YOU can help.

    • I know that but I wasn't just talking about first impressions. I just don't get why looks are the most important in general.

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    • You don't know those qualities until after you choose to talk to them, or they choose to talk to you.

    • That is true, that is why I try not to judge til I get to know them

Most Helpful Girl

  • I started talking to a guy online and really liked talking to him. Once I saw him, I found him cute but far from my dream guy. But as we continue talking, I find him DAMN cute and won't ever leave him for a hottie. There's always someone better than us. Rather than focusing too much on the outer appearance, learn to love the heart of the person more passionately. I have realized that any relationship formed on the basis of merely looks fade off too quickly.


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What Guys Said 3

  • -to add something to your take:
    If you are not beautiful, developed you other skills. Some may find beauty in your work, some in your passion, some in dedication while some in your overall character.
    Yes, facial and structural beauty matter but being beautiful doesn't limited to this. Look beyond.

  • More hooking up, less people anywhere near marriage in the dating market means looks matter more than ever.

    • Yeah but everyone's taste is different so like a guy I see as attractive could be really unattractive to another woman

    • There's significant overlap. I believe the overlap is considered higher in how men view women, but there's overlap in either case.

    • Yes but you don't need the whole world to like you I mean 1 direction is hugely popular but that doesn't mean they make good music

  • It's only those in denial who say different.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think internal beauty can in a way make you beautiful on the outside. Just like even if you're a smoking 10 & a bitch, you're still an ugly person.

    • Yes I agree! If someone is a good person they get a sort of sparkle in their eyes and they are beautiful.