Top 5 Movie Scenes That Were Improvised

Top 5 Movie Scenes That Were Improvised

If there is one thing I like better than movies (apart from books of course! lol) it's the unscripted scenes in movies! When the greatest actors are set free to what they do on set, it makes the big screen a lot more cooler.

Here are some classic off-script movie scenes (which you may probably know already but oh well) that I put together from random sites and Youtube:

1. The Godfather / Cat Scene of course! :P

The awkward moment when a stray cat is more famous than you'll ever be! lol

Seems like our bad guys aren't as bad as they make themselves seem so. Brando found this cat outside the set and wanted to keep it in the scene. I think it shows us that even the men who normally kill people without batting an eye have an an adorably sweet (?!) side.

2. Django Unchained / Hand Cut Scene

For the love of God give this man an Oscar! haha

He seriously cut his hand and went on acting. As usual an awesome performance by Leo...I want to give him an hug lol

3. Pretty Woman / Necklace Scene

Julia Roberts wasn't feeling well that day and Richard Gere got a bit playful to make her laugh. Her reaction was so sincere that the director decided to keep it in the movie.

4. Taxi Driver / You Talkin To Me?

The original script just said β€œTravis looks in the mirror.” But come on when it's Robert De Nero acting there'll always be something unique. He made this scene unique with his epic monologue lol.

5. Being John Malkovich / Think Fast!

Skip to 0:52 and ignore the guy talking in the background it was the only video I could find of this scene lol

"Hey Malkovich! Think Fast!" yelled the drunken extra while throwing a can hitting Malkovich in the back of the head and leaving him in awful pain!

And no he wasn't fired; he was given a raise instead! haha and the scene was included in the movie.

There are many more but I wanted to keep it short because I know ain't nobody got time for that lol


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  • Loved them all. I guess I have to add one to the list. Heath Ledger as Joker in Dark Knight, in the Hospital explosion scene, they had only one shot. They had all the explosions set and when Heath pressed the button, one of the explosions failed to happen. There was genuinely something wrong with the switch. Ledger gave a smack and boom it goes. Nolan just kept the camera rolling. If he had cut the scene, he would have had to rebuild the set and replant the explosives.


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