Top 5 Piano Songs

Top 5 Piano Songs

When you think of the piano many things come to mind. This instrument causes you to contemplate on life and gives amazing feelings of courage, sorrow, love, and everything inbetween. In my opinion, it's the most beautiful form of music there is and is one of the greatest creations of mankind. Here are my top 10 piano songs and why they are amazing. Not every song is purely piano, but most of the song and the points that give the most feeling are piano.

For this list I'm only doing 1 song per composer.

5 - Unforgotten - Martin O'Donnell

This has got to be one of the greatest songs in the video game industry, beautifully crafted, flows nicely, and overall is great.

4 - Cold - Jorge Méndez

I'm not going to lie when I say that when I first heard this song I cried, it really makes you feel alone and gives you intense feelings of sorrow making it by far the most emotional song on the list when it comes to feelings of sorrow. I can't think of any other piano song, to me, that has made me cry like this one has.

3 - The Black Star - Musicalbasics

You probably don't know of this guy, but I can tell you firsthand that he makes some of the best quality piano songs I've ever heard and this is by far my favorite piano song by him. If you just listen to it, you'll understand why it's so epic and earned this spot. It has many moments where it just transitions so nicely into the next couple of epic notes, and flows really nicely with each part of the song - No parts seem out of place, or unneeded.

2 - Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven

Obviously this legend was going to end up on this list, and for good reason. This song is truly beautiful in every way and it definitely makes you think and contemplate on your life and events in Earth, it's a very emotional song and by far his best song in my opinion.

1 - Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire

Now you're probably thinking what piano song can be possibly better then any piano song by Beethoven, and in my opinion it's Divenire (Meaning To Become) by Ludovico Einaudi. I honestly can't describe this song completely in words, it's beautiful, it's epic, it literally feels like something is becoming greater and more epic (supporting it's title). I have listened to this song at least 300 times, and I simply cannot get over 1:36 - 3:02: The build up is amazing, the piano flows so nicely with the other violins in the backround, and again it supports the title as it feels like something lesser is becoming something greater as the piano and violin build up to create an asthonishing sound that can make anyone feel like they can truly become.


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  • I love the Moonlight Sonata! This wasn't what I expected for the list of songs though. There is quite an extensive list of songs more emotional than some of these.


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  • Awh, as a piano performance major, I was expecting this to be all classical. :(


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