Don't measure my worth by what I wear?

Don't measure my worth by what I wear?

I read this article and well it made me re-think the fact that I for one, would judge a person for their outfit regardless of gender. I do believe certain types of clothing bring out the wrong attention. But after reading this I had to take a second look on what my beliefs in the matter are.

We live in a world were modern technology and double standards have made it quite difficult for any gender or sexual orientation to feel comfortable and safe, I believe we all have to wear a mask to hide exactly how we feel and what we want to express if those don't conform to societies standards.

Well honestly I call bullshit on the whole thing. I believe in expressing how I feel and asking for what I want and wearing what I like. Yeah they may be some outfits I find distasteful but that's my opinion. If a girl is comfortable wearing a low cut shirt that doesn't mean she is a whore or if a woman wear clothes that cover most of her body that doesn't mean she is wife material.

We judge each other based on everything from clothes to hair styles to sexual life to religion and sexual orientation well the list is endless. This has to stop we need to learn to accept people as they come don't try to change to conform to OUR IDEAL IMAGE RATHER THAN TO LET THEM EXPRESS THEIR OWN.

We are all different for a reason let's learn to embrace it.


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  • Since I see no sign of any bust line or curves in the picture, I have no idea to relate the different levels to the picture.


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  • Depends on a girl's breast size too...
    For a flat chested girl none of these would present a problem, while for an E cup anything below 'tease' is a 'whore' on that chart. O. o


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    She's very decent and innocent.

  • Yay. I can leave the house naked and not be judged, stared at, or hit on. This is not a perfect world, and people are not going to change because you tell them to. It is your right to dress however you want, but you will have to deal with the critisizm. My advice, dress modestly because nothing bad can come of it. Better to be a prude who is too good for a guy, then to come off as a girl who wants a guy bad (even though you may be a prude on the inside)


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  • I agree, it's gotten to the point that all of us wake up every day and one of the first thoughts is "oh no i hope someone doesnt' start shit today and assume they know us", shows us that if that is everyone's first thought we need to stop being so rude to each other, i for 1 don't stand this sort of behavor, of course it's left me alone without friends because i won't change myself to how they think i should be... only people that need to change is those who base us off how we dress...