Funny Innovations of Indian people - 'Jugaad' (Home Edition)

My take on Jugaad (Home Edition)

[quick dictionary: Jugaad (alternatively Juggaar) is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around, used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue.]

Thanks for all your love on my previous edition of that take Funny Innovations of Indian people - 'Jugaad' (Vehicle Edition) I am happy that I could make you guffaw by presenting you some quick fixes for your vehicles. This time, I am going to introduce you some magic bullets for the problems you face inside your house.

Please note: The pictures and description are intended for humour only. I don't mean to offend the country India, its citizens, the person included and the owners of the gadgets/tools/objects/any kind of property or any other person who is related to these images directly or indirectly. The following images contain back-up solutions initiated by trained professionals on a closed course under strict supervision. Any attempt to recreate these activities could result in injury, death and significant damages to personal property.... And you would be forever known as the person who died trying to imitate something from the internet. Don't try this at home. Photo credits are mentioned on the respective images.

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.
-Tom Freston

Funny Innovations of Indian people - 'Jugaad' (Home Edition)

Every act of creation is, first of all, an act of destruction.
-Pablo Picasso

  • We all know summer is coming but there are two rooms and only one cooler.

Don't be a fool while there's a way to stay cool. Place your cooler outside the rooms inbetween. Pick up your pants and bind it in front of the fan. Turn on the switch. Beat the heat!

  • First of all, I want to take shower but its cap has been blocked

Take a bottle, and make so many holes in it and adjust it on the pipe of your shower. Your body don't lie you're outta your mind, Let it rain over you!

  • Wait, where are my slippers? Oh they are broken.

Take two bottles and cut them so that you could insert your feet inside them. Done! Plus, you can put any brand on it. One small step of jugaad, one giant leap for you!

  • The tap water is out of my reach.

I think you understood the way to fix this. Open the bottle, cheers!

  • Now that tap handle got broken.

Bring you keys quick. Use its hole to close it. Your key to success!

  • I don't have bathroom corner shelf to put my brush and soap.

Make one then. Open your cupboard, choose one of your out-fashioned denim to sacrifice. Cut it and hand it on the corner of your bathroom. Pickpocket!

  • I am hungry but these onions make me cry.

Yes, you got your sword (knife) but how are you supposed to win the battle without armour? Equip a good quality helm. Defence +100

  • My Owen is not working.

I don't like a ravenous person. Here's a solution for you. Take two books (four recommended) or something heavy and flat, take an iron and place in between the books, turn it on and put the tea until it's ready. Enjoy the T - echnique!

  • This time, refrigerator is not working.

Bring a hammer and pin the nail above your air conditioner. Knot a twine on the bottle and the other end to the hanger. Blow the cool-breeze. Things go better with C*ke!

  • Interesting, but I can't read it any longer because my PC is about to blow!

No, wait! All you need is just polythene. Attatch it with your AC & PC. Use GAG nonstop! ;)

  • I need to go to hot-date but my hair strengthener is not working.

I think your tea might be ready. Bring your life saver iron once more. Straight and simple!

  • I want to swim but I can't proceed without inflatable swimming float tube

So you need air huh? Use your old plastic bottles. Make your own amphibious assault vest!

  • I want to relax but my TV remote is not working.

Bring a stick and hit the buttons for Maximum break!

  • Battery low on neighbour's house having weird plug.

Okay so you will need something which conducts electricity except you own body. You could use pins, keys, spoon or of course wires. Make the circuit. Fire in the hole!

  • [A serious one] For labourers

I hope you liked it.

If you have any innovative idea or any pics of your own Jugaad, please share with us ^_^

Thanks for reading.

Game on folks, believe!


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  • I am not much of a Jugaadu vyakti but in times of misery all of these techniques do work and Note to those who want to use iron as hair straightener, it may burn your hairs so please use it after the iron is a bit cool down.

    • Haha you can understand the real depths of jugaad.
      Thanks for reading and feedback :)))

      And yes, thanks for mentioning the right measures to initiate the activity. I have written a disclaimer on top of it :-)

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    • Bwahahaha what a touching truth.

    • What can I say, we're what we're. *shrug* *shrug*

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  • Hahaha Some of those things are dangerous!

  • Damn indians are creative.

  • This is genius! Seriously a big fan of finding inexpensive solutions to problems.

    • Haha yeah. If we think we can do, certainly we can do!

      Thanks for reading ^_^

  • These were quite innovative! Except for the slipper one...

    • Hahaha thanks for reading :)

      Yeah yeah I know girls like only shiny things :P

  • That was fun to read ^_^

  • wow... innovative and creative... you gotta love indians


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